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About Alia Bhatt Plush House in Juhu, Mumbai


Alia Bhatt is no doubt the most bubbly girl of Bollywood. She has been the talk of the town ever since she was born, maybe because of being the little one of the famous Bhatt family or because of the cuteness she possesses. The most popular young sensation entered B-Town by debuting in Karan Johar’s Student of The Year straight after completing high school and hasn’t stopped impressing the audience since then.

Being a versatile actress and a great performer on screen, she did a variety of roles failed at some while aced at the others. Constantly progressing towards her Bollywood journey, she is known to be in talks every other day, the latest one being buying a lavish plush house in Mumbai. She currently resides in her Bandra flat with her sister Shaheen Bhatt, close to her parent's home. The 26-year-old actress has already gifted a house to herself in the same building as Ranbir Kapoor's. The 2460 Square feet flat in Vastu Pali Hill is worth Rs 32 crore.

The New Home in Juhu

She inaugurated her new flat by doing a havan on the auspicious day of Laxmi Poojan in the presence of few close friends and family members. Her complete shifting in the house would take almost a year.

Interiors by the Best

Bollywood celebs are known to add wonders to their place by engaging with the best designers of the country and even the world. The huge Apartments are elevated in style and comfort by the interior designers they hire for themselves who do their work to inculcate the latest technologies, utilities, designs, and updates to their aesthetic homes. Alia's home design resembles the New York-style imbibing Swiss elements. Her house was designed by Gauri Khan, who has designed spaces for high profile people and families such as the Ambani's, Ralph Lauren, etc. Ace interior designer Richa Bahl also designs the home.

The Gloomy Living Room

The living room is a chill pill area of every house. It has to be a cozy yet elegant space to just sit in at any time of the day. Alia Bhatt's living room has large window panes which allow enough light to come in during the day as well as ample calm moonlight and stargazing during the night. It is a perfect place to enjoy the Mumbai Monsoons sitting and snacking by the window. The rustic theme chosen by Alia and her designer has a lot of whites in it, making it more lovely to relax in. Even the furniture and decorative have shades of white and rust with most of them being pristine white and this look makes it breezy in the presence of enough light that gazes the living room day in and day out.  The couch has quirky cushions as accessories and is placed against a shelf that displays books, plants, and various other decoratives with a shining chandelier worth vowing to.

The Embellished Adornments

It took around two years for Alia to upgrade and maintain the flat the way it is now. As liked by Alia Bhatt, she lives in a place surrounded by the tastes of the vintage. Therefore, she chose rustic colors with shades of white in them to give a breezy yet unique epoch look. The chambers can be seen decorated with quirky pieces in every visible corner. Among them, the one which catches the eye of the followers is a piece that can coordinate twelve books in a puzzled manner to represent a sketch of a man surrounded by birds. The chic colors add to its unique charm with exposed brick walls to its old-fashioned vintage living style.

The ‘In the Kitchen' Kitchen

This is the place where Alia Bhatt shoots for her ‘In the Kitchen' series. The kitchen is a modular one with white walls and green cabinets giving it a light and natural look. The six-person seating has different chairs, and a tea bar for the tea-addicted sisters is the main attraction.

The Dressing Room

The fashionista of Bollywood cannot do without having an amazing dressing room to follow her skincare and haircare routines, with makeup and hair trials happening every now and then. The room is personified with mirror walls being a center of attraction. The multi-colored flooring gives it an uplifting and joyful look perfect for getting ready for the tedious work schedule.

Relaxing Chamber- Bedroom

The princess' bed has white and golden frames. The room has adjustable lamps for the actress to comfortably read at any time of the day being in her bed, be it books or scripts. It has a light blue side table with comfy cousins which is known to be the favorite place of the three cats which she pets. Alia Bhatt is a complete family person and to do with this she has some family photographs decked up in her room. The fairy lights add to the sound ambiance of her bedroom with a rustic theme.

Alia Bhatt is for sure a lover of vintage art and heritage who knows to admire the same while keeping up with the modern trends too. She chose a rustic theme but was up to date with the modern designs and living while choosing the one suitable for herself.


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