5 Most Expensive House in India

5 Most Expensive House in India

India is home to millionaires and billionaires belonging to different niches such as the industry, Bollywood, technology, etc. These high-class families have incredibly amazing luxuries, one of them being the lavish exotic apartments or bungalows in which they reside. Here’s a quick peep into the most expensive houses of India.

Antilia, Mumbai

Price: Its price is worth 6000 to 10000 crores. Also, it is the world's second most expensive property after Buckingham Palace.

Owner - This house belongs to the most popular business tycoons of the country, The Ambanis (Mukesh Ambani), located in the most luxurious location of the country, Altamount Road in South Mumbai.

Architecture - The most expensive house in the country was designed by architects from Chicago namely Perkins and Will and built by an Australian company by the name Leighton Holdings. The architecture and is designed on the frame lines of lotus flower and the sun. The building has 27 floors with super high ceilings out of which the upper six floors are for private residential purposes of the family. 6 floors are reserved just for car parking.

Vowing Amenities - To escape from the heat of Mumbai summers, the Ambani family often chills in a unique chamber of its kind, ‘The Snow Room' which ejects snow from its walls. The house has a private theatre for the family which can accommodate up to 50 people and a personal ice cream parkour too.


Price - It is worth Rs 6000 crores.

Owner - The house belongs to the Singhanias (Gautam Singhania) of the Raymond Group, located in the Upscale Tony Breach Candy area of South Mumbai.

Architecture - It is one of its kind architectures in the form of a tower which would be 145 meters in height and has 37 floors. The ground, first and second floor would have showrooms and outlets of the Raymond group while the other floors would be reserve for residential purposes of the family members. The 19th floor would have a service area.

Vowing amenities - A museum for the family's exquisite jade collection would be constructed between the fifteenth and eighteenth floor of the house. Also, there are two refugee floors between the third and fourteenth. It will also have an in-house spa, two private swimming pools, areas for recreational activities, and its own helipad.


Price - Its price is worth Rs 200 crores.

Owner - This house belongs to King Khan of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, a sea-facing spectacular marvel located at Bandstand in East Bandra.

Architecture - The lavish house is inspired by the eras of 1920. It has modern Italian architecture with woven neo-classical elements imbibed in its design, making it a perfect mix of vintage, contemporary and voguish interiors. The two living rooms are connected by a system of elevators paving the way to a series of beautiful paintings.

Vowing Amenities - Mannat has a boxing ring, a tennis court, and a lavish swimming pool for keeping up with the sporty spirit while at home. An entire floor is used as a play space for kids which even has a library, private bar, and entertainment area. Some of the most popular assets include a huge canvas of Subhash Awchat’s reclining clown, a life-sized marble Radha-Krishna sculpture, a pair of four-ft-tall black vases from Paris, and a jade Ganapati.


Price - It is worth around Rs 250 crores.

Owner - This building belongs to the chairman of the TATA group and the most famous industrialist of India, Mr. Ratan Tata. The house is located in the Colaba area of Mumbai.

Architecture - The huge bungalow is spread over an area of 13350 square feet and has three floors in total divided into seven levels. It beautifully represents ‘elegance over extravagance' in its natural shades of white color for its contemporary architecture with massive window panes.

Vowing Amenities - The basement can accommodate 10-12 cars. The first floor has a sundeck with a capacity of 50-70 people at a time along with a private bar. The bungalow has a huge media room for time-to-time meetings. The house also has a lounge, a spectacular swimming pool, and a fully equipped gym.


Price - The price is worth Rs 6000 crores.

Owner - The house belongs to Anil Ambani, the brother of Mukesh Ambani. Anil Ambani resides in this luxurious house with his wife and two sons. This building is located in Pali Hill.

Architecture - The building has a height of 66 meters, spread over an area of 16000 Square feet, and has 17 floors in it. It has a beautiful lawn for a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The interiors are designed perfectly owing to the modern-day design with subtle themes and colors.

Vowing Amenities - The Ambani House has all the amenities of the high-class community. A huge private swimming pool to twirl in, a private and fully equipped gym, quarters for servants and staff, a private helipad, private luxurious bars are some of its spectacular features that mostly remain hidden.

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