Different Ideas and considerations for celebrating Eco-friendly Ganpati Puja at home

Different Ideas and considerations for celebrating Eco-friendly Ganpati Puja at home

Every year during the Ganpati celebrations, there are lots of decorative items sold in the market to welcome Lord Ganesh. People celebrate it with joy and pleasure. But from the past few years, this celebration is leaving a polluted trail behind. The act of immersing the statues of Lord Ganesh in oceans, seas, ponds, and other water bodies are polluting the water bodies on a large scale. Therefore people and Governments are now trying to adapt eco-friendly Ganesh statues that can be immersed easily in the respective homes without causing any pollution to the natural water bodies. People are now also looking for eco-friendly decorations along with the statues to make the celebrations completely eco-friendly. There are many benefits of using eco-friendly Ganpati decoration at home. Here are some of the details that you must know about celebrating Ganpati with eco-friendly Ganpati decoration.

Latest trending ideologies for celebrating Eco-friendly Ganpati

As time is evolving, the new ideologies and techniques are coming up for celebrating Ganpati. There are many new trending eco-friendly, easy Ganpati decoration ideas that are coming up for an entire celebration commencement without hampering the environment. There are many families who host Ganpati puja at their homes by welcoming a statue of Lord Ganesh along with various decorative element inclusions. Here are some of the trending ideas for making the entire celebration eco-friendly without any adverse effect on the environment.

  • First things first, Use Ganesh Idol made up of eco-friendly material that includes no chemical substances and can be immersed at respective homes without the need to take it to nearby immersion areas. Going green is the motto every year in Ganesh Puja, especially Maharashtra. Maharashtra is the destination loved worldwide for Ganesh Puja. But the after-effects of the puja celebration are really drastic with the waters polluted with broken idols of Lord Ganesh. Therefore to avoid this not only in Maharashtra but also all across India, eco-friendly Ganesh Idols are promoted and recommended. There are many different bio-degradable materials used for the making of the idols that are fit for eco0frinedly Ganpati decorations. Some of the natural products used for the making of Ganesh Idols are coconut, unbaked-clay, natural color paints, and a lot more.
  • The second thing to control the pollution and make the Ganpati celebrations eco-friendly is to reduce the count of Ganesh idols in a single community. If people are living in a single community, then it is not necessary to get multiple numbers of Ganesh Idols. A single 5 feet eco0-friendly Ganesh Idol is sufficient for a single community to adore and admire the presence of Lord Ganesh. On the bright side, the celebrations are to express the emotions and devotion towards Lord Ganesh. Make it a habit of coming together as a community and making an arrangement for only one Ganesh Idol or two, if you have a bigger community, but not more than that. There is high consumption of resources and energy for celebration in multiple pandals. The use of lights, the use of decorative items, noise pollution, and a lot more. Everything can be controlled and rectified by using eco-friendly measures.
  • People can make use of efficient energy lights to reduce electricity consumption and contribute to the eco-friendly Ganpati celebration. Implement the use of CFL tubes and make use of eco-friendly transparent color sheets and wrap them around the CFLs to give more colorful lights.
  • People can start trying to use natural colors at home to make the rangoli for eco-friendly decoration. Some of the colors are made up of added chemicals and can cause health hazards. Some of the natural colors such as turmeric, rice powder, Mehendi, henna, gullal, and others are few of the many natural colors used in the decorative purpose for eco-friendly decoration. No individual celebrates Ganpati puja with an intention to give health harm to anyone. So, it is better to eradicate the use of chemical colors to stop affecting your health as well as the environment.
  • The next thing that you must do to make eco-friendly Ganpati decoration is to eradicate the use of plastic items along with any other non-biodegradable materials. Instead, amongst the latest trends, people prefer to use paper and natural flowers to add more glam to the entire Ganesh murti decoration. Some of the more natural items used in the decoration purposes of the Ganpati Puja are Paper, wood, cloth, and others that are essential for making dolls, bells, puppets, and a lot more. According to the latest trends, there are loads of decorative eco-friendly Ganpati decoration ideas that can be executed with the help of natural and eco-friendly products. Avoid using thermocols as they are non-degradable and consist of chemicals that can cause harm to the environment.
  • Propose an idea of making an immersion tank in each community to not hamper the natural water bodies. The eco-friendly Ganpati idols also require immersion after the puja days are over. Therefore it is better to have an immersion tank in every community to keep the streets free and get the Ganesh Visarjan done smoothly. Amongst the latest trends, avoiding using the natural water bodies is one of the prime steps for celebration eco-friendly Ganpati.


Different ways to celebrate a healthy and eco-friendly Ganpati Puja

For adding a special festive environment to the entire Ganpati celebrations, you can go for adding real flowers instead of using plastic ones. The real flower decoration for Ganpati comes with natural aroma and is not harmful to the environment. You can use floating candles in a pond like structure that you can situate in your garden. You can light the earthen lamps around your house or the pandal to give it a festive look. With eco-friendly ideologies, the celebration is not at all compromised, but them ode of celebration is requested to be eco-friendly to make it a healthy celebration. There should not be a bad trail for Ganpati celebrations. Add rangoli, make paper decorations, make paper containers for giving Prasad, and lot more. It is the responsibility of every citizen to try and make things environment-friendly without compromising the joy of the Ganpati celebration.

Know the Dos and Don’ts for celebrating Eco-friendly Ganpati Puja

Here are some of the things that you must do for executing eco-friendly Ganesh puja along with some things that you must not do to hamper the environment during the celebrations.


  • Make use of dried leaves, nuts, tree branches, pebbles, chart papers, real flowers, and other such items for decorating the home for welcoming Lord Ganesh. All these items do not harm the environment, even if disposed of after use. Therefore make sure you do not bring in any item that will deteriorate when exposed to the environment and cause harm.
  • There are many biodegradable elements used in the process that includes jute, bamboo, cork, cane, hay, and others that can be used for additional decorations or the making of the Ganesh Idol. The pillars of Ganesh pandals are made using bamboos and banana leaves. It adds a great natural look to the stage and makes it a complete eco-friendly new Ganpati decoration.
  • Bring in old clothes such as old long scarfs to decorate the stage of Lord Ganesh. You can make use of your decorative sheers to add more creativity to give a more festive touch to the Ganpati celebration.
  • Make hand-made diyas by using the shells of the coconuts. Use natural colors by mixing up turmeric powder to the flour dough to make yellow lamps for lighting around the house and the Ganpati stage.


  • One must not use plastic for decorative items at any cost as they are entirely nondegradable and causes harm to the environment. For handing over Prasad, you can use cane baskets for the purpose instead of plastic bags.
  • Do not use thermocol for decoration purposes as they are made up of harmful chemicals ruining the environment composition, and cause adverse effects on exposure to the atmosphere.
  • Do not immerse the Ganpati idol without removing the decorative materials from the idol.

Now, you have a clear idea about the different eco-friendly homemade Ganpati decoration. So, make sure that the next Ganpati Puja should not be a traumatic lesson for environmental hampering but remain full of joy and pleasure even after Ganpati is gone. There are many more trending ideas that are available in the market for eco-friendly Ganpati decoration. But you can also use your creativity to make better eco-friendly decoration ideas.


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