Bigha to Square Feet & Convert Bigha to Square Feet

Bigha to Square Feet

What is Bigha?

Bigha is referred to as the traditional measurement unit in the majority of the northern states to measure the land. It is widely used in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Assam, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Jharkhand for measuring the land. Here the actual value of Bigha could be different according to states. There is no standard definition for Bigha in all the Indian states as it is different. 

Bigha is highly used in the northern parts of India apart from the other nations such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Fiji, etc. It has been used for several years in India for the measurement of land. It is not pretty common in other parts of India except the northern one. You would see the wide usage of Bigha in Nepal as well after India. Here One Bigha is equal to 1.67 acres. Another country that uses Bigha after India and Nepal is Bangladesh. Bigha is widely used for measuring large tracts and plots. 

What is Square Feet?

Square feet are referred to as the formal measurement unit to measure the land. It is known as the standard measurement unit used in most of the cities in India. This measuring unit is also used in other countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Most of the prime cities in India use square feet as the land measurement unit for buying or selling the properties. 

One square foot is equal to around 144 square inches. It is considered the most convenient unit to measure the lands for shops, houses, villas, offices, etc. Apart from India, square feet are used as units of measurement in other parts of the world. 

How to convert Bigha to Square feet?

One Bigha is equal to 26910.66 Square Feet. You would need to multiply the figure in Bigha by 26910.66 to get the final value in Square Feet. The value of Bigha differs in every part of India. For example, it is popular in the states in India like Assam; one Bigha is equal to 14,400 square feet while one Bigha in Madhya Pradesh is equal to 12000 square feet. Hence you would need to calculate the value based on the location. 

How to Convert Square Feet to Bigha?

One Square foot is equal to 0.00003673094582 Bigha. You need to multiply the figure in square feet by 0.0003673094582 to get the final value in Bigha.


1)What is the value of Square Feet in Bigha? 

1 Square Feet = 0.00003673094582 Bigha

2)What is the value of Bigha to Square Feet? 

1 Bigha = 26910.66 Square Feet

3)Which are globally accepted land measuring units? 

Square yards, square feet, Acre, and square meters are the most common globally accepted land measuring units.

4)How many square feet are One Bigha in Haryana? 

27,225 Square feet = 1 Bigha in Haryana 

5)How many square feet are One Bigha in Uttarakhand?

6804 Square feet one Bigha in Uttarakhand

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