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What is Gaj & Yard (200 Gaj = 1782.72 square feet)

A Gaj in English or Mughal yard, also written as “Gaz”, is a unit of length used in some parts of Asia. If you look at history, it was a measurement that varied from region to region, rather like the English yard both in size and in the fact that it was often used to measure textiles. Values of the Gaj differed in range from 24 inches to 41 inches over the passing of time. Nowadays, it is typically used in the Indian subcontinent as the word for a "yard". that comprises 3 feet or 36 inches.

How Many Square Feet in Single One Gaj

a Gaj is a hindi or layman term for a square yard, the term is widely used in India real estate to measure a piece of land. 1 gaj = 9 sq feet and if you find gaj so divide to sq feet like this if you find 900 sq feet in gaj so you 900/9=100 so 900 sq feet = 100 gaj. (?approximately 83.61274 m²?)

A Look at Different Geographies

India and Pakistan:-

Use of the Gaj in India was first established during the reign of the Mughal Emporers. The Gaj in Rajasthan towards the end of the 17th century was referred to as being 28½ inches. By 1875, the average value of the Gaj in Bengal was 36 inches (which is equal to one yard), but was 33 inches in Madras (Chennai) and 27 inches in Bombay (Mumbai)

Conversion Details:-

India followed the FPS system established by the British, for measurements till 1958. In 1958, it switched to the Metric system. FPS system stands for Foot, Pound, Second system.

The tables for length were something like the following:

12 inches = 1 foot

3 feet = 1 yard

1760 yards = 1 mile.


To convert Gaj to sq ft:

1 sq foot =  1 foot x 1 foot= 1 sq ft= 12 in x 12 inches = 144 sq inches.

1 sq yard= 3 feet x 3 feet = 9 sq feet.

4840 sq yards = 1 acre.

Area: 1 sq yard = 3 feet x 3 feet = 9 sq feet.

The word used for a yard was “Gaj” in Hindi, and “gajam” in Tamil.

So, one Gaj square feet = 1 sq yard = 9 sq feet

200 Gaj = 1782.72 square feet

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Square Feet calculation:-

A Gaj is a layman or hindi term use for a square yard, A Gaz is also known as guj, gudge, Gaz. It is used in Indian subcontinent to measure real estate/property. Values of the Gaz ranged started from 24 inches to 41 inches over time. Many people search for generic term like 1 Gaj to Sq.ft, feet to Gaj, 1 Guj in feet, square feet to Gaj converter etc. It has become the standard word in urdu and hindi for "yard". However, Google also provide answer when you search for any query. For example when you search in google how many sq. ft. is in one Gaj, so the answer is 1 Gaj=8.91359 square foot and round off figure is 9 sq feet and 100 Gaj=891.359 sq. ft. Similarly, 100 Gaj = 900 Square Feet. The square yard is unit of area and used in most of the English discussions.

1 Gaj = 2.98556 feet

1 Guz = 8.91359 sq. feet

1 sq. mt. = 1.20758 sq. Gaz/sq. guz

100 sq. Guz.=891.359 sq. ft.

500 sq. ft.=56.0941 sq. Guz

450 sq. ft.=50.4847 sq. Guz

1 sq. yard=1.00969 sq. Guz

120 Gaj=100.335380 sq. mt.

Generally one gaz equal to zero decimal point eight three six approximately i.e 1 Gaj= 0.836 sq. meter

1 yard/Gaj = 3 feet.

1 feet = 12 inches.

1 inch = 2.54 cms.

100 cms = 1m.

So, after solving 1 yard/gaj = 36 inches = 36*2.54 cms = 91.44cms = 0.9144 m.

another calculation:

1 Gaj = 3 feet = 3*12 inches = 2.54 *36 cm.

= 2.54*36/100 meter = 0.9144 meters

Note: In USA they still use the FPS system till date, including gallons for measuring volume.

By the 20th century, the Gaj was uniformly taken as being equal in length to one yard in the English system, or 0.91 meters in the Metric system.

The Gaj is still commonly used in India and has become the standard word in Urdu and Hindi to denote  "yard".


The word Guz (also spelled as Guzz, at the time) entered the Oxford English Dictionary in the later part of the 19th century, having been originally submitted by the noted lexicographer William Chester Minor. It was originally equal to 28 and 4/5 inches in India (so that "5 Guzz = 4 yards"). The word has supposedly given the Royal Navy base at HMNB Devonport, in Plymouth, the affectionate nickname of "Guzz", which sailors used to refer to the Dockyard, used to regularly abbreviate the word to simply "The Yard", resulting in the slang use of the Hindi word for the unit of measurement of the same name.

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