Labour Cost for Painting Wall House in India

What is the Per Sqft Cost of Painting

We have grown up hearing the famous Nerolac ad which said, “Jab Ghar ki Raunak Badhani Ho, deewaron ko sab sajana ho, Nerolac, Nerolac!!”(When you want to revamp the aesthetics of your house or you want to decorate the walls, opt for Nerolac paints) and since then one thing that has become synonymous with refurbishing is getting the walls painted. To infuse freshness in your existing space and impart novelty to the walls, all that you need to do is hire a painter who knows the job well and you will get to experience new vibes in a couple of days. Colours have an impact on your mood and for this reason; the companies have come up with various hues to lend uniqueness to every wall in the house. Your job is to find out the cost of painting the walls and choose the colour as per the décor of your house.

What are the factors to be considered before getting the house painted?

We know that painting lends brightness to the dull walls and amps up the aesthetics of the house. But do you think it is as simple as getting painting colours for your child at home and asking him/her to start making strokes on paper? Well, it is easy said than done. Painting is a huge task and there are a couple of factors that have to be determined before finalizing on getting the walls painted. These are:

  • Labour fee
  • Size of the house
  • Wall cleaning
  • Type of paint (Water-based paint is eco-friendly and lead-free. The cost in NCR of this category of painting is Rs 22-Rs 23 per sq ft. On the other hand, oil-based paint imparts immaculate shine to the walls and is better than the plastic paints available. The cost per sq ft of getting this done is Rs 18-Rs 25).
  • Coatings needed (Single or multiple)

Is there any difference in the cost of the exterior and interior wall painting?

One word answer to this question is YES. There is a difference between the cost of painting between the interiors and exteriors. The surface to be painted is an important parameter in deciding the comprehensive cost of painting the walls.

The exteriors of your house are subject to weather extremities and for this you; have to be extra cautious while getting the painting done. You should not compromise for anything random for the exteriors because the longevity and appeal will be enhanced if you use good quality paint. Secondly, ensure that the walls are clean and the surface is smooth before any coating is done. In India, the long monsoon season acts as an important deciding element in choosing the kind of paint for the exteriors of the house. While the latex paints will cost Rs 24-Rs 25 per sq ft, water-proof paints cost Rs 20-Rs 22 per sq ft. Apart from this, you need to pick the right season to get the painting done. Choosing winters is a bad time because the paint will not dry and settle. Summers or late spring is the best time of the year to get the exteriors painted. While choosing the colours, go for dark shades for the exteriors because the light ones will fade away and make the house look shabby within a couple of months.

What is the cost of getting the interiors painted?

  • While getting the interior walls painted, you have to consider the requirements of different family members. Children might like bright and bold shades while the seniors at home will go for subtle tones. Depending on the size of the room, the amount of natural light that comes in, furniture etc, you need to pick the right colour for every wall. Before getting the interiors painted the surface needs to be smooth. Get putti or primer done to make it even.
  • There is a difference between getting the fresh paint done and re-painting the existing walls. While fresh walls will require 2 coats of putty, 2 coats of primer and paint, repainting can be done with 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint to impart a new look to the walls.
  • The kind of paint you choose depends on your budget. While the distemper paints are cheap (Rs 8 per sq ft), synthetics paints are on a higher-end and have a good shelf life. Per square foot cost of acrylic paints is between Rs 15-Rs 20. Velvet paint will cost somewhere between Rs 30-Rs 40 per sq foot and the most expensive of all is the texture paint which ranges between Rs 70-Rs 150 per sq ft. 
  • Using a single colour will be cheaper than using multiple colours in the house. The more are the colours, the higher will be the price. The cost of a single colour painting will be Rs 20 per sq ft.

What are the labour charges for painting the walls?

Labour is not easily available and the charges go up if you look for skilled manpower. The labour expenses depend on numerous factors like

  • Availability
  • City
  • Location(Posh or an average locality)
  • Branded or unbranded painting services

Making your house gleam with vibrance and energy is every homeowner’s dream and getting the interiors and exteriors painted is a good idea to impart freshness to your space. While doing so consider the above-mentioned points and take a calculated decision that doesn’t pinch you by the end.

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