Why Ulwe is a favorite Real Estate Market of INDIA?

In India real estate industry has quite a many option for investors in every recess and corner of the country. And, one such great area is Ulwe in Navi Mumbai. A stunning location, it is best meant for the people of the midle class income group. Under the jurisdiction of the City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited (CIDCML), Ulwe property prices are expected to rise because of the employment opportunities created in the Navi Mumbai area. As a result, there is an increased demand for plots and apartments in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai Formerly, New Bombay, Navi Mumbai has planned extension to the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra. Flanked by the azure waters of the Arabian Sea, this mini-city has witnessed immense growth to emerge as the fastest developing city extension in India. Commercial, residential and private infrastructural developments have been fast-paced, enabling Navi Mumbai to become a much-coveted Ulwe Real Estate hotspot.

About the Location of Ulwe

Ulwe is located in Raigad district.Ulwe is a node of Navi Mumbai situated beside Belapur and Nerul.It is going to be a major successful planned place to live after Vashi.The nearest railway station is the Bamandongri railway station, named after the village settlement located in the node.The Navi Mumbai international airport which is Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA) is nearby to Ulwe. The Ulwe district has a river (Ulwe river) passing through the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport. To the north east of the node lies the Gahdi river.

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Top 5 Properties in Ulwe

There are a number of best properties in Ulwe to invest in to.Swaraj Group, Oasis and Galaxy Group. Oasis Pride, Oasis Glory, Lakhani Exotica, Lakhani Oasis and Bliss are some of the projects which you can invest into.Investing in Ulwe is a great investment opportunity as the property prices are quite affordable here. Ulwe has a sound infrastructure and good connectivity to the Mumbai Highway, Palm Beach Road (12.8 km), CBD, Vashi and Mumbai- Highway

  1. SND Signature – A 12 floor building
  2. Platinum Emporiums – A 13 floor building.
  3. Vaastu Sai – An under-construction building.
  4. Progressive Grande – A 11 floor building.
  5. Euphoria – A 14 floor building.

Top Builders in Ulwe Location

Thereare many builders and companies where you can invest and it is totally up to you where you want to invest or in which agency you want to invest. There are numerous agents which can confuse you to invest here and there, that is why we are going to name few top builders and their agencies so you can easily decide where you have to invest, but again that is up to you where to invest and where not to. We are just suggesting:

  1. Reputed Builders – Built in 2001, Reputed Builders have completed 62 projects till date.
  2. Siddhi Enterprises Builders and Developers –Built in 2019, Siddhi Enterprises Builders and Developers have completed 3 projects till date.
  3. Bhosale Groups – Built in1990, Bhosale Groups have completed 35 projects till date.
  4. The Platinum Group – Built in 1990, The Platinum Groups have completed 38 projects till date.
  5. Tejas Infratech – Built in 2010, Tejas Infratech have completed 24 projects till date.
  6. Lucky Enterprises – Built in 2010, Lucky Enterprise have completed 6 projects till date.
  7. Paradise Group – Built in 1990, Paradise Group have completed 41 projects till date.
  8. Serene Lifespaces –Built in 2010 Serene Lifespaces have completed9 projects till date.

These are top places you can look for and invest in residential properties as far as Real Estate Ulwe Navi Mumbai is concerned. However, please note that real estate prices are subject to continuous change and are directly proportional to investors taking a keen interest in the same. Therefore, do your research well before pegging your choice. That said, Navi Mumbai still remains one of the better bets as far as residential property investments are concerned.

Developments of Ulwe includes:

  • Proposed Sewri-Nhava Link
  • Navi Mumbai International Airport
  • Sea woods-Ulwe Link from Palm Beach Road
  • The SEZ in Ulwe
  • Beman Dongri Railway Station which will be connected to the Harbour Line.

Ulwe is still a developing node in the Navi Mumbai extension, although it begs for attention owing to its well-planned infrastructure. With property prices still within fair reach, Ulwe makes for a great area to invest now and capitalise as it grows in importance. Ulwe Real Estate Prices in the region ranges from INR 3500-8500 per square foot.

 Here are few reasons you should consider investing in Navi Mumbai:

  • Lower property prices. Compared to mainland Mumbai, the real estate prices in Navi Mumbai are relatively low and will fit most budgets.
  • Great connectivity. With a host of expressways and highways running across its terrain, alongside the local train network, Navi Mumbai is easily navigable.
  • Vicinity to a proposed international airport is another top draw in making Navi Mumbai a standalone global city.
  • Good public transportation in the form of NMMT buses, cabs and app rides ensure that commute is hassle-free.
  • Well-planned city structure ensures that the region does not face major water-logging, sanitation or waste disposal issues.

Therefore, Property For Sale In Ulwe in and around Navi Mumbai is a great option for those looking at long term investments. But, investing in real estate is no piece of cake. It takes careful consideration to zero-in on the places that are worthy of investment. 

The main reason why Ulwe is a favourite real estate market in India is its correct fair price and great locality. Having an international airport nearby and railway stations nearby is just a bonus for Ulwe and its real estate market. These are some random facts which makes Ulwe and its real estate market more famous in investing. Over all the fact is that Ulwe has an upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport attracts more investors to Ulwe’s real estate market.



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