Bigha to Ground, Calculate & Convert Bigha to Ground

What is Bigha?

When it comes to land measurement, the most common unit used in northern parts of India is Bigha. This measurement unit is widely used in most of the northern states of India, such as Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Uttarakhand. But this measurement unit differs from state to state. Bigha is also used in other Asian countries such as Nepal and Bangladesh. 

As mentioned above, the value of Bigha differs for every state. In Assam, the value of one Bigha is 14400 square feet, while for Punjab, it is 9070 square feet. In Assam and Bengal, the value of one Bigha is 1600 square yards. Further, for Gujarat and Rajasthan, it is 1936 square yards, 1333.33 square yards for Madhya Pradesh, and 900 to 3025 square yards for all the north India states. Southern states do not use Bigha units for measuring the land. 


What is Ground? 

Few areas use the Ground as a measurement unit for land. The Ground was the popular land measurement unit in India before using all the other measurement units. This measurement unit is widespread in southern parts of India, such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu. One Ground is calculated as 203 square meters. 

One Ground is also calculated as 5.5096 cents, 3.3333 Katha, 266.9675 square meters, 5.5096 decimal, 1.7778 Biswa, 266.9675 square meters, 0.00002 square kilometers, 2400 square feet, 0.0223-hectare, 0.0551 acres, 266.6667 Gaj, and 0.0551 acres. Apart from Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Ground is also used in Maharashtra. It is the traditional land measuring unit used in most southern states of India. 


How to convert Bigha to Ground? 

You can convert Bigha to Ground by multiplying the value with 11.24835013 to get the final value in the grounds. 


How to convert Ground to Bigha? 

You can convert Ground to Bigha by multiplying the value with 0.08816720013 to get the final value in Bigha.



1) What is the value of Bigha in Ground? 

One Bigha = 11.24835013 Ground 


2) What is the value of Ground in Bigha? 

One Ground = 0.08816720013 Bigha 


3) How many Bigha is in one Ground in Uttarakhand? 

One Bigha = 3.987049 Ground in Uttarakhand 


4) How many grounds are in one Bigha in Uttarakhand? 

One Ground = 0.250812 Bigha in Uttarakhand 


5)What are Bighas and Ground used for?

Ground and Bigha are both used to measure the land.


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