How Many Gaj in 1 Bigha, Calculate 1 Bigha to Yard

What is Bigha?

Bigha is a familiar and traditional unit term used to measure land areas in India Nepal, Bangladesh, and Fiji. It does not have any type of standard size, yet, it is said to be used in most states of India, namely Haryana, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, Rajasthan and in Gujarat. The southern states present within the Indian geography make use of a different term rather than Bigha. The Bigha size differs from place to place and you need to check with the same before starting to calculate or convert 1 Bigha to Gaj or other units. Bigha in the English language means “a land area unit”.

What is Gaj?

Gaj is a Hindi term that is quite popularly known as layman’s unit to count a piece of land. This particular term is used widely in the real estate sector and to measure land and building structures as well. During the early British ruling period, people used to follow Gaj to wisely measure both the length and breadth of an area. Gaj is called a square foot in the English language. One Gaj is equal to nine square feet, which means one hundred Gaj is equal to nine hundred square feet. You need to multiply the measured Gaj unit with the decimal nine to find out the exact square feet a particular area holds onto.

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How to Calculate Gaj in Bigha?

Mathematically calculating using a simple formula:

If you are quite good at mathematics and quite familiar in solving equations, then you can follow up on the conversion formula as mentioned below to convert and to calculate Bigha to Gaj at ease.

One Bigha is equal to 1600 Gaj when converting it for land measurement purposes. In the mathematical expression, it can be said as 1 Bigha = 1600 Gaj.

1 acre to Gajis 4840, which means two acres is equal to 9680. Make use of the decimal 4840 and multiply it with the attained acre value to convert acre to Gaj at ease.

Accessing online land measurement calculators:

If you are not able to manually calculate Bigha to Gaj, then you can make use of online land measurement calculators that are solely created to meet up with this kind of conversion purpose.

Such calculators are derived using the exact formula as mentioned earlier to find out the real value that you are looking forward to calculating in the first place.

1 Bigha to Gaj in Uttar Pradesh:

The state of Uttar Pradesh holds onto a wide range of cultural Bigha land measurement units that are traditionally followed and tend to vary from one district to another. The following is a quick summary that can help you measure up a piece of land and convert it into Bigha values at ease.

Bigha gets sub-divided and called as Biswa (Bisa) or Katta(Katha) in Uttar Pradesh. Usually,1 Bigha is equal to five or two hundred Biswa, and it does differ based upon the location in which you are about to calculate a piece of land in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

1 Bigha Gaj in Uttar Pradesh east located district is roughly equivalent to,

  • 20 Biswas
  • 3,025 square yard
  • 504.17 Gaj or Square feet.

In Uttar Pradesh west located districts,1 Bigha Gaj is equivalent to,

  • 5 Biswas
  • 6,750 Gaj or Square Feet
  • 625 square. meter
  • 771.60 Square yard.

1 Bigha in other Uttar Pradesh districts is equal to,

  • 20 Biswas
  • 2,500 square. Metre
  • 26,909 Gaj or Square feet
  • 3,086.40 Square yard.

You can also measure the surrounding land areas in square feet, an acre or square meter, and then convert it to Bigha to find the exact values.

Using online Bigha acre calculator:

To convert Bigha units into acre, you need to make use of an online Bigha acre calculator. Find out a proficient calculator and make sure to select the Uttar Pradesh district at first, before entering down the calculate Bigha values. After selecting the district, you need to input the Bigha number to let the calculator automatically calculate the answer in acres and display the same in the respective box. It takes a few seconds to load the answer and depends upon the internet connectivity speed you have on-board.

1 Bigha to Gaj in Rajasthan:

Unlike the state of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan does have its sub-divided Bigha units in the name of Pucca and Kaccha.

  • In Rajasthan, one Pucca Bigha is equivalent to 27,225 square feet or Gaj.
  • One Kaccha Bigha is equivalent to 1,618.7 square meters or 17,424 square feet.
  • 1 Bighasq feet in Rajasthan (around Jaipur) is calculated as 165 feet or 2530 square meters.

How to calculate Gaj in Bigha in the Other States in India?

India being a diversified country has a different kind of cultural and traditional factor that is not only said to be followed in terms of celebrating festivals, food routines but can be witnessed while measuring up a piece of land using unique measurement units. Although Bigha and Gaj are quite familiar measurement terms in the Northern part of India, it has different values and they are mentioned below.

West Bengal:

  • 1 Bigha Gaj is calculated as 1333 m2 in terms of the metric unit system. During the British colonial rule, one Bighawas equivalent to 0.3306 acres.

Madhya Pradesh:

  • One Katha or Bigha is equivalent to six hundred Gaj or square feet.

Haryana and Punjab:

  • One acre is equal to 4.8 Bigha.

Himachal Pradesh:

  • Five Bigha is equal to 1 acre or 0.0809 hectares.


  • Nearby the capital areas, one bigha is equal to 20 Katha. One Katha represents 1,361 square feet or Gaj.
  • In the eastern areas of Bihar including Jamui, Bhagalpur, Munger, 1 bigha is equal to 99 inches.

Bigha is also called Lagga in the local term and people use their hand lengths in ancient periods to measure a particular area.


  • 1 bigha is equal to 1,340 m2 or 14,400 square feet.
  • In Assam, the Bigha gets sub-divided into Kathas.
  • Each Katha has a measurement value of 2,880 square feet of Gaj.

The local people make use of the term ‘Pura’ to denote 4 Bighas.

Conversion Table Bigha to Yards 

1 Bigha=

1600 Yard

2 Bigha=

3200 Yard

3 Bigha=

4800 Yard

4 Bigha=

6400 Yard

5 Bigha=

8000 Yard

6 Bigha=

9600 Yard

7 Bigha=

11200 Yard

8 Bigha=

12800 Yard

9 Bigha=

14400 Yard

10 Bigha=

16000 Yard

11 Bigha=

17600 Yard

12 Bigha=

19200 Yard

13 Bigha=

20800 Yard

14 Bigha=

22400 Yard

15 Bigha=

24000 Yard

16 Bigha=

25600 Yard

17 Bigha=

27200 Yard

18 Bigha=

28800 Yard

19 Bigha=

30400 Yard

20 Bigha=

32000 Yard

21 Bigha=

33600 Yard

22 Bigha=

35200 Yard

23 Bigha=

36800 Yard

24 Bigha=

38400 Yard

25 Bigha=

40000 Yard

26 Bigha=

41600 Yard

27 Bigha=

43200 Yard

28 Bigha=

44800 Yard

29 Bigha=

46400 Yard

30 Bigha=

48000 Yard

31 Bigha=

49600 Yard

32 Bigha=

51200 Yard

33 Bigha=

52800 Yard

34 Bigha=

54400 Yard

35 Bigha=

56000 Yard

36 Bigha=

57600 Yard

37 Bigha=

59200 Yard

38 Bigha=

60800 Yard

39 Bigha=

62400 Yard

40 Bigha=

64000 Yard

41 Bigha=

64 Yard

42 Bigha=

1664 Yard

43 Bigha=

3264 Yard

44 Bigha=

4864 Yard

45 Bigha=

6464 Yard

46 Bigha=

8064 Yard

47 Bigha=

9664 Yard

48 Bigha=

11264 Yard

49 Bigha=

12864 Yard

50 Bigha=

14464 Yard

51 Bigha=

16064 Yard

52 Bigha=

17664 Yard

53 Bigha=

19264 Yard

54 Bigha=

20864 Yard

55 Bigha=

22464 Yard

56 Bigha=

24064 Yard

57 Bigha=

25664 Yard

58 Bigha=

27264 Yard

59 Bigha=

28864 Yard

60 Bigha=

30464 Yard

61 Bigha=

32064 Yard

62 Bigha=

33664 Yard

63 Bigha=

35264 Yard

64 Bigha=

36864 Yard

65 Bigha=

38464 Yard

66 Bigha=

40064 Yard

67 Bigha=

41664 Yard

68 Bigha=

43264 Yard

69 Bigha=

44864 Yard

70 Bigha=

46464 Yard

71 Bigha=

48064 Yard

72 Bigha=

49664 Yard

73 Bigha=

51264 Yard

74 Bigha=

52864 Yard

75 Bigha=

54464 Yard

76 Bigha=

56064 Yard

77 Bigha=

57664 Yard

78 Bigha=

59264 Yard

79 Bigha=

60864 Yard

80 Bigha=

62464 Yard

81 Bigha=

64064 Yard

82 Bigha=

128 Yard

83 Bigha=

1728 Yard

84 Bigha=

3328 Yard

85 Bigha=

4928 Yard

86 Bigha=

6528 Yard

87 Bigha=

8128 Yard

88 Bigha=

9728 Yard

89 Bigha=

11328 Yard

90 Bigha=

12928 Yard

91 Bigha=

14528 Yard

92 Bigha=

16128 Yard

93 Bigha=

17728 Yard

94 Bigha=

19328 Yard

95 Bigha=

20928 Yard

96 Bigha=

22528 Yard

97 Bigha=

24128 Yard

98 Bigha=

25728 Yard

99 Bigha=

27328 Yard

100 Bigha=

28928 Yard




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