Delhi Free Electricity Yojana Scheme - Documents Required, Eligibility Criteria, Terms & Conditions

Delhi Free Electricity Yojana Scheme 2020:

The Delhi Free Electricity Yojana is a good initiative taken forward by the State Government for the wellbeing of the citizens. The domestic usage of electricity is said to be increasing every other year, a result of which the Government has taken the right action to provide a subsidy of the electricity bills and for the online meters of the tenants as well. In a recently taken research, the Government of Delhi has been recorded for having the most numbers of tenants who are not said to be receiving the entire benefits of the announced Delhi Free Electricity Yojana scheme. This issue was taken forward to the Chief Minister representing the Government of Delhi, and immediate actions were taken announcing the two different plans that can be vitally used by the Delhi residents.

About Delhi Free Electricity Yojana Scheme 2020: Delhi

Way back in the year 2015, electricity problems occurred and many new schemes were rapidly announced by the State Government to resolve the issues that were concerning the residents every other day. The State Government, later on, realized that the demand to generate electricity power was exceeding the limit, and they were able to bring in Delhi Muft Bijli Yojana Scheme that did bring down the existing electricity scarcity issue to a bit. Under this particular scheme, Delhi residents who were said to be consuming less than two hundred units of electricity shall need not pay for the electricity bill in the first place. It was a practice that alarmed the citizens of Delhi to make use of electricity the right way and this particular scheme was a gift for people who are said to be coming from the economically weaker section.

Even after the official announcement related to the Delhi Free Bijli Yojana scheme was made a few years back, many numbers of Delhi residents were found to be neglected in terms of getting the real benefits of the scheme. The Government of Delhi then bought in the Online Prepaid meter that was vitally used to calculate the total number of electricity units consumed by the local resident.

Delhi Free Electricity Yojana Scheme 2020: Eligibility Criteria:

Delhi residents who are looking forward to applying under this scheme must pass through all the eligibility criteria that are mentioned as below:

  • The applied resident must be an Indian citizen and said to be a resident of the state
  • There is no caste exception to apply for this scheme. People coming from any caste section are said to be eligible
  • To obtain a subsidy or a free electricity bill from the Government of Delhi, the overall consumed electricity units must bet anywhere between two hundred to four hundred units
  • Only domestic users can be benefited under this scheme.

How to apply for Delhi Free Electricity??????? Yojana Scheme 2020:

Online application filling process:

At the moment, there is no particular online portal to collect application forms from the eligible residents. As the scheme was announced recently, one can expect online applications to be introduced in the upcoming months.

Offline application filling process:

The Government of Delhi shall send out officers in various batches to collect information related to the residents who are said to be consuming anywhere between the units that were derived and mentioned while launching the Delhi Free Bijli Yojana scheme. They shall go through the documents that are needed to register your house under the scheme. If at all your submitted documents are said to be passing through the eligibility criteria of Delhi Free Bijli Yojana scheme, then the officers shall hand over the details that are related to the subsidy or free electricity bill that you can attain by visiting the nearby electricity board. Once at all the scheme starts to reach the masses, you will be given a unique ID to access details related to electricity by visiting the official online portal.

Documents Required Delhi Free Electricity Yojana Scheme 2020:

  • Photocopy of residence proof (Voter’s ID/ Driving License)
  • Photocopy of Aadhar Card
  • Meter reading denoting the total number of units consumed to date.

Application Form Fee Delhi Free Bijli Yoana Scheme:

As the main aim of this particular scheme is to provide subsidy or free electricity to eligible candidates, there are no kinds of application form fees collected in the first place. All you need to do is to submit every other valid document that is requested by the field officer, who is in charge of investigating and handing over the subsidy allotment in person.

Delhi Online Prepaid Meters for Free:

The tenants who are not able to attain subsidy from the Government of Delhi and have been paying nearly seven to eight Indian Rupees per consumed electricity unit can get benefited through the online prepaid meters. These meters can be obtained by paying the security deposit money along with submitting a valid photocopy of residence certificate and other required documents.

Three thousand Indian Rupees must be paid to obtain the prepaid card that can be further recharged once the paid amount has been spent by the tenant. This type of prepaid recharge system shall let both the tenants and house owners make use of electricity only when there is a need for it in the first instance. This will be an effective way to save electricity daily. To obtain the Delhi CM Bijli meters, the residents of Delhi must call the following numbers:

  • BSES Rajdhani Contact Number: 19123
  • BSES Yamuna Number: 19122
  • Tata Contact Number: 19124.

Note: All these phone numbers are not toll-free and you will be charged based upon the current voice plan that you have paid for to your mobile operator.

Terms and Conditions:

  • By procuring the free domestic electricity prepaid meter, you get the privilege to avoid paying the electricity bill by consuming less than two hundred units or obtain fifty percent as a subsidy for consuming between two hundred till four hundred units.
  • Tenants can apply for a free online meter by providing valid details, and then install them without having to pay as per the electricity units that are collected by the landlord.
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