7 Housing Trends to Watch Out For In 2022

The devastation caused by the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 did not spare India's real estate sector, including residential housing. Despite a devastating second COVID-19 wave, the sector began to show signs of resilience and regained momentum this year. The emergence of the Omicron variant is causing concern as 2022 begins, but industry experts are optimistic about 2022. Are you excited about all the new trends that are coming out for homes in 2022? Here are seven things we can expect to see when it comes to housing in 2022:

Bamboo floors

Bamboo floors are a great way to add some style and durability to your home. They’re made from the fast growing grass, which means they can be grown quickly and then harvested in a short amount of time. Bamboo is also very strong, so it’s great for hardwood floors as well!

The bamboo plant grows incredibly fast, so you don't have to worry about waiting years for your flooring project to take shape—you'll get an instant result! The material is renewable since it grows naturally without using pesticides or chemicals (which makes sense since there aren't any harmful chemicals in their growth process). This means that instead of purchasing new materials every year or two, you'll only need one purchase per lifetime!

Live-work Spaces

There is a growing trend of people choosing to live in their offices, or at least work there. This can be a good thing for the environment and economy, but it raises some questions about how this will affect communities.

Live-work spaces are becoming more popular because they allow for more flexibility and freedom than traditional housing options do. They also tend to be less expensive than other forms of housing. In many cases, these types of spaces help people who have trouble finding something that fits their needs due to disabilities or other factors—the idea being that there's no need for someone else who lives next door if you're able enough yourself!

Open Kitchens

Open kitchens are a trend that's been around since the 1950s, but it's only recently become popular. They're more efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly than traditional kitchens.

Open kitchens have several benefits: they're more social spaces that encourage conversation; they can make cooking easier because you don't have to leave your seat; you'll be able to see what's happening in other parts of your home when you need something from another room, there are less blind spots when cooking as everything is visible from where you sit—no more having to go around corners or bend over!

Multifunctional Studios and Home Offices

The trend of multifunctional studios and home offices is here to stay. Gone are the days when you had to choose between a bedroom and an office space, or put your bedroom in the basement. Now that most people live in cities with limited space, they want their homes to be as efficient as possible without sacrificing comfort or quality of life.

Multifunctional spaces can be used for several purposes—including living areas and offices and this flexibility allows homeowners to maximize their square footage by using areas like kitchens and dining rooms as separate rooms rather than combining them into one large area for entertaining guests or working on projects together at the same time.

Adaptive Architecture for Aging in Place

Adaptive architecture is a way to adjust a house to suit the needs of an aging person. It can include things like wider hallways and stairways, or lower countertops. It can also be used to make a house more energy efficient—for example by adding insulation in rooms that don't need it (like bathrooms) or using smart technology like automatic shades when it gets dark outside.

The goal is for adaptive design practices to aid seniors as they age in place by making their homes safer and more comfortable while they're still living there, so they can stay longer on their own terms.

Frugal and Easy Maintenance Decor

Frugal and easy maintenance decor is the perfect way to make your home look like a million bucks, without breaking the bank. It’s also a great way to show off your personality while still maintaining a modern feel.

Green Tech Homes

Green tech homes have the potential to be more energy efficient, healthier for you and your family, cheaper to maintain and more comfortable. These benefits make green tech housing more affordable in many cases than traditional construction methods.

The best part of green technology is that it can be used in any type of building – whether it's an apartment complex or a single-family home. The same technologies that make these homes healthy also make them fun!


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