5 critical mistakes to look for while investing in commercial properties


It is well known to everyone that a commercial asset takes more time to sell or get rented than a residential one. Moreover, the rate of commercial properties is higher than the residential ones as well. This is why the experts suggest being very careful and intuitive while investing in commercial properties.

Commercial real estate investment mistakes to avoid

Real estate is a big sector and a lucrative one in terms of investment. It is particularly a science that needs extra attention from the investors. The commercial real estate can be a great platform to make a better ROI if the investment is done properly. Here are some mistakes that the experts often point out to the new investors.

  1. Proforma conundrum

The word ‘proforma’ is often used by the real estate agents to show the earning potential of a commercial property in the upcoming years. These income-generating documents are just projections that are based on various imaginary factors. Always stay realistic when an imaginary assessment is presented in front of you. Do a quick survey of the neighborhood to find out the prospects without believing on the proforma documents.

  1. Avoid surveying

 This might be the biggest mistake an investor can make. Surveying a neighborhood surrounding the property will lead to generation of influential information that will help you to take a decision. The majority of the brokers will take you to a tour of the best parts. It is you who will have to venture on the cons. There are many things to look out or else the decision made in haste might cost you dearly.

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  1. Environmental limitations and laws

Check out the environmental laws before you fixate on a particular option. The location will have its own environmental laws. An investment will become reinforced when you have checked the limitations. Violating some laws ahead in future will land up in big troubles. You will be either taking it for your business or for renting purpose. A background check will ensure that your investment is going to the right direction.

  1. Ignoring the earning of tenants

If the property is in a multi-unit premise then you can ask the income capabilities of tenants to get a better idea of the scene. You will find out what kind of tenants you can seek and what will be rent you can generate every month. 5% rent to sales ratio is ideal for a property. If it is more than 5% then it might not be a good idea to invest. If it is less or equal to 5% then this property will bring better prospects in the future.

  1. Any hidden charges

The investors often forget to check for hidden charges associated with the asset. For instances, impending repairs and local taxes can be considered as hidden charges that you did not know of. Checking the property documents, fee associated with the acquisition and all other money-related aspects should be checked beforehand.


Seeking the aid of a real estate consulting agency will be ideal for a commercial asset investment plan.