New Definition of Luxury Living with Comfort and Amenities in Kochi


Sobha marina One

The world is full of miracles. If you want a miracle to happen in your life, own a home where you can reside with your family peacefully and you will see miracles happening every day. Owning a home is mandatory for the working professionals. It is the best investment one can make these days to ensure a good return in the future. The real estate properties in the leading cities will ensure a good and fortified fortune for the family in the upcoming years. If you want a prosperous home in Kochi then Sobha Marina One is the right one to choose from. Sobha Developer has pledged to increase the standard of living of the families who want to reside in Kochi.

Sobha Developers is a right name to seek a good home in the chosen locations of the leading cities. From the very beginning, the brand has always found the right location for the upcoming projects and made a big fortune out of it. There is no doubt that the owners of these properties have also benefitted themselves in a multiplied way. Sobha Marina One will be the ideal project to own a home and accomplish a milestone.

Where is Sobha Marina One?

As the name suggests, you can easily understand that the properties will be facing the sea on one side. Sobha Developers has chosen Kochi as the location for the development of the remarkable residential project. Kochi offers a beautiful location known as Marine Drive. The properties will be enjoying the view of the sea and the beautiful city from the skyscrapers. Sobha Marina One will be created in a vast area in Marine Drive, Kochi, for the future residents.

Needless to mention, Marine Drive is one of the most promising and posh locations of Kochi. The sea-facing properties will be an ideal investment in the city. If you want to live in this city then this project is the ideal one to own a property and enjoy the bliss of sea-facing homes. This location is well connected with the leading industrial zones and commercial centers of the city. The professionals will be able to commute easily to their offices daily. The residents will find everything close to this project due to the devoted location. Sprawling markets, shops, retail outlets, malls, restaurants, entertainment centers, banks, ATMs, hospitals, etc will be close by and offer extreme convenience to the residents of Sobha Marina One.

Features of Sobha Marina One

There will 12 towers on the acquired land. Sobha Marina One will be a huge construction of posh properties in the right location. There will be total 1141 homes on an area of 16.7 acres. The floor space of the properties will range between 2483 square feet to 3711 square feet. You can easily understand that the villa sized apartments will be for the families looking for luxury home solutions. The price of the properties will vary from INR 1.98 Crore to INR2.97 Crore. Invest your future in Marina One and enjoy living a perfect luxury lifestyle here.