How new Greater Noida metro extension will boost real estate in Delhi

Delhi is known for its elegant metro connectivity across the country. Within a decade, the city planning authority has managed to amass a brilliant network of metro lines that connect every periphery of the city in the most proficient way. it is because of this impeccable metro connectivity the citizens can find easy commute to their offices and come back without any hassle. It is because of this metro service, common people have found a proper balance in their personal and professional life. Needless to say, the Delhi metro service has become an elegant example for all the cities in India.


Noida Extension metro service

In the same context, the metro service will be extended to Noida Extension. The development authority has already chalked a unique plan to avail this brilliant service to the new phases of the city map. The Phase II route is set to begin very quickly. Stipulating the finishing rate of the metro constructions in the capital city, this new line will be established in no time. The extension plan has been approved by the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA).

This new plan includes a 71 km stretch that will connect Knowledge Park 5 to Noida Sector 71. This immense project will attract a budget of INR 2602 Crore. This new alignment will have 9 stations, as per the plan. Initially, the first stage of this extension project will have only 5 stations. The other four will be commenced soon. The first five stations will connect Noida Sector 71 with Sector 122, Sector 4, and Sector 123, Ecotech 12 in Greater Noida. The project is currently under processing and is expected to begin this year.

Effect of new Noida Extension metro for real estate

This is brilliant news for the real estate developers in this particular area. Due to lack of proper communication to this area, the new real estate properties were not getting proper attention from the homebuyers and investors. Moreover, the bottle necking in the arterial roads and exits will be reduced to a minimum when the daily commuters will avail metro. Previously, they all had to afford a private transportation medium causing this utter chaos.

The majority of the projects here will get an excellent boost with respect to price and demand. Citizens will seek these newly built properties due to the affordable price and future connectivity prospects. It is expected that the current drought in demand for real estate properties will be automatically solved once the metro construction begins.

Why choose properties in Greater Noida?

The most affordable and elegant real estate market in Delhi resides in Greater Noida. The only inconvenience here was proper communication via public transportation. It will become a lot easier for the commuters once the fast-moving metro connectivity is established. Connecting with any point in the city will become a cakewalk. The properties here will also bring a better prospect as the price will definitively increase in the future. An investment in the real estate properties in Greater Noida will surely bring a good return in the upcoming years.

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