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Investing in a piece of land shall yield you more in return within a short span. This is because of the increasing demand that is happening in the real estate sector in recent times. If you are willing to make a smart investment, yet, do not know the possible ways to calculate or convert 1 cent land into square feet, then keep reading as we unveil everything you need to know about cent conversion and the best way to calculate them as well.

What is Cent?

A cent is a measurement unit that is said to be in practice in most states of India and even in other recognized countries like the United States of America and Canada. 1 cent when converted remains equal 1/100 part of an acre. This particular measurement unit is used to measure up the land areas and widely used by real estate professionals for the same purpose as well.

One cent is equal to how many square feet?

To convert the measured cents into square feet, you must multiply the cent figures with 435.6. This number has been derived in ancient history and has been recognized valid to accurately convert cent figures into square feet.

What is a Square feet?

A square feet or foot is a measurement unit that is mostly used to measure two-dimensional space that exists within one set of the line. The square feet term is quite popular among realtors as they tend to calculate the area present within a space using this particular measurement unit. As most of the houses are constructed as square or rectangular in terms of shape, construction companies design layouts and build houses following square feet unit. If at all a space looks uneven, then it will be split into smaller squares, triangles or rectangles, and measured in cents at first. Later on, using a conversion formula, the calculated cent value shall be converted from a cent to square feet.

The process behind calculating square footage:

To measure out the existing square feet present within a house space, you need to use the ANSI method in the first place. Bring in a long measuring tape and make use of it wisely to measure the side parts to determine the number of square feet it holds onto. You do need a graph paper and a pencil for square feet to cent conversion. Pick a corner of the wall and start moving around the other corner. Draw the lines accordingly and enter the measured units into the graph paper. If you have said to be measured accurately, then the lines shall connect well replicating the exact shape the room has been constructed within the house space. If at all the drawing is said to be inaccurate, then you need to start over and focus on connecting the ends the right way.

Each square shall denote one foot. You need to include any kind of indentations that might occur while measuring the floor levels. Make use of the internet and search how 1 square feet is equal to cent to start with the conversion process.

If at all the outdoor garage space is said to be attached to the built house, then measure up the shared wall in cents and then effectively convert it into square feet. The same process shall go for measuring pool houses, guesthouses or any type of room that is still under renovation.

How to Calculate Gunta (Guntha) to Sq. Ft. (Square Feet)

Real reasons to convert cent to square feet:

People who are in the real estate business do know the need behind converting cent into square root units. If you are new to real estate and looking forward to buying a property or a piece of land, then you need to get to know more about cent to feet conversion process and the best ways to do them too. Construction and building companies do sell out their apartment homes or townhomes based upon the square feet that exist within the constructed house space. They do develop an estimate that represents the overall square feet that exists within the living room, bedroom, and other interior spaces.

Although a house gets constructed in a piece of land that might have been already calculated in cents, the real estate service providers shall measure every other nook of the in-built rooms in cents and then convert the same to square feet. You will be handed over with an estimate converting the existing cent to square feet. To check if the conversion process has been done in the right way, follow the below-mentioned tips:

How to calculate cent to Square Feet?

  1. Calculating in your mind:

You need to make use of a measuring tape that can calculate a land area in cents and then start with the conversion process. As one cent is equal to 435.6 square feet, two cents is equal to 871.2 square feet.

Follow this type of multiplication method or make use of a land calculator in India.

  1. Converting with a reliable online cent calculator:

Choose aland area calculator that is available online to enter the cent values and get the converted rate in square foot or other measuring units as per your need.

  • Open up a web browser and then search for a reliable land calculator in India so that you can easily find the exact values that you are looking forward to calculating.
  • Once you have filtered the best online land calculator, you need to choose the unit conversion that is  cent to square feet and then enter down the exact cent value in the respectivebox and then wait for a second or two to let the online land calculator convert it into square feet value.
  • You can also enter the cent value with decimals like 8.1 to let the calculator present with an accurately converted square feet value for the same.

These land calculators are free to access and can load swiftly in any device that can be connected to the internet and has browser loading facility available on-board.

Cent to Square feet Conversion Table 

Cent Square FeetCent Square FeetCent Square FeetCent Square Feet



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