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MDS Green Avenue

By: MDS Projects Anekal City, Bangalore

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PossessionMay, 2025

Property Price

19.2 Lacs

Manasum Avighna

By: Manasum Buildtech Anekal City, Bangalore
  • 1 BHK
  • 395 sqft - 395 sqft

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PossessionFeb, 2021

Property Price

31.01 Lacs

Jain Veracruz

By: Jain Housing and Construction Anekal City, Bangalore
  • 4 BHK
  • 3240 sqft - 3240 sqft

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PossessionApr, 2018

Property Price

3.12 Cr

Subha 9 Sky Vue

By: Subha Builders Anekal City, Bangalore
  • 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK
  • 950 sqft - 1225 sqft

Subha 9 Sky Vue is as unique and special as its name. Constructed by Subha Builders and De... Read More

PossessionDec, 2019

Property Price

20.63 Lacs

Aashrithaa Nakshatra Plots

By: Aashrithaa Properties Anekal City, Bangalore

As majestic as a star, Aashrithaa Nakshatra Plots are based at Anekal City, Bangalore and ... Read More

PossessionDec, 2019

Property Price

14.58 Lacs

Evantha Villaggio

By: Evantha Developers Anekal City, Bangalore

Evantha Developers Pvt. Ltd. has launched their prestigious project Evantha Villaggio in A... Read More

PossessionJul, 2020

Property Price

14.4 Lacs

Brick And Land Garden And Skies

By: Brick And Land Constructions Pvt Ltd Anekal City, Bangalore

Brick and Land Garden and Skies is a project that’s all about a modern approach to v... Read More

PossessionDec, 2021

Property Price

33.9 Lacs

TG Ascent

By: TG Developers Anekal City, Bangalore
  • 2 BHK, 3 BHK
  • 1050 sqft - 1320 sqft

The days of great comfort and convenience begin with TG Ascent. This residential project i... Read More

PossessionDec, 2020

Property Price

40.43 Lacs

MGB Classic

By: MG Brothers Real Estates Anekal City, Bangalore

The city of Bangalore MGB Classic by the MG Brothers Real Estates developers in the Electr... Read More

PossessionNov, 2009

Property Price

On Request

Shriram Hamsadhwani

By: Shriram Properties Anekal City, Bangalore

Getting a quality home is not that easy as one has to go for the research and check the pr... Read More

PossessionJan, 2015

Property Price

19.02 Lacs

JS Lotus

By: JS Group Anekal City, Bangalore

JS Homes Lotus in the electronic city of Bangalore can be your home for the rest of your l... Read More

PossessionSep, 2015

Property Price

68.71 Lacs

NBR Land Garden RV

By: NBR Land Anekal City, Bangalore

Own a property of 3000-3600 sqft at an affordable rate with NBR Land Garden Rv. Located in... Read More

PossessionJun, 2014

Property Price

75 Lacs

ChandraKantha Serenity

By: Chandra Kantha Builders & Developers Anekal City, Bangalore

A successful launch of Chandra Kantha Serenity in Bangalore by ChandraKantha Builders &... Read More

PossessionMay, 2012

Property Price

7.2 Lacs

Aryan Suvarna Bhoomi

By: Aryan Group Anekal City, Bangalore

Aryan Suvarna Bhoomi is a residential apartment located in Jigini, Bangalore. The plots ar... Read More

PossessionJan, 2011

Property Price

11.4 Lacs

Alliance El Dorado Park

By: Alliance Group Anekal City, Bangalore

Alliance El Dorado Park is located in Electronic City in Bangalore. The residential apartm... Read More


Property Price

58.11 Lacs