List of The Top Best Construction Companies in Pune | Updated List 2022

Pune is the second-largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai, with the ninth-highest population in India. Regarding population, Pune ranks as the 101st most crucial city in the world. It is regarded as Maharashtra's cultural center. Pune is one of the busiest cities in the Asia-Pacific region, with the highest growth.

1. L&T Construction

Over the past seven decades, L&T Construction, the largest construction company in India and one of the top 30 contractors worldwide, has transformed cityscapes and landscapes with enormously massive and magnificent projects.

2. Jesus Elements

Construction, fast-moving consumer goods, high-tech engineering, furniture, security, and agri-care are just a few of the many industries in which the Godrej Group is involved. Even though most of their businesses are privately held, they all have a combined market worth of more than USD 15 billion.

3. Construction technology firm B. G. Shirke Pvt. Ltd.

With its established industrialized "3-S" prefab technology, The Shirke Group is acknowledged as India's largest builder of mass housing projects. It also has a track record of creating successful airports, industrial and hotel complexes, roadways and flyovers, IT infrastructure, and other large integrated commercial structures.

4. Kolte-Patil Developers

It is a renowned real estate business with a commanding presence in the Pune residential market. It was founded over three decades ago and is guided by the straightforward yet profound principle of "Creation, not building."

5. Pvt. Ltd. Nandan Buildcon

One of Pune's top business conglomerates in the construction industry, Nandan Buildcon, has completed over 34 projects.

6. Kumar Residences

With a 53-year history, Kumar Properties has established the highest standards of excellence and trust, not just in the real estate industry. Today, they maintain a position as a forward-thinking brand with various prosperous businesses thriving across various industries, even in times of turbulence.

7. Private Limited Mohanlal Mathrani Construction

A recognized private limited company, Mohanlal Mathrani Construction Private Limited, offers infrastructure services that support societal development and prosperity. On October 14, 1983, founder member Mr. Mohan G. Mathrani established the business.

8. J Contracts Private Limited

SJCPL will be an expertly managed corporation. The leadership will consist of capable people who can enhance the company's growth while adhering to its culture and principles. SJCPL will have established a solid reputation in the industry and be a highly sought-after contractor for private and public sector projects.

9. Vert Belbrook Mont

They began their journey in Pune 27 years ago with a passion for creating thoughtfully designed, beautifully constructed houses. Since then, they have constructed aesthetically pleasing homes at Pashan, Baner, Aundh, Balewadi, Wakad, Pashan Sus Road, Bhugaon (near Kothrud), Urawade, and Pirangut. In the entire city, they can offer a home for you in every price range. And that's not where they’ve stopped. Beyond luxury residences, they have constructed stunning second homes and vacation cottage projects in Lonavala.

10.27th Street

At Blue Ventures, they dedicate themselves to providing quality construction that fits the lifestyle and values. They connect your aspiration with your passion. Blue Ventures aims to create lasting connections and consistently pursues the highest levels of client satisfaction. The highly trained staff at Blue Ventures has experience in engineering, administration, finance, and marketing.

11. BramhaCorp's Vantage

One of the industry's leading innovators in the real estate, hotel, retail, and leisure sectors is BramhaCorp Ltd. With its headquarters in Pune, they are one of the most prominent business organizations in the area. Over time, they have expanded to accommodate our ever-expanding portfolio. Over the previous 38 years since its founding, BramhaCorp has grown steadily under its founder's visionary leadership and business sense.

12. Ravima Enterprise

In addition to having a solid reputation for high-quality construction, Ravima Ventures is a developing construction company in Pune that specializes in building one-of-a-kind, wealthy, and exclusive residences.

13. The developers of Kwality World

Quality World Developers was established in 2011 to provide its clients with quality houses at a reasonable price. With a strong emphasis on planning and an unwavering commitment to quality, Kwality World Developers primarily serves first-time homebuyers in Pune and seeks to provide them value for their money.

14. Case Development

The concept of simplicity lies at the core of CASE Construction Equipment. Their machinery is an advancement of well-honed goods created to address problems in the actual world.

15. Town Group

Aniruddha Deshpande, founder and managing director has been creating communities since the company was founded in 1996. These communities have constantly surpassed market forecasts and met investors' expectations.

16. Oricon Contractors

The earth's ecological health is not in excellent shape, as Oricon Builders are well aware. The company aims to develop solid and sustainable houses with technology that flawlessly integrates into the homeowners' current and future lifestyles out of genuine enthusiasm for the world, love for the next generation, and engineering and technological skill.

17. Company Gini Constructions

Since 2007, when Gini Constructions first joined the Pune City real estate market, they have built a heritage of cutting-edge monuments.

18. Vascon Engineers, Inc.

Vascon Engineers has over 30 years of expertise in project conception, development, construction, and management.

19. Jain Lohia Group

With innovation at its heart, the Lohia Jain Group is a Premium Construction firm in Pune. It has built trust for over 35 years and bears a lifetime of expertise on its sturdy shoulders. They have built sizable IT Parks in Pune, launched massive residential complexes, and built businesses.

20. Dhoot Contractors

Dhoot Builders, founded in 1984, is a product of an extraordinarily renowned and well-established business house in Ahmednagar. Shri Krishnakumar Bansilalji Dhoot's "Business is in our DNA" idea was born. The company has catered to various engineering requirements because diversity is one of our strong suits.

21. ethos gotcha

The Golecha Group has made its mark in the real estate industry since its founding in 1999 and has left a lasting legacy with significant projects in PCNDTA & PCMC.

22. Limited by B L Kashyap & Sons

Six subsidiary businesses make up B. L. Kashyap and Sons Ltd. (BLK). Two of BLK's six step-down subsidiaries, Soul Space Projects Limited and BLK Lifestyle Limited, are now in business.

23. Suvijay Buildcon (Pune) PVT. LTD.

SBPPL has established itself as a construction industry leader by completing several prestigious industrial, institutional, and residential projects to satisfy its clients, including well-known MNCs and top Indian corporate houses.

Real estate developers with a base in Pune include Aranya AJK Realty Antarkar & Joshi. Dilip Antarkar and Vijay Joshi began their collaboration in 1989, and throughout the previous 25 years, the business has only gotten stronger. In some of Pune's most prestigious locations, we have successfully delivered over 45 projects and finished more than 4 lakh square feet of construction.

24. Developers of Energia SKYi

A Pune-based developer of homes is called Energia SKYi Developers. Energia SKYi Developers are driven by their core philosophy of thoughtfulness, which is evident in every aspect of their work, whether it be in the design, the preservation of our ecosystem, the choice of building materials, or simply in providing customers with a one-of-a-kind experience and a home of the highest caliber.

25. Conscious Properties

Homes from AWARE PROPERTIES are a welcome surprise at a time when purchasers are receiving quotes with jaw-dropping costs. The homes have every conceivable convenience, but their setting makes them so enticing.

26. C. D. Concrete

The largest independent ready mixed concrete producer in India is RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd. RDC Concrete, a Singaporean firm, established the business in 1993. The business produces and distributes ready-mixed concrete (RMC). Construction firms, property developers, contractors, infrastructure providers, industrial projects (such as cement, steel, and power plants), commercial projects, and individual owners are among its clientele.

27. Newcastle Home

At Newton Homes, every detail is carefully planned, from the amenities to how the homes are constructed. It guarantees that your child has all the tools necessary to lay a solid foundation for their future.

28. Partaker Kale Structures

Patankar Kale Constructions Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001-2008 company, is one of the oldest interior and civil work firms, operating since 1986.

29. Bhagyashree Building

Bhagyashree Construction was established in April 1984 to utilize its extensive industrial and commercial construction knowledge to offer a wide range of integrated services under one roof.

30. Company Rahul Construction

At Rahul Construction Company, they are passionate about programs that assist the less fortunate live better lives. Rahul Construction launched development and welfare programs in the neighborhood that will support several struggling families for many years.

31. Harshad Buildings

Harshad Constructions is more than just a building firm; it is a pledge to comprehend clients' demands and go above and beyond what is expected. Harshad Constructions exudes class, comfort, and the most significant level of client pleasure because they pay close attention to every detail, uphold the highest standards of quality, and have an eye for perfection.

32. Limited by Arwade Infrastructure

A popular option for engineering, construction, and project management is Arwade Infrastructure Ltd. Industrial, infrastructure, commercial, residential, land development projects, and government services are all part of our varied portfolio.


America's building sector is flourishing. The construction industry is divided into a wide variety of subsectors that provide services for commercial, industrial, institutional, and civil construction projects.

Every year, the US construction sector builds around structures and infrastructure. The expenditures significantly boost the economy and increase the GDP by around $3.4 billion. Construction has many independent businesses, unlike similar industries where a few large corporations dominate the market.

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