Least Polluted City in India - Know More Details about Pollution information

What defines the quality of life today? Is it the well-equipped modern societies with opulent amenities, larger than life shopping malls with world-class brands under one roof or is it something far more simple and undecorated? If reports are to be believed, then the air you breathe is one of the elementary factors in determining the quality of life you are leading. You might be working in one of the plush offices, could be driving the fanciest cars available, might be dining in Michelin star restaurant, but this will become worthless after a point of time if the air you breathe is polluted and you carry home baggage of pollutants from the environment. While governments across the world are working on numerous models to bring down the pollution levels, let’s explore the least polluted city in India where living is a celebration in itself.

Which is the least polluted city in India?

North East or the Seven Sisters is known for its unscathed destinations which are truly a hidden gem on the Indian land and Lunglei in the state of Mizoram is the least polluted city in India where the quality of air is excellent and you get to experience the bounties of nature in abundance. Spending time amidst the pristine surroundings while exploring the natural colours of nature is a sight to behold and in Lunglei you can feel every corner of the city infusing energy in you because of its picturesque location and unbeatable air quality index. Apart from Lunglei, Champhai in Mizoram, Dawki and Nongstoin in Meghalaya, Ravangla, Namchi, Chungthang and Mangan in Sikkim and Pathanamthitta in Kerela are some of the least polluted cities in India which have less than 35micrograms/cubic metre in PM10 concentration.

Exploring Lunglei

If you don’t want to fly to some fancy destinations across the world and want to spend time close to nature, Lunglei which is 165 km away from Aizwal (the capital city of Mizoram) is the perfect destination for you. Recognized as one of the cities where the air quality index has dropped below the recognized limit by WHO, Lunglei is an untouched hidden gem where holidaying will be an experience to cherish. Lunglei or “Bridge of rock” as it is commonly called, got its name when a bridge like rock was found around Nghasih which is a small tributary of Tlawng (the longest river in Mizoram). The abundant flora and fauna in the region add to its galore and the comfortable weather from September to April make it a perfect spot for those who love adventure and want to take an off-beat route.

How can you reach Lunglei?

You can take a flight to Aizwal and from there you reach Lunglei by hiring a cab. You can also travel by train up to Silchar (which is 340 km from Lunglei) and from there you can take a cab to Lunglei.

What are the biggest tourist attractions in Lunglei?

If travelling and exploring new destinations is your idea of holidaying, then Lunglei is a place to visit. With every nook and corner of the city hiding something precious in its lap, Lunglei is a place to discover shimmering waterfalls, exotic flora, lush green meadows, rare wildlife and much more. Some of the hot spots for tourists are:

Saza Wildlife Sanctuary

Mesmerising, pristine and a vast expanse of green meadows will keep you hooked to this place which is home to some of the rare species of animals and birds. You might be lucky enough to catch a few glimpses of migratory birds if you happen to visit this sanctuary at the right time of the year.

Lunglei Bridge

For those who want to understand Lunglei in a better way, a visit to Lunglei Bridge is a must. It is from this point that you will discover the true essence of Lunglei and the reason behind its serenity. Pick your spot and you can spend hours here admiring the different colours of nature.

Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary

A must-visit for nature lovers, this wildlife sanctuary is a haven for those who want to watch leaf monkeys, sambar, porcupines, jungle cats, tigers and a huge variety of birds. Plan your trip from October to March for an unmatched experience.

Nghasih Stream

This stream is a tributary of the Tlawng River and the picturesque location makes it one of the most sought after tourist spots in Lunglei. The aura of this place is going to create an everlasting impression on your memory and you will be mesmerized by the tranquillity and serenity of this spot.

Saikuti Hall

A visit to Saikuti Hall is a must to develop a rendezvous with Mizo culture.  A huge building, Saikuti Hall houses a museum, library, auditorium, restaurants and much more. A delightful experience for first-time visitors, Saikuti Hall is a gateway to understand the traditions and culture of Mizoram. You will get to see authentic artefacts, sculptures, handicrafts and many more objects related to the rich heritage of this place.

Adventure activities

From hiking to camping to creating beautiful memories amidst the sea of greenery and calmness, Lunglei is what an adventurer wants. Pristine and untouched, this place is loaded with freshness and attractive romantic spots. You can plan a visit to the nearby cities like Aizwal, Lawngtlai and Kolasib when you are here.

To understand and explore nature in its true and raw form, a visit to Lunglei must be on your cards. This city is away from the madness of the metropolitans and brings you close to your existence. Plan a trip to this amazing wonderland in Mizoram!

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