PG in Bangalore: Staying in a PG Accommodation in Bangalore of Boys and Girls

Searching for a play to stay in, can be tricky in Bangalore, especially if you are trying to select between individual houses on rent or shared housing. Both these types of accommodation are a popular way of living, particularly for people living in metro cities like Bangalore, where the cost of living is quite high. One of the easiest on the pocket choice of accommodation is PG in Bangalore. Before we get into the different aspects of Bangalore’s PG accommodation, here are some advantages to living in a PG:

Co-living: PG accommodations are a way of promoting co-living, so that people can share space and there is less demand for individual rental properties and also people do not have to live alone, if they opt for PG accommodation.

Affordable: The costs of furnishing an apartment, getting domestic help, paying utility bills, maintaining the property can be quite high and cost you more than 30% of your monthly income if you are working or a major part of the money your parents give you if you are a student.

Proximity: PG accommodations are generally operated keeping the target audience in mind. Normally, they can be found close to educational institutions and commercial hubs. This is a benefit for those living in these accommodations. You will not spend too much time or money commuting to your place of work or study if you stay in such places. Mostly, the localities also have good civic and social infrastructure.

Personal Development: Living with people from different walks of life, places, opinions allows you to develop and learn. You can have great discussions after work or college with different minded roommates.

What is a PG Room?

A PG accommodation in Bangalore is fundamentally a fully furnished room in a flat or house with typical amenities like TV, food, Wi Fi, attached washrooms, and so on. The business of paying guest in Bangalore is booming as many employees of IT firms and students studying in Bangalore need and rent such accommodation.

What are the facilities provided by a PG in Bangalore?

Normally, the facilities you will get in paying guest accommodation in Bangalore are as follows:

  • Food that is included in the rent paid. It can be North Indian food or South Indian food depending on the family renting the room.
  • Hot water that is available 24X7
  • Separate closets or wardrobes for keeping clothes and other belongings
  • Television with cable connection
  • Attached washroom
  • Parking for two-wheelers or even four-wheelers
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • A self-cooking facility in the kitchen

Types of PG rooms in Bangalore

There are different types of PG rooms that you can find. These are as follows:

  • A single room where there is only one occupant and you get some privacy for living.
  • Double sharing where there is another person staying with you in the room and possibly sharing a washroom.
  • Three-sharing basis, where there are three people who share a bedroom with separate cots.
  • Four sharing basis, wherein a large bedroom has four beds put in for four people to sleep in.

Food Available in PG

When it comes to the food available in paying guest rooms in Bangalore, obviously it will not be cooking like your mother does at home. Nor will there be Michelin star chefs cooking for you. Now, the quality of food varies from PG to PG. In some PGs, it is quite satisfactory, while in others it can be unpalatable. Normally, they serve breakfast which could be eggs and toast or poha or bananas and cereal in milk. Lunch would be standard fare of rice and chappattis, dal, vegetable curry, papad, sweet, curd, and pickle. Dinner is also similar to lunch and some PGs offer non-vegetarian options like chicken, fish, or mutton as well.

Difference Between Boys and Girls PG in Bangalore

There is no difference in the amenities provided or the types of PG in Bangalore between PG for boys in Bangalore and those for girls. The main difference is that in PG for gents, only boys and men are allowed to stay. There are also mixed PGs which have accommodation arrangements for both men and women, though those are not as common. However, they can have members of the opposite sex come and visit, and some PGs also allow them to stay overnight. This varies from PG to PG as each paying guest room has its own set of dos and don’ts. Where it is allowed, normally you would need to notify the PG management and register the entry so that everything is documented and above board. Some places would need you to get a permission from a guardian, particularly if you are a minor student. This would then need to be approved by management before you can have visitors of the opposite sex.

Ask around and do some research before you select a PG accommodation in Bangalore and make sure that your living quarters are clean, hygienic, and the food is up to mark.

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