Akrama Sakrama Scheme: Guidelines, Application Form, Latest News

Akrama Sakrama is a scheme for paying the penalty that was introduced by the State Government of Karnataka to regularize the unauthorized layouts and building scheme. It is an attempt to streamline the many illegal constructions in the state of Karnataka. The scheme allows the owners of flats and plots in the city of Bangalore to make their buildings regular by paying the penalty to the government.

The term which defines the scheme is a conjoined term, made up of two separate Sanskrit terms, akarma and sakrama. These words can be literally translated into not working and working, in that order. However, a more appropriate meaning in the current context is illegal or akarma and legal or sakrama.

The Akrama-Sakrama Bangalore scheme was put in place on 23rd of March, 2015 and it is formally known as the Karnataka Town and Country Planning (Regularization of unauthorized Developments) Rules, 2013.

The Need for the Akrama Sakrama Scheme

It is a sad reality of our country that illegal buildings exist and are being built every day. A prolific growth in population in urban areas is leading to a constant and always on the rising demand for housing options in big cities. This is the main reason for the growth of unlawful constructions. Many builders do not get into regularizing their constructions so that they can cut down on the costs or sidestep the regulations of the government.

In Bangalore, almost 80% of the buildings can be categorized as illegal constructions. With the BBMP Akrama Sakrama scheme, the state government aims at bringing about a change in this situation.

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Important Features of Akrama Sakrama:-

  • The scheme was passed in the year 2013, and it came into force on 23rd of March of that year. This scheme is the result of amendments made to many Acts, including the Karnataka Town and Country Act, and is formally known as the Karnataka Town and Country Planning (Regularization of unauthorized Developments) Rules 2013.
  • The Act allows regularization of properties that violate buildings norms, without having to demolish them.
  • The Akrama Sakarama scheme is applicable only on those properties built on or before 19th October 2013, and does not apply to under-construction properties.
  • Akrama Sakarama scheme allows for one-time regularization of up to 50% setback and floor space index (FSI) violations in the case of residential constructions. In the case of commercial buildings, the setback limit has been set at 25%.
  • Under the Akrama Sakarama scheme, illegally formed plots can also be regularized after paying a penalty to the government.

Implementation of the Akrama Sakrama scheme:-

The AkramaSakrama scheme was passed and came into force on 23rd of March 2015. The

public was given a time of one year, that is,until 23rd of March 2016, to fill up and submit the Akrama Sakrama application form. However, the response to this government scheme has not been good in Bangalore.

Many people have the opinion that the scheme is flawed and provides an escape mechanism to rich owners of buildings to get away with illegal constructions within the city. By paying a large fine, they can regularize the buildings that they may have built with low-quality materials or the ones that do not meet safety standards. Some resident associations in Bangalore have even filed PILs in the high court and demanded that the scheme be abolished for the safety of the public.

The Internet has the Akrama Sakrama latest update, and apparently the government aims to modify the guidelines of the BBMP workbill, to make people who belong to the low-income group happy.

Lastesh News and Updates

Akrama Sakrama Budget news 2019-2020:-

The government passed a funds in 2019-2020 budget for Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) with an amount of 12574.77 CR.  It was approved by cabinet of Karnataka government, But BJP MLA"s start hooting against this budget in assembly hall.

January 2019 Update:-

 The Supreme Court  has put on the hold Akarama Sakrama scheme, under which authorities who planning to build illegal construction across the karnataka.  

 Akrama Sakrama impact of Real Estate Business:-

Are you know that the 80% buildings in Bangalore are illegal. State government of karnataka has taken decision to rectify this by enforcing a scheme called Akrama- Sakrama. The scheme introduced public to after changing several acts, Including the Karnataka town and country act. It will also impact the price of luxurious projects in Bangalore.

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