3 BHK Flats & Apartments in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore


Want to buy 3 bhk flats and apartments in Kalyan Nagar?. Currently, there are  21 projects that offer 3 bhk flats in the affordable housing segment. These include Star Gold AR Splendor Park , Scion Green Mist , Avyak Fortune , Thiru Bethel Heights , Vaishnodevi L Opulence and more.

Minimum to maximum price for these apartments is On Request. Size-wise, these 3 bhk apartments range from On Request. Made by developers like 20, most of these projects are either ready to move or near completion. In fact, 81% are Ready to Move projects, 10% are Launch projects, and rest 10% are Under Construction projects. . These 3 bhk apartments in Kalyan Nagar, bangalore are definitely investment worthy.

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21 Projects
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3 BHK 1453 Sqft Apartment in Star Gold AR Splendor Park


PossessionJun, 2017

Property Price

58.12 Lacs

3 BHK 1640 Sqft Apartment in Scion Green Mist

By: Scion Group Kalyan Nagar

PossessionJul, 2018

Property Price

1.2 Cr

3 BHK 1515 Sqft Apartment in Avyak Fortune

By: Avyak Builders Kalyan Nagar

PossessionMar, 2018

Property Price

61.81 Lacs

3 BHK 1619 Sqft Apartment in Thiru Bethel Heights

By: Thiru Margadarshi Kalyan Nagar

PossessionOct, 2016

Property Price

1.13 Cr

3 BHK 2200 Sqft Apartment in Vaishnodevi L Opulence

By: Vaishnodevi Lush Greens Kalyan Nagar
Vaishnodevi L Opulence is luxuriousness personified and is an eminent project of Vaishnode...Read More

PossessionMar, 2020

Property Price

1.47 Cr

3 BHK 1385 Sqft Apartment in Sahasra Mapple

By: Sahasra Builders Kalyan Nagar
The real estate developer Sahasra Builders has got the excellent project Sahasra Mapple in...Read More

PossessionDec, 2017

Property Price

51.94 Lacs

3 BHK 1770 Sqft Apartment in Obel Sai Sri Fortune Homes

By: Obel Builders Kalyan Nagar
Situated off Babusapalaya of the Bangalore city, the famous developer Obel Builders has co...Read More

PossessionSep, 2011

Property Price

66.38 Lacs

3 BHK 1400 Sqft Apartment in TGS Venice

By: TGS Constructions Kalyan Nagar
The project TGS Venice from the house of TGS Constructions developer is a known project in...Read More


Property Price

31.44 Lacs

3 BHK 1341 Sqft Apartment in Gangothri HBR Palace

By: Gangothri Builders Kalyan Nagar
The Gangothri Builders is a famous real estate developer who has created the project Gango...Read More


Property Price

34.2 Lacs

3 BHK 1619 Sqft Apartment in Thiru Margadarshi Bethel Heights

By: Thirumargadarshi Construction Kalyan Nagar
The area Kalyan Nagar is a known area in the Bangalore city where the developer Thirumarga...Read More

PossessionFeb, 2016

Property Price

1.21 Cr

3 BHK 1750 Sqft Apartment in SLV Spring Fields

By: SLV Developers Kalyan Nagar
The developer SLV Developers is known for its real estate projects. The project SLV Spring...Read More

PossessionAug, 2012

Property Price

81.38 Lacs

3 BHK 1355 Sqft Apartment in Divya Shri Balaji Classic

By: Divya Properties Kalyan Nagar
In the real estate market the Divya Shri Balaji Classic project by Divya Properties in the...Read More


Property Price

35 Lacs

3 BHK 1264 Sqft Apartment in BM Silver Oaks

By: BM Developers Kalyan Nagar
In the Kalyan Nagar area of the city Bangalore there is one of the best projects developed...Read More


Property Price

35.39 Lacs

3 BHK 1887 Sqft Apartment in Bairavi Cruz Luxor

By: Bairavi Properties Kalyan Nagar
The project Bairavi Cruz Luxor planned and developed by Bairavi Properties in the prime ar...Read More

PossessionApr, 2015

Property Price

1.36 Cr

3 BHK 2640 Sqft Apartment in Alisha Murthys Residency

By: Alisha Projects Kalyan Nagar
The real estate segment of the country has got the name of Alisha Projects developer group...Read More

PossessionNov, 2012

Property Price

1.22 Cr

3 BHK 1610 Sqft Apartment in Anriya Atrieus

By: Anriya Group Kalyan Nagar
In the Kalyan Nagar area of the Bangalore city, the known developer Anriya Group has estab...Read More

PossessionNov, 2008

Property Price

82.11 Lacs

3 BHK 1535 Sqft Apartment in SLV Paramount

By: SLV Projects Kalyan Nagar
The SLV Projects has got one of the top-notch projects known as SLV Paramount in the area ...Read More

PossessionDec, 2011

Property Price

64.47 Lacs

3 BHK 3210 Sqft Apartment in SLV Pride

By: SLV Constructions Kalyan Nagar
Kalyan Nagar area in the Bangalore city is one of the developing areas and SLV Pride proje...Read More

PossessionJan, 2015

Property Price

1.18 Cr

3 BHK 1341 Sqft Apartment in SLV Raj Driva

By: SLV Projects Kalyan Nagar
The project SLV Raj Driva in the Kalyan Nagar area is one of the best projects by the SLV ...Read More

PossessionApr, 2016

Property Price

50.96 Lacs

3 BHK 1428 Sqft Apartment in SLV Samiksha Enclave

By: SLV Structures Kalyan Nagar
The city of Bangalore has got some of the fantastic options in the real estate among which...Read More

PossessionFeb, 2015

Property Price

32.17 Lacs