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4 BHK 1615 Sqft Apartment in Shri Balaji BCC Kailasa

By: Shri Balaji Construction Vrindavan Yojna

PossessionDec, 2021

Property Price

63.79 Lacs

4 BHK 2224 Sqft Apartment in Rudra Twin Towers

By: Rudra Real Estate Butler Colony

PossessionDec, 2013

Property Price

1.29 Cr

4 BHK 3400 Sqft Villas in Shalimar Meadows

By: Shalimar Corp Butler Colony

PossessionMay, 2014

Property Price

3.06 Cr

4 BHK 1680 Sqft Apartment in Purvanchal Kings Court

By: Purvanchal Group Gomti Nagar

PossessionDec, 2019

Property Price

1.46 Cr

4 BHK 831 Sqft Apartment in Shalimar Vista

By: Shalimar Corp Gomti Nagar Extension

PossessionSep, 2019

Property Price

44.22 Lacs

4 BHK 2055 Sqft Apartment in Azeagaia Botanica

By: Azeagaia Development Vrindavan Yojna

PossessionJun, 2019

Property Price

98 Lacs

4 BHK 1198 Sqft Apartment in Paarth Aadyant

By: Paarth Infrabuild Gomti Nagar Extension

PossessionDec, 2021

Property Price

65.42 Lacs

4 BHK 3604 Sqft Apartment in One Oak Atmos

By: One Oak Realcon Gomti Nagar

PossessionApr, 2022

Property Price

1.86 Cr

4 BHK 1900 Sqft Apartment in Eldeco Eternia

By: Eldeco Builders Aliganj

PossessionDec, 2017

Property Price

81.7 Lacs

4 BHK 1842 Sqft Apartment in Eldeco Saubhagyam

By: Eldeco Builders Vrindavan Yojna

PossessionDec, 2024

Property Price

66.31 Lacs

4 BHK 2500 Sqft Apartment in Shalimar Gallant

By: Shalimar Corp Aliganj

PossessionJun, 2019

Property Price

1.66 Cr

4 BHK 1551 Sqft Apartment in Rishita Manhattan

By: Rishita Developers Gomti Nagar Extension

PossessionDec, 2022

Property Price

71.65 Lacs

4 BHK 2495 Sqft Apartment in Music County

By: Palm Infra Group Gomti Nagar
Music County is a high-end residential project located at Gomti Nagar in Lucknow. It has 2...Read More

PossessionDec, 2020

Property Price

97.28 Lacs

4 BHK 2253 Sqft Apartment in Twin Towers

By: Rudra Buildwell Projects Butler Colony
Twin Towers is a plush residential complex located at Gomti Nagar in Lucknow. It has been ...Read More

PossessionDec, 2013

Property Price

1.31 Cr

4 BHK 2450 Sqft Apartment in Ratan Housing Galaxy

By: Ratan Housing Vrindavan Yojna
Ratan Housing Galaxy by Ratan housing in Lucknow is a place where one can find magnificent...Read More

PossessionDec, 2019

Property Price

83.3 Lacs

4 BHK 2078 Sqft Apartment in RR The Terraces

By: RR Group Gomti Nagar
RR The Terraces by RR Group allows for high standard living in the capital of Uttar Prades...Read More

PossessionSep, 2014

Property Price

1.04 Cr

4 BHK 2096 Sqft Apartment in RG Euphoria

By: RG Group Vrindavan Yojna
Get the best of facilities with RG Euphoria developed by RG Infracity Builders. Located in...Read More

PossessionOct, 2019

Property Price

67.07 Lacs

4 BHK 2809 Sqft Apartment in Shalimar Garden Bay

By: Shalimar Corp Mubarakpur
Nothing is more blissful when you own your dream home in midst of a pristine nature and Sh...Read More


Property Price

1.12 Cr

4 BHK 2460 Sqft Apartment in Orchid Heights

By: Orchid Constructions Faizabad Road
Sprawling over a vast area of 35 acres and 14 floors, Orchid Heights by Omega Developer &a...Read More

PossessionDec, 2017

Property Price

76.26 Lacs