Construction Cost per Square Feet, House Cost per Square Metre

Construction Cost per Square Feet

Are you living in rented accommodation and planning to purchase land and get the construction done? The first thing that will pop up in your mind is what will be the construction cost per square foot, and with prices touching the sky, you need to have a good bank balance between realizing your dream.

The idea of getting construction done as per your whims and wishes is fascinating. But there are numerous inherent challenges you should be aware of before taking this project on hand. Not only you have to be patient with the contractors and daily wagers, but you have to keep an eagle’s eye on every penny that you give so that there is no misappropriation of funds. Keeping a check will not only save your hard-earned money but also ensure that nothing standard is being used during construction. Let’s try to understand what all constitutes the construction cost per square feet.

The Layout of the Property

You need to hire the services of an architect to give you the layout of the plot. This will mean designing the rooms, balconies, kitchen, washrooms, terrace, garden, parking, storage area etc. The fee the architect charges depends on the size of the plot. If you own a plot which is 1000 sq ft, the architect may charge anything between Rs 15000 - Rs 20000. This amount varies on the kind of architect you hire, where you want to get the property constructed etc.

Development Cost

Development cost comprises of 2 major components:

  • Civil cost: This is the cost of creating the structure right from the roots. This includes the cost of cement, bricks, concrete, reinforced steel, shuttering, labour charges etc.  Hiring an experienced civil contractor will put you in a comfortable situation because if the civil works are well done, you can expect the building to shape up beautifully. The brick wall construction with RCC column will be in the bracket of Rs 900-Rs 1000 per sq ft while that of without RCC column will fall in the range of Rs 800-Rs 900 per sq ft.
  • Finishing cost: The cost involved in fixing doors, windows, glass panels, woodwork, electric fittings, washroom tiles and fittings, grillwork, kitchen fittings etc comes under the category of finishing cost. Depending on the extent of luxuries you want and the quality of products you use, this cost can go from Rs 500 sq ft-Rs 3000 per sq ft. Finishing cost includes the cost of an electrician, plumber, tile mason, carpenter, painter and others who are required in making your house look complete.

The per sq ft cost of Finishing work with grey flooring will fall in the range of Rs 500-Rs 700. Medium finish work includes local tiles or unbranded wooden flooring and this will cost Rs 1000-Rs 1200 per sq ft. Opting for premium finishing with teakwood flooring will cost you anything between Rs 1500-Rs 3000 per sq ft.

Thus, the average construction cost of 1000 sq ft area will range between Rs 1300 per sq ft –Rs 5000 per sq ft depending on the extent of amenities and luxuries you want in your house.

What are the Factors that Determine the Construction Cost?

  • The cost of construction is largely influenced by the quality of material you use. Based on this, the segregation is done into 3 categories which are:
  • C Class: The average cost of constructing a 1000 sq ft house under the C class category will be Rs 7- Rs 8 lakhs. The reason is that inferior quality material is used and thus the cost is minimal.
  • B Class: The average cost of constructing a 1000 sq ft house under the B class category will be Rs 10- Rs11 lakhs. The quality of material used is average and better off than what is used in C class houses.
  • A Class: The average cost of constructing a 1000 sq ft house under the A class category will be Rs 15- Rs 25 lakhs. The best quality of raw material and premium fittings make these houses stand apart from the league and thus, the cost is the highest under this category.
  • Inefficient use of raw material and unnecessary wastage
  • Increase in the price of raw material
  • Hike in labour charges
  • Increase in the rental cost of building equipment

Plan your budget according to the estimates given above and hire a professional who can put you on the right track. Getting your house constructed is a big project because it involves lots of money, time, and patience. Make sure none of your resources gets wasted, and you get to see a beautiful and well-constructed house that is just as you had dreamt of.


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