What is known as Mivan Shuttering? The latest and highly recommended technology in construction

Back in the days, the entire housing construction method involves using primitive materials like stone boulders, mud, wood, twigs, and sand. Construction technology has been evolving a lot in the past few decades and has led to the formation of Mivan technology. The Mivan type of construction technology helps in creating mass constructions at ease. Also called as the aluminum formwork, the Mivan shuttering technology was initially developed by a European based construction company. During the early 90’s period, it was Mivan Company Limited that took forward the Mivan construction technique and started manufacturing formworks, which later on ended up being called as Mivan Technology.

Mivan construction technique used in India:

This particular construction concept is widely popular in the Gulf countries and some parts of Europe and Asia. India at present is slowly adapting the same after the need to build mass constructions has been drastically increasing in the field of real estate. To provide affordable houses, many different construction companies and even the Central Government of India has started to understand the long term benefits of constructing a building out of following this particular type of technique. Mivan technology has already been proven for its quality and strength all over the world. India known for its worthy real estate sector is all set to follow up Mivan shuttering as it can help in reducing the time and cost involved in constructing large-sized apartments.

Get to know the techniques involved in Mivan Construction technique:

The wall reinforcing steel setup:

In this construction technique, the wall reinforcing steel gets wisely used to provide the much-needed structure and acts as vital support to the concrete until the required strength is needed to withhold the same. The Aluminum shuttering system with formworks gets cast all around the steel areas, which are factory-made and erected upon the construction site to obtain the needed strength levels in a short span.

Aluminum formwork placement details:

Nearby to the wall reinforcing steel, the prefabricated floor slabs and room-sized walls shall be erected. All these aluminum slabs shall be perfectly curated and can be handled wisely without indulging in too many days to obtain the same. The spaces for ducts, windows, door, staircases, chajjas, façade panels shall get integrated within these structures. All the forms will be conjoined together using the wedge and pin system, which can be, later on, dismantled once the needed concrete structure has been achieved.

Rightly pouring concrete:

The next step involved in this new construction technology is pouring the high-quality mixed concreted on the top areas of the building. The poured concrete shall help in forming up the desired cast shape that can be removed in a short period to let the cement concrete stand tall withsupport coming from the wall reinforcing steel. All the aluminum forms that are used in the Mivan technique can be wisely reused about two hundred and fifty times. This way, the wastes that are collected while constructing a building shall be reduced to a maximum extent. The final structure shall remain smooth, accurate with a complete finish. This way the building shall turn out to be highly tolerant and shall no further need extra plastering to make the building stronger. A considerable amount of time, money and effort are together saved out of following this type of formwork shuttering method.

The noteworthy advantages of Mivan technology:

Shortage in terms of mounting costs and construction manpower has made builders try and cope up with new technologies. Mivan formwork technology suits the best for builders who are in a plan to construct high-rise buildings with many different floors in one place. The following is a list of advantages that you must get to know at first about the Mivan construction technology.

  • Requires less labor count:

With a derived set of checklists and procedures to follow up, this particular technology shall widely minimize the overall need to hire large numbers of skilled laborers in the first place. It also helps in eliminating activities like rendering and masonry that are considered as labor-intensive as well.

  • Quick turnaround time:

The overall turnaround time to complete constructing Mivan technology-based building shall remain almost half when made in comparison with other conventional types of construction techniques.

  • Highly durable for years:

As the buildings are about to remain seismic-resistant, no kind of climatic condition shall have a direct effect on them. This means the buildings constructed out of following the Mivan technology shall last the same for years, with less effort made to maintain them intact.

  • Less to zero maintenance needed:

As no type of construction joints are used while constructing a building using a mivan construction technique, less to zero maintenance is required based upon individual usage. The free flow type concrete method helps in reducing the overall after maintenance needed to let the entire building stay strong and intact for years.

  • Smooth and solid finish:

Uniformity will get maintained in mivan construction, which lets the slabs and walls obtain a completely smooth finish. This way, no type of additional plastering is needed to let the walls stay strong despite the hot summer weather condition that exists in India.

  • Resistant to the earthquake:

There area common myth-making rounds that taller buildings are that it might easily collapse after experiencing any form of an earthquake. The centering made in Mivan technology lets the entire building stand still even when the earthquake hits in higher numbers. The tall structures are built out of using monolithic concrete materials that can never let the earthquake vibes entire into the building premises. This is the sole reason why many different corporate companies and residential builders moved on to Mivan technology in recent years in Dubai and other parts of the world.

  • Higher in terms of carpet area:

When compared one on one with the traditional type of construction technique, the Mivan does stands apart with its largest carpet area that can be rightly used for various purposes.

Demerits you must know about Mivan technology:

Irrespective of the list of advantages, mivan formwork does have its own set of demerits that you must consider reading through to understand how it works for real.


The aluminum formwork system followed in the Mivan technique is quite expensive when compared with the conventional formworks, which means the overall budget shall rise above the minimum levels, resulting in higher investments.

Noticeable finishing lines:

Although the concrete surfaces shall look and feel smooth at first, when looked in close, certain finishing lines can be witnessed even without using special equipment. The finishing lines shall run all over the entire structure, which looks odd at first until people get used to it.

Less to no scope in terms of alterations:

If you are looking forward to modifying and alter the building structure in the future, then you might have little to no option to do so. As the entire building gets developed in RCC, modifying them shall remain to be a tedious task.

Needs uniform planning:

Uniform planning and elevations are highly needed to complete every other stage of mivan construction technology. Such uniform planning can be achieved by bringing in different teams working to meet up with every other stage of constructing the overall building.

Might experience construction cracks:

As heat waves tend to generate and move around a lot in India, visible construction cracks can be witnessed if at all proper climate control strips are not said to be installed in the first place. Make it a point to reduce the overall heat hydration to avoid meeting up with random construction cracks.


The new age Mivan construction technology:

As many numbers of builders have been recently showcasing their interest in adapting to this particular new construction technology, a change within the real estate industry is highly anticipated. The upcoming developers shall understand the demerits of Mivan construction technology and find possible ways to bypass them as well. Timely delivery is what people tend to expect out of investing in the real estate sector to own a part of a building. To meet up with such a delivery crisis, Mivan technology shall be the helping hand the building construction service providers will have to consider despite the huge investments that need to be made at first. At the moment the top corporate real estate construction service providers are using the MIVAN technology, and slowly the construction industry will get uplifted before the next decade comes by.


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