What is the Decoding Concept of Builder Floors?

Decoding Concept of Builder Floors

In India, one can easily find a wide range of residential real estates, starting from individual homes to skyscrapers and high-rises. A recent addition to the list is the builder floors. While high rises have limitations to certain areas, dwellers still choose independent living over other options available. In order to provide a solution to the ever-growing demand for independent living, builders have come up with an innovative idea to buy the empty and old construction plots in the residential buildings. Then they can rebuild the floors and accommodate more families. For decoding the concept of building floors, it is important first to know what is builder floor.

What is the Meaning of the Builder Floor?

The builder floor is a recently new concept. These buildings are constructed solely by the builders or in collaboration with the landowners.  In recent times, where there is a growing demand for residential options that can offer an independent and luxury lifestyle to people, the builder floor is the apt answer. To understand the concept better, knowing builder floor meaning is important.

The builder floor apartment refers to a residential unit within a low rise independent unit. The independent building is usually 3 to 5 storeys high and is home to apartments having the same configuration. The builder floors offers a single dwelling unit per floor, which means a single-family gets to live on the entire floor, thereby providing more privacy.

Being constructed on small or medium plots, the builder flat is an economical residential living option. As the different floors are independently sold, each floor has a different price. The top floor, which provides easy access to the roof and the ground floor of the building, is usually the most demanded floors, thereby having high costs associated.                                                                                                                                                    

Pros and Cons of Builder Floor

Builder floors come with both advantages as well as disadvantages.

First, talking about the pros of builder floor, they include:

·        Cost-effective Living Option

While owning an independent bungalow or a villa can prove to be very expensive, builder floors are a cost-effective living option. If you are looking to own a single residential unit at a low cost, then builder homes are the best option.

·        Separate Connections

Most disputes in the residential communities having shared floors occur over electricity or water connection. But, in the case of builder floors, every floor is given a separate connection, thereby avoiding such disputes.

·        Enhanced Privacy

Privacy is the main reason why people look for independent dwelling units. The builder flat offers increased privacy to the dwellers by allotting a whole floor to a single-family. It also helps the homeowners in getting freedom from paying any maintenance fees.

·        Like-minded People

The builder floor enables buying of all the floors of the building by your extended family, relatives, friends, or other like-minded people. This helps you in creating a separate community for yourself.

The cons of the builder floors include:

·        Absence of community Facilities

While builder floors offer many advantages, there are some disadvantages too. One of the main disadvantages is that they lack swimming pools, gym, security, and other amenities offered by the bigger residential communities. Due to limited residents as well as lack of space, these buildings lack such facilities.

·        Lack of Maintenance Staff

While the large residential complexes have separate staff to take care of the maintenance requirements, there is no such staff available in the builder floors. The owner of the floor has to take care of all the maintenance needs himself.

What Things you need to know when Investing in a Builder Floor

While planning to invest in a builder floor, there are certain important aspects that you need to know to obtain better value for your investment. The things you need to consider include:

  • Make sure to verify the property title at your local court before buying.
  • Go through the market reputation as well as the past record of the landowner and the developer to find out about the commitment and quality level.
  • Verify the base rate as well as the circle rate of the relevant locality.
  • Analyze and consult with the real estate experts before investing in the builder floor.

Difference between an Apartment and a Builder Floor Home

The apartment meaning is completely different from a builder home. The apartment meaning in Hindi refers to flat. While apartments are self-contained housing units within a building having more than one household, builder floors are independent floors to give you an experience of an independent home. Some of the significant differences are:

  • In apartments, each floor is occupied by a number of families, but builder floors assign each floor to a single-family only.
  • While builder floor apartments offer separate electricity and water connections to separate families, it is shared among many families in the case of apartments.
  • Apartments offer less privacy as multiple families reside on a single floor, while greater privacy is provided by builder floors as only one family occupies the entire floor.
  • The maintenance cost of the apartments is much higher than the builder floor apartments. This is due to the long list of amenities provided by the large apartments.

Characteristics of an Apartment and a Builders Floor Apartment

Some of the significant characteristics of an apartment and a builder floor apartment are:

  • Both of the apartments have spacious living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Both of them offer premium quality plumbing as well as electrical fittings.
  • The two types of apartments are provided with open spaces on three sides.
  • The apartments are appropriately lit and have good ventilation.
  • Both apartments have the facility for a servant quarter.
  • The apartments have spacious balconies along with the rooms and have railings too.
  • Both types of apartments have designer doors and wardrobes in all the rooms.

By understanding every aspect of the builder floors, you're buying decision becomes easy. With a lot of benefits to offer, builder floor apartment can be the right choice for you and your family if you desire for independent living with more privacy.  


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