3 BHK Flats & Apartments in Yelahanka, Bangalore


Want to buy 3 bhk flats and apartments in Yelahanka?. Currently, there are  94 projects that offer 3 bhk flats in the affordable housing segment. These include 5 Elements Onyx , DSR RR Avenues , Fortuna Lake Towers , G R Opal , Velpula Pride and more.

Minimum to maximum price for these apartments is On Request. Size-wise, these 3 bhk apartments range from On Request. Made by developers like 73, most of these projects are either ready to move or near completion. In fact, 59% are Ready to Move projects, 38% are Under Construction projects, 2% are Launch projects, and rest 1% are Pre Launch projects. . These 3 bhk apartments in Yelahanka, bangalore are definitely investment worthy.

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94 Projects
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3 BHK 1410 Sqft Apartment in 5 Elements Onyx

By: 5 Elements Realty Yelahanka

PossessionSep, 2021

Property Price

70.5 Lacs

3 BHK 1460 Sqft Apartment in DSR RR Avenues

By: DSR Infrastructure Yelahanka

PossessionDec, 2022

Property Price

79.57 Lacs

3 BHK 1427 Sqft Apartment in Fortuna Lake Towers

By: Fortuna Constructions Yelahanka

PossessionMar, 2022

Property Price

78.48 Lacs

3 BHK 1470 Sqft Apartment in G R Opal

By: GR Promorters Yelahanka

PossessionDec, 2021

Property Price

90.74 Lacs

3 BHK 1565 Sqft Apartment in Velpula Pride

By: Velpula Group Yelahanka

PossessionMar, 2022

Property Price

78.9 Lacs

3 BHK 1267 Sqft Apartment in Maarq Arena

By: Maarq Spaces Yelahanka

PossessionSep, 2022

Property Price

64.62 Lacs

3 BHK 1128 Sqft Apartment in SLV Fedora

By: SLV Estates Yelahanka

PossessionFeb, 2022

Property Price

44.55 Lacs

3 BHK 1380 Sqft Apartment in SLV Icon

By: SLV Developers Bangalore Yelahanka

PossessionJan, 2024

Property Price

86.93 Lacs

3 BHK 1442 Sqft Apartment in DS Max Streaknest

By: DS Max Properties Yelahanka

PossessionMar, 2015

Property Price

57.68 Lacs

3 BHK 1530 Sqft Apartment in Jayanth Santis

By: Jayant Vithoba Mahadik Yelahanka

PossessionJun, 2017

Property Price

60.44 Lacs

3 BHK 1310 Sqft Apartment in Rose Garden

By: Dawn Ace Group Yelahanka

PossessionOct, 2015

Property Price

56.99 Lacs

3 BHK 1488 Sqft Apartment in Elita

By: Midwest Builders Yelahanka


Property Price

1.07 Cr

3 BHK 1660 Sqft Apartment in Classique Ebony

By: Mahabaleshwara Promoters and Builders Yelahanka

PossessionMar, 2018

Property Price

77.19 Lacs

3 BHK 1664 Sqft Apartment in Tanzanite

By: New India Construction Co Yelahanka

PossessionMar, 2017

Property Price

69.22 Lacs

3 BHK 2101 Sqft Apartment in 1410 The Residences

By: Hitin Property Developments Yelahanka

PossessionMar, 2018

Property Price

1.88 Cr

3 BHK 1520 Sqft Apartment in Thunga Elite

By: KLSR Urban Properties Yelahanka

PossessionAug, 2018

Property Price

83.6 Lacs

3 BHK 1799 Sqft Apartment in Tranquil

By: Sree Adithya Developers Yelahanka

PossessionApr, 2022

Property Price

95.17 Lacs

3 BHK 1330 Sqft Apartment in Saketh Duo Marvel

By: Saket Group Yelahanka

PossessionMar, 2018

Property Price

58.79 Lacs

3 BHK 1375 Sqft Apartment in Shrishti Enclave

By: Shrishti Reality Yelahanka

PossessionAug, 2022

Property Price

61.88 Lacs

3 BHK 1545 Sqft Apartment in Shanks Sunnyside

By: Renaissance Developers Yelahanka

PossessionNov, 2021

Property Price

84.98 Lacs