Godrej Low Affordable Price EMI | New Launch Project


Godrej Properties Happy EMI

Who doesn’t want a place to call ‘home’. In this world, where everywhere you go, you meet with unpleasant moments and unpleasant experiences, this surely calls for a need to want to have a place which only belongs to you and your family.

That rented home you are currently inhabiting is not your choice. It’s a necessity. You need to have a place to stay. But why rent, when you can buy?

Well, even that has an answer. Most of the times the issue is financial. Either you have to spend all your savings and later suffer from ‘pay-the-rising-EMI’ crisis or you have to resort to the ‘loan facility’. Either way, it gets greasy.

Due to this problem, Godrej has come up with a brilliant idea. Godrej Properties has decided to extend a limited period offer to those willing buyers.

Want to know what? Read on.

The ‘Godrej Properties Happy EMI’ offer

Well, as it is known, the world is only getting costlier. To afford a decent living in the 21st century is slowly getting tougher with each passing day. On top of that, even thinking of buying a house, becomes unnerving for a lot of people.

Keeping these facts in mind, Godrej has decided to offer a new scheme to its buyers. This scheme is available in only Pune, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

The ‘Godrej Properties Happy EMI’ offer allows you to buy the property at rupees 9999 as EMI. This is the magic number that is the gateway to the house of your dreams. Along with this, Godrej also offers special discounts and easy payment plans to those who want to buy these properties.

There is another twist. You can now book the property at only one fourth the amount. Isn’t that great? That was really thoughtful of the Godrej management.

Some of the properties

Here are some of the upcoming projects that you can look up to. These are to be ready by the year 2022.

Godrej Elements: Location – Hinjewadi, Pune. Available in 2 and 3BHK home units this property is one of the best upcoming projects by Godrej, in that area. The floor area ranges from 710 to 1482 square feet. Starting price happens to be rupees 77 lakh. To know more about the project, contact the builders.

Godrej Greens: Location – Undri, Pune. As the name suggests, this property is supposed to have a sufficient green cover. The homes will be available in 2 and 3BHK units with floor area ranging from 578 to 920 square feet. Price range starts at rupees 45 lakh.

Godrej United: Location – Whitefield Road, Bangalore. One of the best upcoming projects in Bangalore, this one happens to have 2 and 3BHK homes with floor area ranging from 1459 to 2762 square feet. The starting price of these homes is rupees 90 lakhs.

Godrej Green Glades: Location – Ahmedabad. One of the best new upcoming residential projects in India’s Hot location, this one happens to have 2/3 BHK apartment with floor area ranging from 600 to 1100 square feet. The starting price of these homes is rupees 43 lakhs.


Life is easy when you have a home. This offer runs for a limited period of time. Definitely consider this scheme for it’s a once in a lifetime offer.