Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) Ahmedabad List 2022

It was 2015 when Pradhan MantrI Awas Yojana was launched as a government initiative. It provided affordable housing for the poor of urban and rural areas. The scheme has aimed to build around two crore concrete houses that are sustainable for living. These houses come with all the necessary amenities. According to the scheme, the eligible people apply for benefits under the scheme. There are various components in which the applications can be made. There is a list of the beneficiary that one must check before making an application. The Pradhan MantrI Awas Yojana Ahmedabad 2022 List has already been released. Some select people receive the houses under the subsidy benefits to purchase or construct homes. 

An official website of the scheme hosts the benefits under the scheme. The applicants should visit the website to see whether they qualify to be the beneficiary of the scheme. The PMAY scheme is operational under PMAY urban and PMAY Gramin or Rural. These are the two components. The benefits, as well as beneficiary selection processes, are different according to the list. 

There is the following beneficiary according to income groups. The following is the way beneficiaries are selected. A scheduled caste and tribeswomen households qualify for MIG 1 AND MIG 2 categories with a maximum income of not exceeding 12 lakh and 18 lakh, respectively.

There is a household category under LIG with an income under Rs 6 lakh. Apart from that, there are Economically Weaker sections category households with an annual income of Rs 3 lakh. In some cases, the subsidy rate also serves as a parameter for the selection of a beneficiary. These are only for selection for the PMAY list of the beneficiary. This is not for the eligibility of the people for the yojana.  

One should know how to check the name in the PMAY list of 2022. One can check it in the following ways: 

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Check Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) List With registration number

One can complete the steps to check the status of your Gramin PMAY list with the registration number one has. You can visit the official site of PMAY and click on the list. Now, you should give your registration number by entering it. There is a particular column for that. The screen will display ‘found’ or ‘not found’ output. If you have the registration number, you can go ahead and check other beneficiary details. 

Check Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) List Without registration number

You should visit PMAY official gramin website and navigate through to the Gramin list. You should select the advanced search option. You should enter the required details. For the beneficiaries, the screen will demand further information.

Four categories can find their names in the list of beneficiaries of PMAY. 

The beneficiaries under EWS will get complete assistance for the ownership of the house. The beneficiaries under LIG and MIG will receive partial house purchase costs. 

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How the list of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) is Prepared

There is a way of selecting the most deserving candidate under the PMAY list. The list is prepared with the help of the socio-economic cast census of 2011. The remaining list is prepared with the aid of the government. 

The prevalent pandemic has resulted in the reverse migration of people. These people need decent housing. These should be affordable to them also. These should be located at their worksites also. 

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has started affordable rental housing complexes. It is a scheme under PMAY. These are meant for the people who are both urban and rural poor who are migrant labourers. 

The beneficiaries are the urban migrants/poor from ESW/LIG sections. The rooms for them will be of different types and measurements. Some will be of dormitory type. These complexes are meant to be a kind of dignified living arrangement close to the workplaces. These are provided at an affordable rate. This will open the way for utilizing the vacant housing. These will be made available to the poor workers in the urban areas. It will also encourage investment in the rental housing sector. 

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