15 Advantages Of Telangana Double Bedroom Scheme And How You Can Make Full Use Of It.

Telangana Double Bedroom Scheme

Telangana's double bedroom scheme aims at fulfilling the basic need of shelter for the underprivileged classes. Also known as the “2BHK Scheme” or “Dignity Housing Scheme”, it was launched in 2015 under the leadership of Shri K Chandrashekhar Rao. While the central and the various state governments have been working in providing a house to the economically challenged sections at subsidized rates, the Telangana government took the project of construction by pricing the houses in the bracket of Rs 5 lakhs-Rs 8.65 lakhs, and these are offered free of cost to the beneficiaries. The aim of the project is to provide accommodation to 5.72 lakh families in different districts of Telangana by 2024 and the housing department has taken up the construction work of 2.8 lakh units in the total developed area of 7 lakh square feet.

What are the budgetary details about Telangana Double Bedroom Scheme?

In order to achieve better synergy and mobilize funds for construction, Pradhan Mantri Awaz Yojna (PMAY) and the housing scheme launched by the state government have been merged together. With this move, Rs 1.50 lakh per house from PMAY has been directed to Telangana Double Bedroom Scheme. While a house under this scheme costs Rs 5.30 lakhs, when adjusted with the funds obtained from PMAY, the cost comes at Rs 3.8 lakhs. The cost of the project is estimated at Rs 22000 crores and it is proposed to raise Rs 2500 crores from Housing and Urban Development Corporation, Rs 1365 crores from PMAY funds and the remaining shall be covered from the state’s revenue.

How are the units priced under Telangana Double Bedroom Scheme?

Under the 2BHK Housing Scheme in Telangana, a house has 2 bedrooms, two toilets, a hall, and a kitchen in a total area of 560 Sft plinth area. The area of the plot of an independent house in a rural area is 125 sq yards and this is 36 sq yd of undivided share of land. This means that along with the unit, the land is also free. It has been proposed to provide the basic infrastructure facilities like sewerage lines, electricity, water supply, and internal roads, etc to the areas where construction is in progress. Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Gahr Yojna aims at providing power connections to all the citizens of the country and the state government is targeting its efforts in roping the center to provide for the same for the houses under Telangana Double Bedroom Scheme. The pricing of the units is as follows:

- In the rural area, the unit cost with infrastructure comes at Rs 6.29 lakhs

- In the urban area, the total cost  per unit is Rs 6.05 lakhs

- In GHMC up to G+3, the unit cost with infrastructure stands at Rs 7.75 lakhs

- Under GHMC C+S+9, the per-unit cost with infrastructure is Rs  8.65 lakhs

What is the eligibility criterion under Telangana Double Bedroom Scheme?

To be eligible to apply for a house under Telangana Double Bedroom Scheme, one must fulfill the following criteria:

- People living in kutcha houses, huts, or rented homes can apply for a house.

- The applicant should come under the BPL category and must have a valid Food Security Card number.

- The unit will be sanctioned in the name of the wife.

- The family should not have availed the facilities of a concrete house under any other scheme of the government like INDIRAMMA.

- 5% of the units will be reserved for disabled people under different categories, 17% for SCs, 12% for minorities, 6% for STs, and the balance 65% for others.

What are the documents required at the time of application?

- Ration card

- Aadhar Card

- Address proof

- Asara pension card(if available)

- Passport size photograph

What is the online application process for Telangana Double Bedroom Scheme?

- The eligible candidates need to fill the Application for Grant of Double Bedroom House which can be obtained the nearest MeeSeva centre.

- Enter the required details like current address, family income, food security card number, Aadhar number etc

- Fix your passport size photograph and submit the copies of the documents mentioned in the form.

- Submit the application form at MeeSeva Centre or with Garm Sabha of your district.

How to check the status of the application form?

- Logon to http://tshousing.cgg.gov.in/

- Click on the Beneficiary Search tab and enter your Ben ID.

- You can also select the panchayat, mandal or the district from where you had filled the form.

- Select your caste/community.

- The list of beneficiaries will be displayed.

What is the selection process of allotment under Telangana Double Bedroom Scheme?

In order to ensure that the benefits under the scheme reach to the deserving people, the District Level Committee handles the entire selection process. The District Collector nominates a district level officer for redressal of complaints, grievances etc. The Appellate Committee further hears the issues and passes the judgement. Thus, the selection process can be outlined as:

- The applications are collected at Gram Sabha where preliminary scrutiny is done and the same is forwarded to the Tehsildar.

- Tehsildar submits the list to the District Collector.

- This list is again cross verified by the Gram Sabha for the final approval.

- The final list thus obtained is approved by the District Collector and the same is made public.

What is the current status of Telangana Double Bedroom Scheme?

Though it was planned that 2.72 lakh units would be constructed by March 2019, only 22,520 units were constructed until June 2019 and the major reason for this delay is the shortage of funds. It is expected that 1.79 lakh units which are at different stages of construction in Phase 1 will be completed by 2020 but as of now, there is no winner list yet.

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