Guide About Mumbai’s Churchgate Station

Every day several people visit the city of dreams to get their dreams fulfilled. It is said that if you have talent and persistent, Mumbai will gladly accept you. So with dreamy eyes and a heart full of aspirations people visit the ‘Mayanagari’. Churchgate station is one of the busiest stations in the country. Every day several people from different parts of the country visit Mumbai through this station. They basically come here to establish their career in the film industry and that makes it a dreamy door to the Bollywood. People say that Mumbai never sleeps and so as the Churchgate station.

History of the Mumbai’s Churchgate Station:

Mumbai railway is spread like a web across the city and this is the lifeline of  Mumbai. Churchgate is a busy station, which is situated at the southern suburban line of the Mumbai railways. This place is situated at the South Mumbai; one of the posh areas in town. So there were three popular gates situated in Bombay and one of those gates was situated at this place and that gate was facing the famous St. Thomas Church Mumbai and hence the name of the station is kept as the Mumbai ka Churchgate station. This is the southernmost station situated in Mumbai. Uptil 1860 those gates were there. Then they were demolished and in 1870 the construction of the station started.

More about Churchgate station:

So this is the headquarters of the Western Railway, India. Several properties have bloomed around this place in recent times for the obvious reasons. This place is pretty close to so many important buildings and that is the reason that the cost of properties in this area is sky high. South Bombay is one of the costliest places in the country itself. Lots of promoters and big property dealers have targeted this place for quite some time now. This is the place where big Bollywood stars find themselves beautiful houses across the bay. People visit this place just to get a glimpse of these famous stars as well!

Nearby location to mumbai churchgate railway station:

Mumbai Churchgate station has several wonderful places around this. Lots of educational centres, colleges, schools, universities, business centres, popular tourist destinations, government buildings are situated around this place. Some of the most popular places are;

  • Marine Drive: Churchgate station Mumbai is one of the most prominent locations in Mumbai. Several big buildings and places of importance are situated beside this. One of the most attractive tourist spots in Mumbai is situated pretty close to this place. The Marine Drive is a promenade that is stretched across the sea and the length of this stretch is around 3.6 km. People love to spend their evenings watching the setting sun by the bay. Lots of small sellers and vendors sell delicious food items that one can savour. This is a place that gives you a feel of how small you are in front of the mighty sea. In several Bollywood movies this place is seen. This attractive place is at 15 min distance from Mumbai local Churchgate Station.
  • Wankhede Stadium: Are you a cricket fan? Do you remember Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s World Cup winning sixer? Well, that match was played between India and Sri Lanka at the Wankhede Stadium. This stadium has given us players like Sachin Tendulkar, Vinod Kamble and others. This stadium has proven itself as one of the most wonderful stadiums for the Indian team. This is the reason that several people every year love to visit this place just to watch some amazing matches of the Indian cricket team. This stadium is around 5-6 min walking distance from the Bombay stationery Churchgate. Every day several youngsters come to this stadium for their practice purposes and most of them avail the local train facilities.
  • Bombay Gymkhana: Bombay Gymkhana is a very famous and popular sports arena available in Mumbai. This place is wonderfully designed and decorated by British designers. Rugby teams have their tents here and this place is filled with practice tents. This sports arena is situated at a part of the Azad Maidan. Several players come here every day for practice purposes and most of them travel through the Churchgate station. Lots of tournaments and other sports related activities are taken place here. This place is only a km away from the Churchgate station. If someone wants to walk to the stadium, it would take him around 15 min.

Churchgate station to Mumbai Central: Churchgate station to Mumbai Central is around 7 km apart. If someone wants to visit any places near Mumbai central, then local trains are the best option. One can take a train from the Churchgate station and it would take around 15 minutes to reach Mumbai Central. Mumbai central railway station to Churchgate distance is not that much! As local trains are the heart of the city, one can easily board a train. In this route trains are available and can get after an eight minute’s gap. There’s a very popular place situated near Mumbai Central; Maratha Mandir. Though this is just a mere cinema hall for many, but fans of superstar Shahrukh Khan acknowledges this place as their place of worship. This hall has been screening SRK’s DDLJ movie for the past 24 years! It is heard that all the shows every day are still goes full house!

Distance between Mumbai University to Churchgate Station: Mumbai University is one of the renowned universities in the country. This place has produced several talented people that are glorifying India’s name across the universe. Churchgate station to Mumbai University is around 1 km distance from the Churchgate Station. Everyday, several students visit this place from different parts of the state. Lots of trains run across the city every day and student avail some of these trains to reach the university. As the educational institute is so close to the station, they can easily avail these trains to reach their classes.

Watch videos for more information:

Churchgate station is one of the oldest and busiest stations in Mumbai. Every Mumbaikar knows the importance of this station in their life. Mumbai Churchgate station videos are available online. If someone is going to visit this place for the first time, these videos will certainly help them!


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