How To Register Your Land Property In Bihar?

In India, it is fixed to apply all property dealings as per the supplies of the Registration. The transport of set assets has to be proof to obtain the rights of the land on the implementation date of the deed. The division register and Stamp is accountable for property registration Bihar. In this post, we look at the process for Bihar belongings registration in detail. At the chosen time, the purchaser and the supplier must show up at the sub-registrar's workplace, along with two views, which must also transmit their identity and address verification.


Research and reviews

Before you purchase or hire land in India, it is significant to do your research. It would be excellent to read and reconsider different homes and areas before choosing. It is also consider the place of the belongings. It will assist if you consider whether you desire to be in a large city or a lesser town. Each has its pros and cons. You must also think about the kind of land you want. Many types of land are available in India, from residences to villas. Choose the option that best meets your requirements and financial constraints. It is essential to register the property once you have chosen it. This will guarantee that no one can claim the property and that it is legally yours. Contacting the team to get assistance with the registration process is recommended because it can be difficult.


Procedure for land property registers

As per the condition of the Indian register, land is an essential feature in real estate transactions. The transmission of goods has to be documentation to get the land's rights on the certification's implementation date. Look at the process for land listing in factor from the below aim. While purchasing a plot, too many things are involved in the method. Before going into the land registration method, there are a few effects you must identify are as follows.


Documents required

To property registration Bihar, the papers are to be provided along with the function as follows:

  • Stamp paper copy of the sale-purchase agreement
  • A certified copy of the resolution passed by the buyer's and seller's boards of directors
  • Identity verification of both purchaser and seller
  • A Xerox of revenue tax PANS of both purchaser and trader

For the Registration of land or property in Bihar, the following documents are required in addition to the ones listed above in the following circumstances: The government of Bihar has been actively working to streamline, eliminate errors, and simplify the property registration procedure. There are currently options for offline and online property registration for buyers.


Registration charge

As a small percentage of the total cost of the plot, the buyer pays the state government the registration fee to register the property in his name.


Property price

It is the least amount of land approximated by the state management. The stamp job is 4% of the profitable value of the plan. The registration payment is 0.5% of the marketable value. Land value is the product of the home size and the rule value. In some states, women and higher citizens get a reduction in registration charges and stamp duty fees.


Stamp duty 

During the compliance of the permit, the purchaser pays the stamp job at a small profit of the total plot price to announce that the accessible certificates are new.


Property transfer

The type of property transfer will determine the registration fee if the property is given to you as a Gift by someone else, an unrelated person, or a family member. The former will have a higher rate than the latter.


Prepare sale deed

Preparation of the sale deed is required, as is the transcription of various transactional details onto the stamp papers.


Document Submission

The certification must then be accessible to the Reader of the Sub secretary of assurances, who will inspect the same and point out the registration fee concerned. Property registration Bihar fee is generally the lesser of 1 percent of the deal value either is less. So the registration fee is set down against a receiving, and the entry permit is accessible in front of the Sub Registrar.



It is essential to check the identified deed of land to establish that it is registered below the trader's name. In addition, this also allows the buyer to verify for any during mortgages or load on the land and whether all dues recounting to power, taxes, and water invoice, etc., have been wholly paid.


Final document preparation

For safe transactions, the buyer must appoint an experienced attorney. The buyer's designated professional lawyer will prepare the final document with green legal paper. It is completed with the date and location, and the final document is stamped.


Closing execution

The buyer, seller, and two witnesses sign the sale deed at the sub-registrar's office as the final step. The unique number is generated for documentation, and the registration fee must be paid in cash or by demand draft. The documents are given to the buyer after completing all the formalities. To expedite the process, you can seek the assistance of an agent at the sub-registrar office.

Two passport-sized photos, proof of identity for the buyer, seller, and two witnesses, PAN cards, exact certified copies of the buyer's and seller's Certificates of Incorporation, a copy of the most recent property register card to make sure the plot is not government property, and a municipal tax bill to show the year the property was constructed are all included in the document.


Sub-registrar office

Your supporter will place the sub-registrar workplace in the area of your website's place. The legal representative prepared the deal deed on your behalf and fined it impressed after you gave the stamp duty payment. It is a state question and is a proportion of the property's total business value and changes according to the land value and the kind of documents formed like gift deed, divider deed, and trade deed. The fee can be made equally online and offline.


Registration of the site

Site registration in the sub-registrar office follows the stamping process. The seller and the buyer must sign the sales deed in front of two witnesses from each side at the sub-registrar's office as part of the registration process. All participants are required to present original identification documents. The verification of the original documents completes the registration procedure. Be sure to bring all of the necessary paperwork and follow the checklist.


How do you prepare to register your land property?

A range of documents has to be submitted by the purchaser and the retailer to the property registration Bihar at the time. While gathering these documents, you must ensure that the permit is also prepared on stamp paper or basic A-4 size paper of the model of royal management bond paper. All covered maps and plans 0must be on A-4 size bond paper.


Benefits to registered land property

Unregistered title deeds are prone to disappearing or being destroyed. If this happens, it becomes difficult to show ownership without the time-consuming procedure of obtaining proof of your possession. A family that has held the land for many years may think this process is quite simple, but this is not always the case. A statutory declaration is frequently required to be presented with the application to register the title in order to explain how the deeds vanished.


Need to register property

Ideally, you want to hold the identity certification to evidence a complete chain of rights for at least 15 years, which are generally facts through title performance and documents. However, it is still possible to create a purpose to register a property; everywhere, the title activities have been lost or damaged. It has a dedicated property registration Bihar group that can deal with the first Registration's purpose, so please contact a team member if you need assistance.


Avoiding argument

Registration of property is also a chance to decide any problem with rights of method or advance by neighbours. Such as, there can have been landing interactions, such as field change, that have not been appropriately recognized. Longstanding generous human rights may not enclose been recorded correctly. For example, there may be an argument over who's answerable for the maintenance of certain roadside lawn verges and visibility splays. Often it's the elder creation in farming people who controlled the land when this relaxed union was made, so it's often wise to look to resolve this title question before this fact is lost.


Reducing the risk

When the landowner is registered, there is greater protection against property fraud, in which con artists try to take your identity and sell or mortgage your property without your knowledge. It also offers greater defence against squatter's rights claims if a third party tries to claim the title by staying on your property for a long time without your knowledge.

The cause for this is that once the identity is registered, the property registration Bihar will inform the property owner if a third party aims to register importance against the record title. So, if you own unreported land, you must consider willingly applying for Registration; however, it's wise to look for advice from your examiner and advocate first, as they will be able to recognize and pre-empt any possible issues.

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