Where should you place your Tulsi plant at home?

Tulsi Plant at Home

As per Hindu mythology, Tulsi or the holy basil holds religious importance and is supposed to be the reincarnation of Goddess Lakshmi (one of the Goddesses in Hindu religion). In one of the sayings in Skanda Purana, Hari Bhakti Vilasa, “If you touch her, (Tulsi) you become pure.” Such is the belief related to Tulsi that even the most sinful souls become pure if they consume her with true and pious intentions. With such magnetic powers of this wonderful plant, it must have been a common sight to spot it in most of the Indian households. Watering Tulsi in the morning is like a ritual which is taught to the younger ones in the family and seeking her blessings is deemed to be auspicious.

What is Tulsi?

The automatic healer of all problems, Tulsi is a holy herb which is 3-5 feet tall and has a prominent fragrance. White basil, black basil and camphor basil are its most common types which one can find and the best time to plant is 15th April to 15th June.

Why Tulsi: Let us know about the benefits of Tulsi

Tulsi plant at home not only has a religious sentiment attached to it, but planting this magical plant has numerous medicinal benefits as well which are:

  • If you have been lucky to have got a chance to live with your grandparents they must have told you to take a leaf of Tulsi in the morning with water. Ever thought why? The reason is that it boosts your immune system as it is loaded with antibacterial and antibiotic properties.
  • Does your mother make Tulsi wali chai when you suffer from cold or cough? Your mum knows about the power of Tulsi to fight against bacterial infections and since it is natural, it has no side effects.
  • Work-life stress can drive anyone crazy and make one prone to diabetes, depression and heart ailments. Tulsi has antioxidant properties which help in minimizing stress and chances of other problems.
  • Who doesn’t want the perfect skin tone and long bouncy tresses? The purifying properties of Tulsi can help you in achieving your goal.
  • If you have gastroenteritis problems and you suffer from acidity, constipation etc. Tulsi is beneficial for you.
  • Nothing can beat the detoxifying power of Tulsi and for this reason; it helps in maintaining the uric acid level in the body and also prevents the formation of calcium oxalate which results in kidney stones.
  • For all your dental concerns, Tulsi is the ultimate remedy. Be it the toothache or ulcers, brushing your teeth with Tulsi or rinsing your mouth with Tulsi water can keep you away from pyorrhoea, gum diseases and dental infections.
  • If you are sick and tired of your obesity, consume Tulsi with honey and see the difference.
  • Soar eyes and night blindness can be treated by putting 2-3 drops of Tulsi juice in your eyes.
  • To stop bleeding because of some injury, apply the paste of Tulsi leaves and it is truly magical.

Devotional Benefits

Hindu cult is said to have strong beliefs and Tulsi holds an important place in Hinduism. Any auspicious ceremony at home is said to be incomplete without the presence of Tulsi leaves. Worshipping Tulsi is said to shoo away an evil eye and bring in prosperity at home.

What is the ideal location of Tulsi?

The medicinal and devotional benefits of Tulsi Mata (as it is commonly referred to) are umpteen and that’s why it has been an inseparable part of the majority of households since times immemorial. However, the Vastu Shastra says that the Tulsi plant must be placed at the correct location in the right direction to bring in prosperity, health and fortune in the family. You need to take care of the following points before planting Tulsi at home:

  1. Tulsi should be planted where the sunlight is in abundance and can be watered regularly.
  2. Eastern side of your home is the ideal location for Tulsi. If it is not possible, place it in the north-east direction because it creates positive energy in the house. Placing it in the south direction may reverse the effects and result in loss.
  3. Tulsi plant should be placed on a platform and the height of the same should be more than that of the foundation of your house.
  4. The area where you plant Tulsi should be clutter-free.
  5. You can choose the backyard of your house too for placing the plant.
  6. Make sure that Tulsi is not grown along with cactus or plants which are thorny. The reason is that Tulsi is considered to be a female and placing her with flowering plants is a must.
  7. Tulsi can be kept in odd numbers like one, three, five etc.
  8. If there are any Vastu defects in your house, the correct placement of Tulsi Mata can cover up for all the imperfections because it creates positivity and overpowers the negative vibes.
  9. Make sure that broom, dust-pan or any other material used for cleaning is not placed along with Tulsi.
  10. During the construction of your house, you can plant Tulsi roots in the basement.
  11. Tulsi leaves should be offered to Lord Vishnu, Lord Narayana, Chaitanya.

Shyama Tulsi as we call in common parlance is a natural germicide, deodorant, bactericide and anti-oedematous. Placing it at home brings in good health and prosperity. Choose the balcony is in the northeast direction and plant this holy herb to send across positive energy!

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