3 BHK Flats & Apartments in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore


Want to buy 3 bhk flats and apartments in Bannerghatta Road?. Currently, there are  83 projects that offer 3 bhk flats in the affordable housing segment. These include Prestige Song of the South Phase 2 , Hiranandani Evita , Sumukha Greenville , Arvind Sowparnika , Skyline Bagmane Champagne Hills and more.

Minimum to maximum price for these apartments is On Request. Size-wise, these 3 bhk apartments range from On Request. Made by developers like 65, most of these projects are either ready to move or near completion. In fact, 10% are Under Construction projects, 88% are Ready to Move projects, and rest 2% are Launch projects. . These 3 bhk apartments in Bannerghatta Road, bangalore are definitely investment worthy.

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83 Projects
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3 BHK 1811 Sqft Apartments in Hiranandani Evita

By: House of Hiranandani Bannerghatta Road
Hiranandani Evita is a new project that is under construction in Bannerghatta Road, Bangal...Read More

PossessionNov, 2021

Property Price

89.77 Lacs

3 BHK 1825 Sqft Apartments in Sumukha Greenville

By: Sumukha Constructions Bannerghatta Road
The Sumukha Constructions developer is a known name in the real estate sector and their pr...Read More

PossessionFeb, 2013

Property Price

72.74 Lacs

3 BHK 1360 Sqft Apartments in Arvind Sowparnika

By: Arvind Infrastructure Bannerghatta Road
Arvind Sowparnika is an extreme impression of the urban chic way of life situated in Hulim...Read More

PossessionMay, 2013

Property Price

62.56 Lacs

3 BHK 1715 Sqft Apartments in Skyline Bagmane Champagne Hills

By: Skyline Constructions Bannerghatta Road
The Bangalore city has got the Skyline Bagmane Champagne hills project in the Bannerghatta...Read More


Property Price

70.74 Lacs

3 BHK 2095 Sqft Apartments in Comfort Flora

By: Comfort Builders Bannerghatta Road
Best utilization of living space, excellent architectural design, mesmerizing natural surr...Read More

PossessionSep, 2015

Property Price

1.18 Cr

3 BHK 1430 Sqft Apartments in Mantri Woodlands

By: Mantri Developers Bannerghatta Road
Mantri Developers is a known real estate group that has arrived with one more project Mant...Read More

PossessionDec, 2001

Property Price

77.22 Lacs

3 BHK 1216 Sqft Apartments in Vandana Amaze

By: Sree Vandana Infra Build Bannerghatta Road
The housing project Sree Vandana Amaze is situated in the well known Bannerghatta Road are...Read More


Property Price

44.69 Lacs

3 BHK 1689 Sqft Apartments in Opera Serenity

By: Opera Homes Bannerghatta Road
The Opera Homes developers have one more project which is in the Bannerghatta Road area of...Read More


Property Price

60.8 Lacs

3 BHK 1415 Sqft Apartments in Comfort Dynasty

By: Comfort Builders Bannerghatta Road

PossessionAug, 2014

Property Price

57.31 Lacs

3 BHK 1500 Sqft Apartments in Aditya Chithaary Vijaya Classic

By: Aditya Developers Bannerghatta Road

PossessionMar, 2010

Property Price

76.5 Lacs

3 BHK 1365 Sqft Apartments in IVR Prime Lake

By: IVR Prime Urban Developers Bannerghatta Road
One of the most affordable yet uncompromising in quality projects is the IVR prime lake bu...Read More


Property Price

85.05 Lacs

3 BHK 1418 Sqft Apartments in Gurupriya Carnation

By: Gurupriya Housing Bannerghatta Road
Bannerghatta Road area is popular and Gurupriya Housing developers have built the project ...Read More

PossessionJan, 2017

Property Price

53.88 Lacs

3 BHK 1325 Sqft Apartments in Dreamz Sahwas Duplex

By: Dreamz Infra India Bannerghatta Road
Dreamz Sahavas duplex is a housing project in the city of Bangalore, developed by Dreamz I...Read More


Property Price

6.3 Cr

3 BHK 2064 Sqft Apartments in Corporate Leisure Euphoria

By: Corporate Leisure and Property Development Bannerghatta Road
Corporate leisure euphoria is built in the city of Bangalore by Corporate Leisure and Prop...Read More

PossessionJan, 2011

Property Price

1.05 Cr

3 BHK 1759 Sqft Apartments in SLV Spandana

By: SLV Builders Bannerghatta Road
Located off Bannerghatta Road of the city Bangalore, the developer group SLV Builders has ...Read More

PossessionJan, 2016

Property Price

52.77 Lacs

3 BHK 1623 Sqft Apartments in Niranjan Tridha

By: Niranjan Group Bannerghatta Road
One of the most discussed projects by Niranjan Group developers is the Niranjan tridha wh...Read More

PossessionSep, 2018

Property Price

71.41 Lacs

3 BHK 1563 Sqft Apartments in Royal Green

By: Green Valley Builders Bannerghatta Road
Located in the Bannerghatta Road area of the Bangalore city the Green Valley Builders deve...Read More

PossessionJan, 2016

Property Price

70.34 Lacs

3 BHK 1250 Sqft Apartments in TGS Johannesburg

By: TGS Constructions Bannerghatta Road
The project TGS Johannesburg is located in the Bannerghatta Road area of the Bangalore cit...Read More


Property Price

26.25 Lacs

3 BHK 2175 Sqft Apartments in SRR Stone Creek

By: SRR Homes Bannerghatta Road
Created by SRR Homes, SRR Stone Creek is a leading project close to Bannerghatta Road Bang...Read More


Property Price

79.93 Lacs