Bigha to Guntha & Convert Bigha to Guntha

Bigha to Guntha 


What is Bigha? 

Bigha is referred to as one of the most acknowledged units for measuring the land in India. It is highly popular in selected states such as West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Punjab. The value of Bigha changes in every state. Hence the overall result value would always be different. The value of Bigha in Jharkhand is different than that of Gujarat. Apart from India, it is widely used in other neighbouring countries as well for measuring the land. 

There is no particular standard size for Bigha. The sale and purchase of the land depend on the value of Bigha in these respective states in India. In central parts of India, Bigha is calculated as 3025 square yards or 2529.3 square meters. If you wish to calculate the value from acre to equal, the value is multiplied by 1.6 bighas to get the final value. One Bigha is also equal to 26910.66 square feet.


What is Guntha? 

Guntha is another form of measuring unit which is widely used in India. It is also referred to as Gunta in few states in India. It is primarily used for measuring the land and plots in southern and western parts of India such as Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. This measurement unit is generally used in rural areas for small parts of land below the acres. 

Similar to Bigha, the value of Guntha also changes as per the state. For example, the value of one Guntha is equal to 101.17 square meters in Maharashtra. One Guntha is equal to 1089 square feet. If you wish to calculate the value of Guntha to acres, you need to multiply the value by 40 to get the final answer in Gunthas. 


How to convert Bigha to Guntha?

For converting Bigha to Guntha, you need to multiply the value by 13.2231 to get the final value. You can use this formula to convert any value from Bigha to Guntha. 


How to convert Guntha to Bigha? 

For converting Guntha to Bigha, you need to multiply the value by 0.0625 to get the result. This formula is widely used to get the value converted from Gutha to Bigha. 



1)What is the value of Bigha in Guntha? 

One Bigha = 24.79338843 Guntha. 

2)What is the value of Gutha in Bigha? 

One Guntha = 0.04033333333 Bigha 

3)How many Bigha is in One Guntha in Madhya Pradesh? 

One Guntha = 0.09075 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh

4)How many Guntha are in One Bigha in Uttarakhand?

One Bigha = 11.02 Guntha in Madhya Pradesh

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