Bigha to Square Yard, Calculate and Convert Bigha to Bigha to Square Yard

What is Bigha?

India also uses several local measurement units and the globally recognized ones when it comes to measuring land. A popular unit of land measurement in India is the Bigha, which is widely used as a benchmark.

It is widely used in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Assam, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Jharkhand for measuring the land. Here the actual value of Bigha could be different according to states.

There are also several other south Asian countries where this unit is popular, including Nepal and Bangladesh.

It is generally used rather than the localized land measurement units popular in southern parts of the country, where Bigha is not used.

What is Square Meter?

Globally accepted as the standard international measure of area, a square meter or square meter is a unit used around the world to measure spaces with two dimensions, such as a field or a floor.

It is for this reason that this measurement unit is commonly used in real estate. It would be useful to know the unit and the conversion process, for instance, when buying property or installing floors.

An area of one square meter is usually referred to as sq.m. One meter square or M2 is equal to one square measuring two meters on each side. The area needed to create the parking space for an average car would be 12 square meters based on that calculation.

During the process of measuring land, the area should be considered proportional to the linear dimension squared. Therefore, when the linear dimensions are doubled, the area assumes four times the size.

How to convert Bigha into a Square meter?

One Bigha is equal to 2508.382079 square meters. You need to multiply your number into this value to obtain the final result.

How to convert square meters into Bigha?

One square meter is equal to 0.0003953686105 bighas. You need to multiply your number into this value to obtain the final result.



How many bighas in one square meter?

1 square meter = 0.0003953686105 bighas

How many square meters are in one Bigha?

1 bigha = 2508.382079 square meters

How many bighas in one square meter in Rajasthan?

One square meter is equal to 0.0003953686105 bighas in Rajasthan.

How many bighas in one square meter in Jharkhand?

One square meter is equal to 0.0003954412351 bighas in Jharkhand.

What are the most common land measurement units in India?

Some typical land measurement units used throughout India include Hectares, acres, and square meters. Whereas Bigha and Marla are frequently used in the north, phrases like Cent, Guntha, are used in the south. They also vary in size from state to state depending on the name of the units.

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