Why Is Property Tax Online Payment Tamilnadu Considered Underrated?

Tamil Nadu Property Tax Online Payment

If Amazon has replaced the regular mom and pop stores across the country then Property Tax Online Payment Tamil Nadu and in other states has changed the way the states collect the revenue. With the increase in the number of people having access to smartphones and data, the central and the state governments have set-up online portals to collect taxes from various sources and online property tax payment Tamil Nadu has not only made the task of the state government easy but has also saved people from standing in long queues at the Municipal Corporation office.

What is the property tax?

To provide the basic amenities to the citizens of a town or a city, the Panchayat, Municipality or Municipal Corporation levies house tax or property tax on the real estate owners. It is the amount that is paid annually by the owners of residential or commercial buildings to the local authorities. It includes all sorts of improvements made on the land but is not applicable to the land which is vacant and has no adjoining building.

What is Tamil Nadu Property Tax Online Payment?

The government of India had issued a mandate in which it had asked all the states to set an online portal where people of the state could submit the taxes and thus online property tax payment Tamil Nadu has come into the picture since this notification was passed by the center.

Who Collects the Property Tax?

Tamil Nadu has several cities and multiple municipal corporations to which the residents of the city pay the property tax. To pay property tax online in Tamil Nadu, you will have to find out under whose jurisdiction your property falls and the recognized Municipal Corporation of your area and once this is finalized, you can make the online property tax payment in Tamil Nadu. The amount you pay as property tax ultimately goes into the maintenance and construction of public amenities. So if you are regular in paying property tax, the municipal corporation of your area will have sufficient funds to beautify your city.

How is the property tax in Tamil Nadu calculated?

There is no thumb rule in India which governs the calculation of property tax in the states. The reason is that different states have different benchmarks for the collection of the tax. For instance, the market value of the property in Maharashtra is the governing factor for the calculation of property tax in Mumbai and property value per unit is the rule for collecting property tax in Kolkatta. In Tamil Nadu, the property tax is calculated on the following basis:

  • The rental value of the property
  • Plinth area of the total area

How does the system of online property tax payment in Tamil Nadu work?

Getting acquainted with the process of online property tax payment in Tamil Nadu will save your time and energy of going to the Municipal Corporations in person and waiting at the counter for your turn to submit the tax. The following steps will make understanding online property tax payment in Tamil Nadu easy:

  • Find out under the jurisdiction of which Municipal Corporation your property is registered and to whom you are supposed to pay tax. For instance, if you have your property in Chennai, then you will have to visit the official website of Chennai Municipal Corporation to pay property tax.
  • Once you have logged in successfully on the online portal, then select, “Online Civic Services” tab and further go to the option of Tamil Nadu Property Tax Online Payment. Here, you will have to fill in the following details:
  • Zone Number
  • Division Code
  • Bill Number
  • Sub number

All these details are written in the bill you have received. Enter the details; make the payment via online mode and your work is done.

Is there any incentive given on online property tax payment in Tamil Nadu?

To expedite the process of property tax collection and motivate the assessees, The Chennai Corporation has offered an incentive of 5% to those people who pay the tax within the first 15 days of the tax cycle (April 1-15 and October 1-15).

How can the name of the assessee be changed in online property tax payment Tamil Nadu?

Getting the name changed in the property tax records via online mode is easy and to begin with the process, you need to have the following documents:

  • Last paid tax receipts
  • No Objection Certificate from the housing society
  • Attested copy of the deed of sale transaction or sale deed which is in your name
  • Duly filled and signed form

These documents are submitted to the Commissioner of Revenue who investigates the case and upon verification, the approval for the name change is given within 15-30 days of submission of the application.

While making Online Property Tax Payment in Tamil Nadu the most important consideration is to find accurately under which corporation your property is attached and once you know this explicitly, logon to the official website and make the payment.

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