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How to Pay Property Tax Online

The transition from how to pay property tax to how to pay property tax online has been phenomenal. With more and more people using the internet, the need for launching online portals for payment of utility bills, taxes, etc. was felt by the authorities. For this reason, the central government passed a guideline directing the state governments to ensure that every municipal corporation in the state has its online platform which enables the residents to submit the property tax and other taxes online. Online payment for property tax has eased out the cumbersome process of going to the municipal office, standing in queues, and waiting for your turn for submission of the tax amount. Today all that you need to do in online payment of property tax is to be well aware of the Municipal Corporation under which your property falls and accordingly you need to visit the website, follow some easy steps, and click on the submit tab to complete the procedure.

What is the property tax?

The tax levied by the Municipal Corporation, Municipality or panchayat in India on real estate which includes both commercial and residential and buildings, any sort of improvement made on the land and the land attached to the building falls under the purview of property tax. The vacant land which doesn’t have any construction on it is not subject to property tax. The amount collected by the ex-chequer is used for developing the local amenities and infrastructure facilities like roads, parks, etc for the residents of the area.

How to calculate property tax?

The formula to calculate the amount of property tax is:

Property’s base value*building type*age factor*built-up area*floor factor*usage category

The calculation is based on the following factors:

 Determining the area of the property

Residential or commercial (the type of property)

Self-occupied or let-out (occupancy status)

Amenities available

Single floor, multi-storeyed, etc (the type of construction)

Year of construction

The carpet area of the property

Floor spacing index


Stage of the construction of the property

Age of the property owner

The calculation of property tax can be done by the municipal authorities in one of the following ways:

Capital Value System: Property tax is calculated as a percentage of the building’s or land’s market value which is determined by the government depending on the locality in which the property is.

Rateable Value System: The rental value of the property is used as a base for the determination of property tax.

Unit Area Value System: Unit price for the built-up area of the property is the base of computation of property tax under this method.

How to make the online payment for property tax?

By visiting the website of the Municipal Corporation where your property is situated, you can pay property tax online. The details like property tax number, amount, etc are mentioned on the bill, and thus having a clear insight of how to pay property tax online, you can finish the task within a few minutes. The steps are:

Visit the official website of the corresponding Municipal Corporation of your area.

Find the “Property Tax” payment option and select the type of property whether commercial or residential against which tax has to be paid.

Fill in property tax number, khatha number, or revenue survey number as asked.

Select the assessment year for which the tax is being paid.

You will be directed to a form that gives details like the name of the owner, total area, etc. Go through the details carefully.

The outstanding tax amount will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Verify the same with the bill you have received.

If the amount is correct, click on the online payment option.

Once you have made the payment through internet banking, debit/credit card, you will get a receipt. Save the receipt for future reference and your work stands through.

How to change the name in property tax online?

If the applicant has all the necessary documents to get the name changed in property tax records, then the process for getting the name changed is very simple. The documents needed for this purpose are:

Tax receipt of the last payment

Attested copy of the sale deed which is in the name of the current owner

No objection certificate from the housing society

Filled application form with signatures

These documents have to be submitted to the Commissioner of Revenue who cross verifies the details and upon satisfaction, the name stands changed within 15-30 days of the application.

With the online system in place, the payment of property tax has become hassle-free. Make sure you follow the deadlines to avoid any penalties.

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