DDA Launches Housing Scheme 2019 in Delhi, India

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) will launch its 2019 housing program in phases. In the first phase, the surrendered units will be put up for sale and awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Under the new system, the Housing Authority will propose new units based on the response. Recipients of the DDA Housing Scheme in 2019 will also be eligible for an interest subsidy of up to 2.67 lakhs under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Credit Grant Program.

What to Expect in the Next Phases-

* The DDA will offer approximately 20,000 new units, combining 1BHK and 2BHK. Dwarka, Jasola, Narela, Rohini and Vasant Kunj are among the localities where these DDA flats In Delhi will be installed.

* Although the price range of these units is not yet finalized, the units will be larger than before. For example, 1BHK units will be spread over an area of ??430 square feet instead of 323 square feet. The majority of units should be in the Low Income Group (LIG) category while the other smaller units will be offered in the SAP category.

* None of the units redeemed will be allocated in the new scheme to avoid a situation similar to that of 2017, when more than 8,000 units were bought out of 12,000 units granted. The reason for the surrender was that the apartments were too small. This time, the DDA is working to change the design of the apartments. For example, the project to merge two 1BHK units into a 2BHK apartment was recently announced.

* This time, the DDA is also building larger buildings.

* DDA housing scheme 2019 price list can be downloaded from the DDA website.


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Multi-Faceted Amenities Under DDA Housing Scheme in 2019-

* To provide better equipment and well-constructed apartments, DDA will partner with private developers for the upcoming project. The new complexes built would be earthquake resistant and a green structure.

* For construction, fly ash technology will be used, as well as impermeable walls and ceilings to prevent seepage.

* In terms of amenities, the companies will be equipped with a local wastewater treatment plant, rainwater harvesting and multi-level parking.

* These companies will also have a three-tier water management model that allows the use of water from wastewater treatment facilities for the bathroom and horticulture, while water collected during rainwater harvesting could be used for swimming and that the water treated by the bone would be provided.

DDA Launches Housing Program in 2019 to Sell 20,000 Units-

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) launched the first phase of its 2019 housing program on Jan. 18. It will sell 1,250 apartments on a first-come, first-served basis. Interested buyers can register on the DDA's online portal and book the apartment by making the initial deposit. The apartments sold under the program are those returned by buyers of previous programs.

The apartments for sale are located in Narela, Vasant Kunj, Ramnagar Colony and Seeraspur.

The program, under which the apartments will be sold in phases, has more than 20,000 apartments for sale. Of these, 16,296 are for low-income groups (LIG) and 3,624 for economically weaker units (SAP). The DDA has started construction of these houses and should be ready by March. This time, the size of one-bedroom units went from 323 square feet to 430 square feet.

According to media reports, the DDA will build flats in line with the latest earthquake-resistant technology, capable of withstanding earthquakes of 8.5 on the Richter scale. The project will also include local wastewater treatment plants, RO treated drinking water and multi-level underground parking. In addition, the complexes will have high-rise buildings, in accordance with the 2016 National Building Code. The code also addresses building standards such as minimum space requirements, dimensions, and column locations, building rules, and building codes. Parking, the height of the surface / floor ratio and evacuation measures in case of emergency.

The good news is that the latest housing project will offer larger and better designed apartments than the previous ones

So if you want to avail flat under the DDA Housing Program 2019 then hurry up and apply for your flat as it is good chance to avail flat in Delhi.


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