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An Overview

Shivapur is a village in Haveli Taluka district in Pune, Maharashtra. The place is well-known as a residential place and an emerging commercial location. It is filled with temples in a line and churches on the other line. It is 25 kilometers away from the Pune city and belongs to the Paschim Maharashtra region. It has the Khed Shivpur – kondan pur road near to the locality and Shivpur to Kusagaav road runs perpendicular to the road. It is a growing residential location as there are more scope to have apartments in this place. We have a lot of banks in this place and an ideal place for residing.

Best Property in Shivapur

A.V. Bhat Sukh Vastu
A.V. Bhat Sukh Vastu Avg. Rate 0
Yogayog Elegance
Yogayog Elegance Avg. Rate 4393
Unity Shivshakti
Unity Shivshakti Avg. Rate 0
Suvidha Nisarg
Suvidha Nisarg Avg. Rate 0

Best Property Builders In Shivapur

Suvidha Group
  • Exp: 32 Years
  • Total Projects: 1
  • Ongoing Projects: 0
A.V.Bhat Homes
  • Exp: 53 Years
  • Total Projects: 1
  • Ongoing Projects: 0
Yogayog Konde Deshmukh Developers
  • Exp: 51 Years
  • Total Projects: 1
  • Ongoing Projects: 0
Unity Enterprises
  • Exp: 19 Years
  • Total Projects: 1
  • Ongoing Projects: 1
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