Bigha To Square Miles, Calculate and Convert Bigha To Square Mile

What is Bigha?

The most common land measurement unit used in northern parts of India is known as Bigha. This particular measurement unit is highly used in northern states such as Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Gujarat. The actual value of Bigha can be different for every state. The value of bigha in Gujarat would be different than that of Madhya Pradesh. Bigha is highly used in most Asian countries for land measurement purposes.

The value of bigha in other units is different in every state. One bigha is equal to 27225 square feet in Haryana. One bigha in Madhya Pradesh is calculated as 12000 square feet or 0.27 acres. One Bigha in west Bengal is calculated as 14348.29 square feet or 0.33acres. Bigha is not used in the southern states of India, unlike the northern states. 



What is Square Mile?

Square Mile is referred to as one of the basic units for land measurement purposes. It is also denoted as sq mi. square mile is highly used in most of the European as well as American countries. It is an imperial unit that is used in several countries where the length is generally measured in the form of miles instead of kilometres.

The Square mile unit is widely used to measure large areas such as states, cities, district limits, or industrial areas. Some of the countries also use it to measure the total land area in residential townships. In India, these areas are measured in the Square Kilometre unit.


How to convert Bigha to Square Mile?

You can convert Bigha to Square Mile by multiplying the value by 0.0009684863208 to get the final value in Square Mile.


How to convert Square Mile to Bigha?

You can convert Square Mile to Bigha by multiplying the value by 1032.539106 to get the final value in Bigha.



1)What is the value of Bigha in Square Mile?

One Bigha= 0.0009684863208 Square Mile




2) What is the value of Square Mile in Bigha?

One Square Mile = 1032.539106 Bigha


3)How many Bighas are in Square Mile in Madhya Pradesh?

One Square Mile = 2323.213908 Bigha in Madhya Pradesh


4)How many Square miles are in Bigha in Madhya Pradesh?

One Bigha = 0.000430 Square Miles in Madhya Pradesh


5) What are Square Miles and Bighas used for?

Square Miles and Bighas are generally used for measuring the land in various parts of India

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