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Are you looking for an exquisite property to acquire? There are 32 Plots for sale in ahmedabad that are waiting to welcome you. Developed by Shanti Developers, Maruti Buildcon, Honey Infra, Safal Realty, Balleshwar Construction Company, Synthesis Spacelinks, Sun Builders, and many other ace developers of the city, these residential plots have been priced between On Request. Offering a plethora of amenities, these plots are located in pristine areas such as Bholad, Changodar, Bagodra, Mankol, Sanand, Hathijan, etc. 

These plots have been built within an area ranging from On Request. Projects such as Shanti Skyee City Emrald, Maruti Celosia Greenscapes 2, Honey Honey Land, Safal Nirvana, Balleshwar Sumukh Villa are some viable options for people looking for plots on a budget. Out of these 24 projects, there are 3 projects that offer possession in 1 year and 1 project that offers possession in 2 years.

Residential Plots in Ahmedabad

32 Projects
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Shanti Skyee City Emrald

By: Shanti Developers Bholad

PossessionSep, 2017

Property Price

13.32 Lacs

Maruti Celosia Greenscapes 2

By: Maruti Buildcon Changodar

PossessionJun, 2014

Property Price

28.55 Lacs

Honey Honey Land

By: Honey Infra Bagodra

PossessionMay, 2015

Property Price

5.4 Lacs

Safal Nirvana

By: Safal Realty Mankol

PossessionJul, 2013

Property Price

31.46 Lacs

Balleshwar Sumukh Villa

By: Balleshwar Construction Company Sanand

PossessionDec, 2008

Property Price

On Request

Synthesis Suramya Grove

By: Synthesis Spacelinks Hathijan

PossessionApr, 2015

Property Price

29.04 Lacs

Sun Solace

By: Sun Builders Sanand

PossessionSep, 2014

Property Price

On Request

Synthesis Suramya Lifespace

By: Synthesis Spacelinks Sanand

PossessionAug, 2011

Property Price

19.18 Lacs

Jaska Greentech Residency

By: Jaska Fedara

PossessionDec, 2016

Property Price

6.75 Lacs

Magnanimous Greenz 2

By: Magnanimous Infrastructure Fedara

PossessionAug, 2016

Property Price

9.3 Lacs

Magnanimous Greenz 3

By: Magnanimous Infrastructure Fedara

PossessionDec, 2017

Property Price

6.99 Lacs

Magnanimous Pearl

By: Magnanimous Infrastructure Dholera

PossessionNov, 2016

Property Price

45 Lacs

Aavkar River Retreat

By: Aavkar Infrastructure Thaltej

PossessionJan, 2016

Property Price

On Request

Avirat Radhey Plotting

By: Avirat Infrastructure Thaltej

PossessionSep, 2002

Property Price

On Request

Shree Gayatri Satyamev Chhavani II

By: Shree Gayatri Realty Sughad

PossessionDec, 2013

Property Price

87.75 Lacs

7 Oak Platinum

By: 7 Oak Developers Dholera

PossessionJun, 2017

Property Price

5.92 Lacs

Arista Swastik Vihar

By: Arista Lifespaces Bavla

PossessionNov, 2016

Property Price

On Request

Epsilon 7 Ocean Blue

By: Epsilon Infra Projects Dholera

PossessionMar, 2018

Property Price

7.17 Lacs

Popular Manipushpa Society 2

By: Popular Infra Memnagar

PossessionDec, 2009

Property Price

On Request

Venus Avan

By: Venus Infra Bhat

PossessionMay, 2021

Property Price

On Request