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What is Bigha?

India also uses several local measurement units and globally recognized ones when it comes to measuring land. A popular unit of land measurement in India is the Bigha, which is widely used as a benchmark.

It is widely used in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Assam, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Jharkhand for measuring the land. Here the actual value of Bigha could be different according to states.

There are also several other south Asian countries where this unit is widespread, including Nepal and Bangladesh.

It is generally used rather than the localized land measurement units popular in southern parts of the country, where Bigha is not used.


What is maria?

In the Indian subcontinent, Marla is one of the land measurement units. It is not as common as the other regional units such as Bigha or Gaj, or international units such as Acre or hectare in the Northern States of Punjab and Haryana. 

Two types of marla are utilized, marla and large marla in India.

Small Marla has an equivalent of 225 sqft, based on the estimate that 1 Karam is 5 ft (25 sqft). Further, this indicates that 9 marla is the same as one marla and one marla as 225 m2.

Besides India, it also is prevalent in Pakistan and Bangladesh to use Marla as a land measurement unit. However, in India and Pakistan, the unit denoted different sizes. For example, a marla in some regions, including Lahore, means 225 square feet in Pakistan. 1 marla indicates 272 sq. ft of immobilization in the other areas as Faisalabad.


How to convert Bigha to marla?

One bigha is equal to 99.1736 marlas.

How to convert marla to Bigha?

One marla is equal to 0.025 bighas.



1) How many bighas in one marla?

1 Bigha = 99.1736 Marla

2) How many marlas in one Bigha?

1 Marla = 0.025 Bigha

3) How many bighas in one marla in Assam?

One marla is equal to 0.01890625 bighas in Assam.

4) How many bighas are in one marla in Karnataka?

One marla is equal to 0.01 bighas in Karnataka.


What are the most common land measurement units in India?

Some typical land measurement units used throughout India include Hectares, acres, and square meters. Whereas Bigha and Marla are frequently used in the north, phrases like Cent, Guntha are used in the south. They also vary in size from state to state, depending on the name of the units.

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