Runa Mukta Yojana Scheme 2020 - Documents Required, Eligibility Criteria

Runa Mukta Yojana Scheme 2020

The Runa Mukta Yojana Scheme is one of the beneficiary schemes that have been procured by the Karnataka State Government. Apart from the other existing government-related developmental schemes, this particular one has been launched for the farmer's betterment. It is also popularly called as the 'Farmer Loan Waiver Scheme' among the general public. By applying under this particular scheme, the farmers can acquire loans that can be vitally used to fulfill their agricultural needs. The Runa Mukta scheme online application forms are widely available in their official web portal. People who have been farming in the past and present, and said to be economically weak shall apply for a loan under this scheme.

About Runa Mukta Yojana Scheme:

Back in the year 2018, the Karnataka State Government announced a new scheme named ‘Runa Mukta Yojana’ that let the farmers attain a valid agricultural loan to ease out the difficulties they were facing related to farming. Many different state farmers who were said to be facing a high debt farming loan are now getting financial support directly from the Karnataka State Government, through this scheme. A total loan that is worth about thirty-four thousand crores of Indian Rupees is about to be waived off.  In different phases, the Runa Mukta Yojana scheme is about to be implemented in the upcoming years.

In the first phase, the State Government has decided to let nearly two lakh farmers get directly benefited from the Runa Mukta project. This particular waiver scheme is only for the farmers who are not in a position to pay back their previously attained farm loans. The farmers who have taken a farm loan between the periods of December 2017 till April 2019 are said to be eligible in applying for this scheme. The budget session that happened during the year 2018-19 announced the Farmer Loan Waiver Scheme and a budget of about six thousand five hundred crores of Indian Rupees was allocated for the first phase.

Runa Mukta Yojana Scheme 2020 Eligibility Criteria

Beforehand visiting the official web portal to fill up the online application form of the Runa Mukta Yojana Scheme, you must get to know the eligibility criteria that have been particularly derived for this scheme.

  • The agricultural labor who is willing to apply under this loan-based scheme must be an Indian citizen and said to be a permanent resident living in the state of Karnataka.
  • Farmers who have taken up an agricultural credit in the past that is equal to or less than two lakh Indian Rupees can apply in the first place.
  • The entire benefit of this scheme shall only for the farmers who have acquired credit between 1st April 2009 till 31st December of 2017.
  • Only marginal and small farmers can apply.

How to apply for Runa Mukta Yojana Scheme 2020 ?

In two different ways, a farmer can apply for a loan under the Runa Mukya Yojana scheme. You can visit by the official online web portal through an internet-connected device or the nearby registrar office that comes under your living area limit to apply for the scheme. 

Applying through the official website:

Find a computer, laptop or a mobile device that has been connected to the internet and then visit the official web portal of Karnataka State Government. The state authority shall very soon announce the dates to apply for the loan waiver scheme.

Checking the status of Karnataka Runa Mukta Yojana scheme online:

The farmers, who have previously applied under this scheme, shall check with the beneficiary status by following the below-mentioned steps one by one.

  1. Open up a web browser in your laptop, computer or tablet and then visit http://clws.karnataka.gov.in/ (the official web portal of Karnataka State Government)
  2. From the loaded home page, navigate to the ‘Citizen’ option
  3. After clicking upon it, you will be redirected to the ‘Services for Citizen’ page
  4. In the newly loaded page, click upon the tab that says ‘Farmer Wise Eligibility Status’
  5. You need to select upon the District, bank name, branch name and then enter down the respective IFSC code
  6. After entering these details, click upon the ‘Fetch Details’ button
  7. The derived list of farmer’s name whose application has been approved by the state government shall be showcased
  8. You need to search for your name from the list
  9. Once you have found your name, download the details to take forward the next process, which is downloading the loan waiver payment certificate.

Offline application filling process:

If you are a farmer who has been facing difficulties after getting a loan from a state or nationally recognized bank, then you need to visit the registrar office in person along with the required documents and valid proof to apply for the loan waiver scheme.

Documents Required Runa Mukta Yojana Scheme 2020:

The following is a list of documents that every other farmer who is about to submit the filled-in Runa Mukta Yojana application form must attach and submit before the last date comes by.

  • Photocopy of Aadhar Card
  • Residential documents photocopy
  • Bank account details
  • Papers related to previously bought agricultural credits
  • Photocopy of farmer registration documents.

Application Form Fee Runa Mukta Yojana Scheme:

To know the exact application form fee for the next phase of the Runa Mukta Yojana Scheme in 2020, you need to visit the official website of Karnataka State Government or walk through the registrar office that is said to be operating near your living area.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Farmers who have been neglecting to pay the taxes for the past three years shall not be able to get benefitted out of this scheme.
  • The Karnataka State Government shall give higher priority to the farmers who have said to be acquired a loan from a cooperative financial sector or a nationalized bank.
  • If at all anyone family member of the farmer who is about to apply for this scheme is known to be working under a corporative sector or government office, then the application shall be immediately rejected.
  • If the applicant has taken up a loan against property, jewelry or automobile shall not be considered as an eligible applicant to apply under the farmer loan waiver scheme.
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