Vastu Tips to Bring Money and Excellence To Your Home

Vastu for home is a step towards excellence, growth, and prosperity because your house reverberates with all sorts of energies, and making the most of these for your good is the ultimate aim of Vastu Shastra. You must have experienced that in some of the most palatial houses there is something that is amiss, and on the other hand, you feel happy and energized by visiting a house which is not that huge. What do you think makes the difference? Is it the people of the house or the correct channelization of energies that make an impact? Well, Vastu Shastra is all about understanding the concept of energy and channelizing it for your benefit.

How to improve money luck by Vastu?

Who doesn’t strive hard to earn more money and lead a lavish lifestyle? Here are some very easy Vastu tips to increase wealth:

Begin from the Entrance:

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According to Vastu The entrance of your house should be in the north or east direction and should be clutter-free. You can use teak wood for the entrance door for added benefits. Don’t keep footwear near the main door because it is said to block positive energy.

Wind chimes:

The entrance of your house is the epicentre of energy. Make it soft and melodious by hanging wind chimes there as it is believed to bring wealth. Hanging wind chimes outside the bathroom prevents the outflow of wealth. Don’t hang these over your head where you sit or sleep as it might bring negativity.

Money Plant

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Money plant placementas per Vastu should be in a green vase in the north direction.In addition to this,bamboo plants or palms are the plants that bring good luck to the house.


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Let the beautiful fishes swim in the aquarium, which should be kept in the southeast direction of the living room or northeast direction of other rooms for maximum results.Fishes are said to bring financial stability.Aquarium placement, as per Vastu ensures thepositive flow of wealthbecause of the constant movement of the fish.


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Clock in your house not only tells the time but also energies the direction. Thus clock placement as per Vastu should be in the north or northeast direction for financial benefits.Make sure that there are no non-functional clocks in your house becauseit symbolizes stagnation.

Sleep as per Vastu

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Best direction to sleep as per Vastu is with your head in the south is to bring wealth.Make sure that your room has proper ventilation and adequate light for the inflow of energy.

Bird feeder

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The little chirping birds attract wealth and prosperity. Place the bird feeder in your balcony or lawn and never keep it empty.


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Place the mirror in your cash drawer and see how the wealth multiples.You have to place the mirror in the correct direction in your house because it can either make or mar the flow of energy.

Go Purple:

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Purple colour is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Use orchids or purple coloured pots and place them in your house.

Use a frog

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Place a money frog with a coin in its mouth at the entrance of your house with its face inside for attracting wealth.A businessman can keep the money frog in a southeast direction for maximum benefits. Don’t change the position of the frog often as it might affect the stability of income.

Position of cash Locker

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In which direction we should keep money and the position of cash locker is important!

  • Cash locker should be closed in the south or southwest direction so that when you open it faces the north because this is the direction of Lord Kuber, the God of wealth.
  • The cash locker should never be under any beam because it indicates financial stress on the family.

North-East corner

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It should be kept:

  • Clutter-free, no curved walls in this corner on the boundary wall.
  • Don’t make the staircase in this corner.
  • Don’t place heavy machinery in this direction.
  • A big or high tree on the northeast side of the area prevents wealth from growing.

Cleanliness and Repair

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As per Vastu windows and doors of your house should be clean,and leaking taps should be replaced or repaired to prevent the outflow of wealth.

Water Fountain

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Keeping the water fountain in the northeast direction provides a positive flow of wealth.

Use live plants or grains in the toilet

Image result for 15.	Use live plants or grains in the toilet

If the expenses exceed the income, place live plants or grains in the toilet as it will help the wealth from getting drained because anything that grows absorbs and recycles water energy.

Vastu for Peace and Prosperity

Your dreams dwell in your abode so why not make it a place which is full of positivity and peace! Follow some Vastu tips for prosperity and aim for an excellent ambiance at home:

The idol of Laughing Buddha:

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Place the idol of laughing Buddha facing the main entrance of your house to bring in prosperity and good luck. It is believed that the bigger is the statue, the more positive energy does it attract.

Conch Shell(Shankha):

Image result for Conch Shell(Shankha) vastu

Right turning the shankha and placing it in the worship room in your house will make positive energy flow in your house.

Lotus flower:

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Crystal lotus flower when placed in the northeast direction has the power to attract positive energy and thus bring in peace and happiness.

Double Golden Fish:

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Considered to be the first avatar of Lord Vishnu, double golden fish should be placed in the north direction so that it faces the east.

Vastu paintings

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Paintings of the waterfall or a flowing river are paintings for prosperity as per Vastu.

Nameplate and sign board:

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The entrance of your house is the first step to welcome positive energy. Make sure that your nameplate is legible and brightly lit and there are plants at the entrance which invite positive energy.

Positioning the water tanker:

Related image

Water tanker in the northeast or southeast corner can cause strain on health and prosperity. Avoid doing that.

Where to keep the brooms and mops:

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Don’t keep these under the staircase because it is associated with Vastu defects. Never keep brooms standing and it should not be kept in north, northeast or east direction.


To ensure prosperity, the height of the bed should be one foot above the ground.

Following the Vastu tips for bringing wealth and excellence to your home is a nice way to have a better living. Welcome the positive energy by following these tips and move towards prosperity and success.

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