How to File the Complaint under RERA Act?

A complaint lodged under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act has to abide by the form mentioned under the rules and guidelines of the respective state. A property buyer can file a complaint against a builder under RERA act for a project that has been registered under RERA. However, the complaint should be filed within the mentioned time limit.

When should a homebuyer lodge a complaint?

The property buyers need to be quite prompt in deciding on filing a case. An unjustified delay can weaken their case, and they may fail to obtain the relief they want. No particular time frame has been prescribed under RERA for lodging a complaint. Nevertheless, the homebuyers should file the case on time for better outcomes.

Filing a complaint under RERA

Filing a case against a builder under RERA isn’t a tough task. It is quite simple and hassle-free. The property buyers just have to keep their documents ready while lodging a case offline or online. If a particular claim stands justified, the buyer will get full justice under RERA. RERA is specifically for the real estate buyers, and the regulatory authority (RA) is there to listen to their complaints under the Act.

Here is the basic format for applying online. A typical complaint requires providing:

  • Detailed information about both the applicant as well as the respondent.
  • The address and registration number of the concerned project.
  • Statement of facts supporting the claim.

There is a fee associated with lodging a complaint under RERA. The amount is not specific but varies depending on the state. For instance, in Karnataka, the fee amounts to Rs. 1000 whereas in Maharashtra it amounts to Rs. 5000.


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Why should property buyers choose RERA?

As the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) often takes a lot of time to deliver relief, RERA can be the much-needed rescue. Mentioned below are some reasons why the property buyers should consider choosing RERA for the purpose.

  • RERA is specifically issued for the property buyers. Hence, it is consumer-friendly.
  • With RERA, the homebuyers can experience speedier disposal of their case.
  • Under RERA the promoters can’t manipulate the rules and regulations set by the law.
  • RERA provides a high level of transparency and credibility.
  • The property buyers can claim necessary compensation in case of delayed projects.
  • Under RERA the real estate buyers can benefit with efficient resolution of their complaint.

For claiming compensations from the property developers, the buyers require filing a RERA complaint with the Adjudicating Officer in a similar format. Further additional details regarding the overall money given to the builder, the compensation amount, and the associated interest rate with that amount, should also be included in that filed complaint.

Under RERA 2016, it is mandatory for the regulatory authority of every state to resolve all the complaints within a time duration of 60 days. Under RERA no genuine claim ever faces disappointment. RERA has made it very easy for the property buyers to get the necessary justice without any struggle.

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