2 BHK Flats & Apartments in Jakkur, Bangalore


Want to buy 2 bhk flats and apartments in Jakkur?. Currently, there are  36 projects that offer 2 bhk flats in the affordable housing segment. These include ADI North Lake , SLV Garuda Palace , Tetra Green Planet , M N Builders And Developers Guru Gokulam , Parth Parth Oyster and more.

Minimum to maximum price for these apartments is On Request. Size-wise, these 2 bhk apartments range from On Request. Made by developers like 32, most of these projects are either ready to move or near completion. In fact, 56% are Ready to Move projects, 39% are Under Construction projects, and rest 6% are Launch projects. . These 2 bhk apartments in Jakkur, bangalore are definitely investment worthy.

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36 Projects
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2 BHK 985 Sqft Apartment in ADI North Lake

By: Adi Group Jakkur

PossessionSep, 2018

Property Price

48.65 Lacs

2 BHK 1086 Sqft Apartment in SLV Garuda Palace

By: SLV Developers Jakkur


Property Price

38.01 Lacs

2 BHK 866 Sqft Apartment in Tetra Green Planet

By: Tetra Grand Constructions Jakkur

PossessionDec, 2015

Property Price

34.64 Lacs

2 BHK 1066 Sqft Apartment in M N Builders And Developers Guru Gokulam

By: MN Builders Jakkur

PossessionJan, 2015

Property Price

35.18 Lacs

2 BHK 1080 Sqft Apartment in Parth Parth Oyster

By: Parth Group Jakkur

PossessionJan, 2015

Property Price

43.2 Lacs

2 BHK 1124 Sqft Apartment in SVR Pine Ridge

By: SVR Group Jakkur

PossessionDec, 2017

Property Price

66.77 Lacs

2 BHK 1081 Sqft Apartment in White Coral Cocoon

By: White Projects Jakkur

PossessionDec, 2017

Property Price

64 Lacs

2 BHK 690 Sqft Apartment in Preeti Proximity

By: Preeti Developers Bangalore Jakkur

PossessionJun, 2021

Property Price

37 Lacs

2 BHK 984 Sqft Apartment in Pyramid Watsonia

By: Pyramid Developers Jakkur

PossessionMar, 2021

Property Price

44.28 Lacs

2 BHK 1165 Sqft Apartment in Navanaami Lavender

By: Navanaami Jakkur


Property Price

52.43 Lacs

2 BHK 790 Sqft Apartment in Bren Northern Lights

By: Bren Corporation Jakkur
Bren Northern Lights is one of the best residential projects and has been developed by the...Read More

PossessionJun, 2022

Property Price

43.69 Lacs

2 BHK 890 Sqft Apartment in Provident Too Good Homes

By: Provident Housing Jakkur
Provident Housing Limited has launched its prestigious housing project, Too Good Homes in ...Read More

PossessionDec, 2021

Property Price

39.9 Lacs

2 BHK 984 Sqft Apartment in SLV Essenza

By: SLV Structures Jakkur
SLV Essenza is a residential development of SLV Structures, located in Bangalore. It offer...Read More

PossessionNov, 2019

Property Price

38.38 Lacs

2 BHK 1323 Sqft Apartment in Manyam Skypark

By: Manyam Estates Private Limited Jakkur
Amongst the incredible beauty of nature along with world-class amenities, the Manyam Skypa...Read More

PossessionAug, 2020

Property Price

54.9 Lacs

2 BHK 1039 Sqft Apartment in CoEvolve Northern Star

By: CoEvolve Estates Jakkur
The requirement for best apartments in an excellent location will be met by CoEvolve North...Read More

PossessionDec, 2019

Property Price

49.87 Lacs

2 BHK 1057 Sqft Apartment in Arvind Skylands

By: Arvind Infrastructure Jakkur
Arvind Skylands is an enormous housing project located in the Jhakkur Area of Bangalore. H...Read More

PossessionFeb, 2021

Property Price

47.57 Lacs

2 BHK 1452 Sqft Apartment in Sobha HRC Pristine

By: Sobha Developers Jakkur
If you are seeking for the most comfortable 3 or 4 BHK apartments in the Jakkur Road Area ...Read More

PossessionJul, 2022

Property Price

1.52 Cr

2 BHK 1022 Sqft Apartment in Brigade Bricklane

By: Brigade Group Jakkur
Bangalore attracts many IT professionals throughout the year. Due to a large number of vac...Read More

PossessionDec, 2021

Property Price

50.98 Lacs

2 BHK 1068 Sqft Apartment in Unishire Atrium

By: Unishire Group Jakkur
Unishire Group of property developer is much known for its contribution to the market for ...Read More

PossessionJun, 2015

Property Price

35.24 Lacs

2 BHK 1214 Sqft Apartment in Unishire Palazzo

By: Unishire Group Jakkur
Unishire Group has developed another residential project, Unishire Palazzo, in Jakkur, Ban...Read More

PossessionDec, 2019

Property Price

56.45 Lacs