Convert billions to crores within seconds

1 billion is the same as 100 crores, 1 bn = 100 cr.

When it comes to expressing huge values in numbers, we use words like crores and billions. 

Let’s learn more about this. 

How much is 1 billion in rupees?

  • 1 billion Indian rupees is equivalent to 100 crore Indian rupees

  • Where ‘billion’ is an American term and ‘crore’ is used by Indians.

However, 1 billion dollars does not equal to 100 crore Indian rupees. Because converting dollars into rupees is entirely a different case than converting billions into crores. Hence, we will have to look at this specific dollar-to-rupee conversion in detail a little bit later in this article.

How to convert billions to crores

Converting billions to crores is as simple as multiplying by 100. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to do it in 2 easy steps.

2 short steps to learn the conversion

  • Identify the digits represented in billions

  • Multiply the number by 100. 

  • The answer is the desired result in crores.

For example, to convert 7.5 billion to crores. 

Multiply 7.5 by 100, where 7.5 are the digits in billion. 

The calculation for conversion is below:

  • 7.5 billion x100 = 750 crores. This means that,
  • 7.5 billion is the same as 750 crore.


Relation between billion and crore

  • 1 billion is equivalent to 100 crores.

  • 1 billion (1 bn) = 1,000,000,000 = 100 crore (100 cr).

Both Billion and Crore are natural numbers. Moreover, Billion is a term that has been adopted worldwide. Whereas Crore is a commonly used term in India.

Whenever we speak of the relation between billions and crores, we are actually talking about how much is 1 billion in terms of crores. As already said, 1 billion is equal to 100 crores. And this is the only relation between them.

Is 1 billion dollars equal to 100 crore rupees

No, 1 billion dollars is not equivalent to 100 crore rupees. 100 crore rupees is equal to 1 billion rupees and not 1 billion dollars. 

Furthermore, 1 billion dollars is higher than 100 crore rupees. We have to understand this complex idea step by step as follows.

1 dollar is not equal to 1 rupee. Consequently, the dollar is not similar to the rupee. So, 1 billion dollars is not equal to 1 billion rupees. As we already know 1 billion rupees is the same as 100 crore rupees. Therefore,  1 billion is not equal to 100 crore rupees.

Dollars and Indian rupees are two different currencies and 1 dollar is the US dollar is valued higher than the Indian rupee.

Convert billion dollars into rupees

The dollar is used internationally. The first step to convert 1 billion dollars into Indian rupees is to figure out the relation between the US dollar and Indian rupees. Which is also known as ‘the current exchange rate’ between the Dollar and INR. 

The second step is that we need to convert 1 billion dollars into 1 billion rupees. And the answer we get is the desired result.

The relation between Dollar and INR (Indian rupees)

To figure out how many rupees you get for a dollar in India, you need to check the current exchange rate, which can change with the Indian economy. Therefore, always look for the current exchange rate of 1 dollar ($) in Indian rupees (INR).

  • Suppose, 1 $ = 70 INR, 

  • then 1 bn dollars is equivalent to 70 bn Indian rupees.

If you want to convert this into crores, then multiply the result with 100. You’ll get 7,000 crores INR.

Converting 1 billion dollars into INR

The calculation for this is below:

  • Now we multiply 1 billion on both the sides,
  • Therefore, 1 $ x 1 billion = 70 INR x 1 billion,
  • Final answer is, 1 billion dollars($) = 70 billion rupees (INR).

Which also is equivalent to 7000 crore INR. Because, 1 bn = 100 crore. 

So, 70 bn = 70 x 100 cr = 7,000 crore (cr).

The major difference between billion and crore

The important difference between them is that billion and crore belong to different number systems.

There are two different number systems in this case. The Indian Number System and the International Number System. Crore is a term based on the Indian Number System whereas, Billion is a term that comes from the international number system.

What is a billion?

The number 1000000000 is also known as 1 billion, in words. A billion is numerically represented with the digit one followed by 9 zeros. That is 100,000,000. The word billion is denoted as ‘bn’. Billion is a word borrowed from the French in the late 1600s. Now the term billion is adopted by all the countries internationally.

Also, 1 billion is equal to 100 crores in Indian rupees. Therefore, 3 billion equals 300 crores and so on. Besides, when a value contains 10 digits or more, we can refer to the number in terms of billions.

More about what is meant by 1 billion?

Generally, we use words like thousands, lakhs, and crores in everyday life. Rarely do we use the word billion in our day-to-day transactions.

  • 1 billion = 1,000,000,000
  • 1 billion = 1 bn
  • 1 billion = 100 crore
  • 1 billion = 10,000 lakhs
  • 1 billion = 1,000 million

What is before a billion

Million is a term that is smaller than Billion. Therefore, in a way million comes before billion. But this would not be an accurate analogy. The correct answer is that the number  999,999,999 comes before 1 billion. Additionally, we can say that 99 crore comes just before 1 billion.

What is bigger than a billion

The terms trillion and zillion represent greater quantities than billion. 

1 trillion is equal to 1000 billion. Moreover, 1,000,000,001 is bigger than 1 billion.

More examples of 1 billion

Go through these examples:

  • 1 billion = 10,00,000,000 Indian rupees 

  • 10 billion = 10,000,000,000 Indian rupees

  • 1.2 billion = 12,00,000,000 Indian rupees

  • 50 billion = 50,00,000,000 Indian ruppes

What is meant by a crore?

A crore is a number represented as 10,000,000. it represents a large number in the Indian numbering system. It is a number where 1 is followed by 7 zeros. To put it simply, 1 crore has 8 digits in total. In addition, one crore is the same as 100 lakhs. Crore is denoted by ‘cr’

How much is 1 crore?

1 crore is equivalent to 10 million or, 10 to power 7. It is equal to 100 lakh in the Indian Number System.

More examples of 1 crore

  • 1 cr = 1,00,00,000
  • 1.5 cr = 1,50,00,000
  • 10 cr = 1,00,000,000
  • 50 cr = 50,00,000,000
  • 1 cr = 100 lakhs
  • 1 cr = 10 million

What comes before crore?

Unit digits, tens, thousands, lakhs and a million come before crore. But more precisely, 99 lakh comes just before the number 1 crore. We can rewrite this as 99,99,999 comes before 1 crore.

What is bigger than a crore

There are terms that are larger than a crore such as arab, billion, trillion and zillion. Or more precisely, if we consider numerical values, then, 1,00,00,001 is bigger than a crore.


Therefore, billion and crore, are mathematical words that belong to the numbering system developed by mathematicians. We have unfolded the purpose of using such terms. So you have just uncovered the secret to simply converting billions into crores, as well as, billions of dollars into crores of rupees. Hope you’ll never get confused again while transacting in billions.


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