Why are property prices rising high in Hyderabad?

The capital of Telangana, Hyderabad, is the only metro city in India having the most significant investment in properties. The increase in the sale of properties seen is 32%. This is double the times as compared to other metro cities. Only Hyderabad is the only city that did not face any price drop in real estate investment. Back in 2011 or 2012, though the city had fully grown still, there were some barren lands. The future real estate market in Hyderabad is a boon for the commercial industry.

But now, in 2019, competitive property prices, robust infrastructure, and increased office leasing activity are the trendsetter in Hyderabad. In recent times, if you look around, you will find none but Hyderabad. The consistent increase in commercial acts augurs for a hike in real estate property prices. There are still acute spaces for the capital city to bloom and grow. The industry-driven town is now making for more biotech, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries also. So, now ask yourself, where is the maximum functional activity going on? The answer is obvious Hyderabad. Here are the factors that drive Hyderabad through thick and thin.

Price Trends In Hyderabad Real Estate Market

The real estate trend in Hyderabad after Telangana are revolving around the clocks of the real estate market. Recently the global market trends for Hyderabad are a skeptical paradigm shift. The significant change in the real-estate direction in Hyderabad enumerated herein below decides the boon of real estate to the city.

  • High-valued property demands excellent properties. In comparison to other cities of India, Hyderabad’s property trends are marching ahead towards upper mid-level and upper projects. The affordable segment is below the rand as bolted against the premium or mid-range segment.
  • From January to June 2019, Hyderabad Real Estate Market Report, these six months ensure the total buyer inquiry in Hyderabad. Properties within the range of 1.51-2 Cr price bracketed the highest bid. The second in demand is 1.01-1.5Cr, and other projects covered 1 Cr, making the third category.
  • The 3-BHK property is receiving the maximum demand in real estate in Hyderabad trend. The total percentage of inquiries for 3-BHK properties is 46.46%. While 2-BHK comes upon with 42.65%, The 4-BHK is a third in-demand list with 10.83%.
  • Traditionally people started to live happily in 2-BHK. But with the real estate invasion, people are in search of bigger and spacious homes. Tier-I city is surpassing major metropolitan cities in demand for bigger homes. Buyers are more interested in purchasing 2300 sq. ft. And then goes the bid for 900-1500 sq. ft.
  • In the recent study, the highest interest buyers are from Narsingi, Kismatpur, and Kondapur of Hyderabad. Hyderabad is providing excellent economic stability for those who can enjoy high disposable real estate properties.

Affordability Works in Favor Of Hyderabad Real Estate

The word ‘affordability’ speaks for itself in the city of Hyderabad. If put in simpler words, property rates in Hyderabad are much more straightforward and easier to afford. Unlike other metropolitan cities, the price rate in Hyderabad is not drooping. Delhi recently faced a drop of 2% in the real estate industry.

On the contrary, if you travel through the areas of Jubilee Hills, the Central Business District (CBD) and Banjara Hills are high as fire. The growing and emerging population of Hyderabad is keeping up with the flat prices in Hyderabad after Telangana. The scenario is quite optimistic and high than expected. When Delhi is experiencing an overhauling situation, Hyderabad is offering new scaled up prices for properties.

The composite assessment of property when conducted as per the National Housing Bank’s Reside, it was found that Hyderabad stands higher than Mumbai and Delhi.

Hyderabad’s Infra Growth Adds to Its Real Estate

Hyderabad is experiencing the right prodding rates as per the Hyderabad real estate market report 2018. Investors are going to bet on the properties of Hyderabad for quite a long time. Infrastructural development is now a prolonged situation in the city. The game-changer in the place is the Hyderabad Metro rail project. The rates are soon to go high with appreciation. As the global giants like Amazon Data Centre, Wipro, Apple, Infosys, Google, and many other significant infrastructures are adding up value to the city’s real estate industry. The lands in the town are available at a reasonable price. This is giving in the way for companies to come and engrave their foundation. As infrastructure develops, people are finding opportunities here. And with time, the real estate is also growing.

Quality Of Life In Hyderabad

The year of 2014 in Hyderabad marked the revolutionary change in the quality of livelihood. Since then the city is bucking up to beat the cities of Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai or Bengaluru. And, successfully achieved it. Now, Hyderabad is considered to be the newest technology hub in India. The indexes of Hyderabad are entirely appropriate for any individual to live. The cost of living, property value, land value, climate index, healthcare index, safety index, and every critical Index meets the quality of life Index in Hyderabad. It is ranked as the 27th best city to live in India.

The government is continually putting up its arm and shoulders for people to live a meaningful and enjoyable Hyderabad land rates area wise. The initiatives taken up by the public officers in Hyderabad are making it a Meta global city. Significant implementation of laws in the town is awaking the citizen there. The Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self-Certification System Act is an ideal step towards modifying the caricature of Hyderabad. The business-friendly environment is allowing companies to invest in the infrastructural development of the city. This, in return, is giving a boost to the employees working in different sectors. Eventually, with colossal income comes a divine life, and with significant experience come great homes, utility and return on investment.

Quality of Life is also dependant on one crucial thing-Safety Index. If people don’t find safe themselves in an area, they would undoubtedly move and shift to a safer place. But according to a TOI survey in 2007, Hyderabad is recognized to be the safest city in India for women. There might be some unexpected incidents. But above all, with unlimited job opportunities and structural development, Hyderabad is a blooming property future in India in the residential projects.

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