Property Tax Management System (PMS) In Haryana

Regardless of state or location, all property attracts an annual tax imposed by the state government. In Haryana, the municipal corporation of the relevant city manages the property tax collection. However, the quantum and the tax rate charged differ for different properties depending on size and usage. So you can read on to learn more about pms haryana and the factors involved.


What is meant by property tax in Haryana?

Property taxes in Haryana depend on factors such as property value and other real estate requirements. Hence, every resident of Haryana is obliged to pay the relevant taxes to the Department of Directorate of Urban Local Bodies that supervise Haryana's municipal corporations.

The Haryana government has extended the 25% exemption on property taxes for 2021-2022. This decision has offered huge relief to property buyers in the state. There is also an additional 10% discount for all tax-paying individuals for the assessment year through September 2021.

The government offers a 30% tax discount to property owners who pay property taxes within 45 days of notification. The state government also gives 50% rebates to build buildings for independent organizations, boards, corporations, etc.


Calculation of PMS in Haryana:

Let's learn how pms haryana is calculated to understand this concept accurately. Property tax calculations depend on factors such as property type and government or municipal agencies, etc. Calculations may vary according to the actions of different citizens. They assess issues such as

  • Whether residential or commercial
  • If it is vacant land
  • Floor area and carpet
  • The number of floors, etc.


The standard formula used during property tax calculations is-

Property tax = base value × age factor × building area × type of use × type of building × floor factor

Individuals should be aware that the taxes payable in the state depend on where the property is located, and taxes may vary by area size. Municipal corporations may use various techniques to assess this tax but the general overview of these calculations remains the same.

Please note that manual calculations can be time-consuming and full of errors. In this situation, you can use the property tax calculator available on the Directorate of Urban Local Bodies Haryana website.

You must enter the class Feature categories, subcategories, and feature areas here. Let's look at an example to understand online property taxes in Haryana calculations.

  • Each owns a residence in Haryana, which is approximately 2000 sq m. This property has two floors covering approximately 500 sq ft.
  • If it's land for self-cultivation, the calculated property tax will be approximately Rs. 22400.
  • This is just to show the calculations. Actual measurements may vary widely.


How will you pay Property Tax in Haryana Online?

The steps to pay pms haryana online are as follows.

  • Step 1: First, you can go to the official website of the local board in the city of Haryana and click on property tax
  • Step 2: On the next page, you need to fill in the relevant details such as legal entity type, Property owner name, Property ID, etc., and then you can Click Search to continue.
  • Step 3: The relevant property taxes will be generated. Click on the option to pay property tax.
  • Step 4: Next, select a mode of payment and complete this transaction.
  • Step 5: Taxpayers will receive an acknowledgement number.


How will you pay Property Tax in Haryana Offline?

People who are not comfortable with online procedures can check offline methods.

  • Step 1: You need to go to the nearest municipal office.
  • Step 2: Submit Property Tax Details to the Authority
  • Step 3: Pay the Estimated Property Tax at the Cash Counter
  • After performing the steps above, the taxpayer will receive an acknowledgement receipt or Challan as proof of payment.


What is the property tax due date in Haryana?

Currently, there is no notification about the last day to pay pms haryana both online and offline. Last year the deadline was extended to December 2022. Individuals are encouraged to follow the official board website of their local authority in the city of Haryana for the latest details on property tax payments.


How will you get a receipt/challan for property tax in Haryana?

A person should know that Challan is created after the successful payment of property taxes. Usually, the screen will show this response number. However it is safer to print out this question and keep a hard copy. This document confirms that the person has paid the tax. You can also submit this document as proof of ownership of the property to the credit institution. This will allow them to earn a lot of credits on simple terms.


What are the uses of property tax?

In Haryana, property tax is one of the main sources of income for municipal corporations, residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, government property and all vacant land located within the boundaries of the municipality. It will receive a tax assessment and expect to pay property taxes. Property taxes are assessed every five years, while additional assessments are made annually, and citizens may oppose the assessment.


Required documents:

The applicant must submit details of the property tax invoice at the time of payment of the property tax.


Eligibility Criteria:

The following people are entitled to pay property tax:

  • People over 18 years old
  • Persons with permanent residence in Haryana
  • Any person who owns property in Haryana is entitled to pay property tax.


Property tax discounts and exemptions:

  • A refund of 30% of 1 tax is given to property owners who have paid all or overdue property taxes within forty-five days from the date of notification of rates.
  • 10% discount to assessors who have paid all taxes for the assessment year by July 31 of that year.
  • All buildings and land attached to religious property, such as temples, Gurudwaras, Masjids or Churches, are exempt from property tax.
  • 50% discount is given to government buildings. There are exceptions, such as the construction of boards/corporations/businesses/independent entities.



In case of late payment taxpayer will have to pay interest at 1.5% per month. In the event of a misrepresentation or violation of the rules, a fine equal to the amount of tax charged is payable. In addition, interest rates are also added along with penalties.


What are the benefits of paying PMS in Haryana?

The benefits of paying pms haryana are given by,

Individuals can also receive benefits by paying property taxes in the preceding year. Paying property taxes in the prior year accelerates federal deductions. Although paying property taxes is very intimidating to property owners. But both property owners and the city benefit from the property tax.


Paying property taxes will ensure that each land value payment is appropriate:

Property taxes must be paid to provide an account of the true value of a piece of property. Many cities follow the process of submitting assessments to the home of property taxpayers. This makes it difficult for taxpayers to hide the real value of the property.


Property taxes have low administrative costs:

Property tax payments result in lower administrative costs compared to other taxes. Property tax paperwork is charged less compared to other tax payments.


Property taxpayers can predict property tax income:

Property tax income is more stable than sales taxes or domestic income taxes. Based on this basis, Property taxpayers can predict the amount of property taxes.


Property taxpayers can know the exact information on payment methods and usage:

This is because property tax rates are regulated locally. Relevant information is easy to find, and individual property owners will have the opportunity to challenge their assessments. 

In addition to the above benefits, Property taxpayers also benefit from the communities in which they live, services such as fire engines and ambulances, Garbage bins and recycling and lawn debris, public library, cleaning the roads, School funding and other special community programs benefit taxpayers.


Property Tax Payers Benefit From Tax Deductions

Most taxpayers find that their annual mortgage and property interest rates are very large, which Makes it difficult for them to prepare a list of tax deductions. So the property taxpayer can keep track of the property tax due date and make sure that he has been deducted.

Henceforth, the property taxpayer will benefit in these ways while paying the property tax.


Final thought:

Hopefully, the above discourse on pms haryana and the factors involved will help you understand the process. Keep in mind that individuals should try to pay their taxes early to avoid unwanted penalties. It also increases credibility and helps in systematic savings. Property taxes are paid by everyone who owns the property. Taxes are paid to the local government based on the value of the property. Tax liability increases with the value of the property. Property taxes are also known as real estate taxes and provide a wide range of services, such as road maintenance, education, and more.

Property tax payments are significant and uncertain if the payer is unaware of the terms and conditions of property tax. But it is recommended that all property owners pay their property taxes. In order not to just stay safe but also receive various benefits.

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