Get all the Essential Details on the Row Houses

The row house meaning is truly defined as a housing unit feasible for single families constructed in a row with attached units by a common wall. Under the row houses, the starting and the ending house is always bigger in size than the ones in the middle.

Definition of the Row Houses

What is a row house? The row houses are usually constructed as a cross between bungalow and apartment. It has a unique sense of independence and a new kind of lifestyle to live around a community. The basic amenities available in row house are clubhouse, indoor games, play area, jogging track, swimming pool, halls, gym, and much more.

What are the Benefits of Staying in a Row House?

They look fashionable 

Fashion trends are most likely to change every month or every single day. But the trend of row houses never changes. The new projects that are going on in the real estate world are coming up with new innovations on row houses. The utilization of space to make multiple houses in a row with all the required amenities for a single family to live a happy life is truly commendable. Moreover, it is not at all a compromise on lifestyle. Instead, it enhances the experience of living in a community. All the row houses in your community will be built alike to not feel inferior or superior to anyone. Everyone will get the same exterior design. The interiors are customizable as per the wish of the owner.

Faster Construction

It has economical consideration but is still spacious

The row houses cost a bit high a price than the apartments but are comparatively less than the villas or bungalows. People who are going to buy an apartment can choose row houses instead to get a sense of independence and to experience a better lifestyle with playing area for kids, jogging park for adults, and much more. They are purely economical as the interior & exterior design is pre-designed, and there is no hard & fast requirement to change it. According to recent research, the public is appreciating the idea of making new row houses instead of villas and apartments. In this way, row houses put a lesser load on your pocket and are truly economical in all aspects.

It concerns for your privacy

Even if it is a community living atmosphere, you will get a whole lot of privacy as compared to that of apartments or villas. It becomes very difficult for you to ignore your neighbours when you live in an apartment. You need to show faces to the people with whom you do not want to interact. It is not the case here as you get complete privacy from your neighbours and others. You can completely ignore your neighbours if you want to without the chance of frequent interactions. Unlike apartments, for more privacy concerns, you do not need to share your water lines, terrace, garden, or anything else with your neighbour.

No issues in spacing

There is a very rare chance that you will get a row house with space constraints. As per the recent statistics, most of the row houses are made spacious enough to accommodate a single-family. There are different categories of row houses available that include a single bedroom, two bedrooms, a three-bedroom, and others. You can choose your desired row house type as per your choice. Each room has a separate design plan such as dining, bedroom, hall, kitchen, bathroom, and others. As per your family members, you can pick the row house accordingly to accommodate everyone without facing any space issues. Do not expect to fit in 6 people in a two-bedroom row house as the design plan will not support it.

Enjoy living with the neighbours

There will be an entire row of houses in your community. In some areas, you will even find multiple rows of houses in a community. It is an excellent chance for families who love to interact with new neighbours. Neighbours are the first point of help in any adverse situation. Therefore, here you get a chance to make a healthy interaction with most of your neighbours. It is one of the biggest benefits of living in row houses. You might find people who share the same hobbies and interests as that of yours. Moreover, your kids will also get friends to play around in the children’s park around the community. It is the best growing environment for your children. You can go on a morning walk with your neighbour to make good memories down the lane.

It follows the undivided share of land(UDS) rule

The row houses are constructed with a higher UDS ratio. UDS is the abbreviation of an undivided share of land. It means that all the houses in a single row will be constructed on an even land without any division by room or plot size. For example, if one buyer gets a row house of 100 sq. Ft. then every owner of all the other houses will get row houses of 100 sq. Ft. each. It also means that if you total the size of each house, you will get the total size of the land.

What Are The Common Characteristics in Row Houses?

There are many modern amenities constructed in the latest row houses. But all the different types of row houses have some common characteristics. Those characteristics include:

  • The two-row houses close to one another do not share the same stairs. They both have different stairs to operate for reaching their house.
  • The development of the row house includes an addition of three dwellings in a single row. It means that at a single stretch, you will find three homes connected in a row.
  • The row house also supports rain harvesting.
  • Some of the row houses are also equipped with solar panels for lighting the homes with solar power.

Now, you have a clear idea about some of the basic details about the row houses and their benefits. If you wish to buy a home with modern amenities and a sense of privacy, then row houses are the best options for you to go for.



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